Revealing Your Potential: A Powerful New Beginnings Spell For The New Year

Instead of making resolutions, I like to ring in the New Year with a bit of magic aimed at accomplishing my goals and removing obstacles over the next twelve months. This spell was originally created for the New Year, but it can be used at any point in time. You could perform this ritual at the beginning of each season, at the Sabbats, on your birthday, or any other time that resonates with you.

You Will Need:

  • New Moon Water
  • Pebbles (one for each intention OR one for each month of the year if you prefer)
  • A bowl or container large enough to hold the water and all of your pebbles. It should be fairly sturdy.

Step One:

New Moon Water is simply water charged under the energies of a new moon. There are a few easy ways to accomplish this. You can set the bowl filled with water outside under a new moon or, if you prefer, you can put your water in a mason jar on a windowsill to charge overnight.

Step Two:

On the following morning, create a sacred space for yourself. For those of you who are ambitious, dawn is an optimal time for this ritual, but it isn’t necessary if you, like myself, are not naturally an early riser. 

I like to work outdoors but if your environment isn’t suitable for this (inclement weather, apartment living, nosy neighbors, etc) then simply create your sacred space indoors. Play some music, tidy the space, light incense or candles, do whatever makes your working space feel special to you. Often, I also like to take a cleansing bath before spells of this variety so that I feel clean and refreshed as I’m working. 

Whatever your preference when it comes to creating your magic environment, try to focus on a feeling of renewal and new beginnings.

Step Three:

Assemble all of your items now. Bring your bowl of water to your sacred space or if you’ve charged your water indoors, it’s time to transfer the New Moon Water into your bowl. 

Gather your pebbles and get comfortable, either standing or sitting, in front of the water. Begin meditating on the movement of time and the time of change that you’re currently in. Think about your desires for the next year and, if you like, note each of them down on paper.

Step Four:

When you are ready, you will charge each pebble with an intention for the year ahead.

As examples…

  • My grades are a source of pride
  • I grow in self-love with every passing day
  • Abundance flows into my life
  • I attract kind and loving people
  • I accept myself for who I am

Just be careful to phrase your intention in the present tense and keep them all positive. Negative intentions (ex. “I won’t be lazy anymore”) have a nasty habit of drawing exactly what you don’t want into your life. Focus on what you do want.

As you finish setting the intention for each pebble, drop it into the water. Repeat until you are out of pebbles. 

I would suggest that you use a nice sturdy container for this reason, anything easily breakable might be chipped or cracked by the falling stones.

Step Five:

When you’ve finished, you have a few options for completing the spell.

Option #1: If your climate is warm and dry currently (and not prone to mosquito breeding) you can leave the entire thing outside until the water evaporates, carrying your intentions out into the world. When the water is gone, take your pebbles inside and keep them somewhere safe.

Option #2: If your climate is not warm/dry and also not freezing, you can leave the bowl out (or on a windowsill) until the next full moon. On the full moon, return any remaining water to the earth and take your pebbles inside to keep somewhere safe.

Option #3: If your climate is freezing, I would not suggest leaving your pebbles outside (you don’t really want your intentions put on ice). Keep the water for renewing the spell or for use in other spells and put your pebbles somewhere safe.

I like to break my pebbles out anytime I’m in a rough patch. I’ll use them as fidgets, arrange and rearrange them around my room, occasionally if I’m in a REALLY rough patch, I’ll toss them in some sort of box or bag and shake them around until I feel better. If there’s one intention that’s particularly dear to you, you can carry it with you until it’s realized (perhaps plan to use a more memorable pebble for it so you can find it after your ritual).

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Updated on June 18, 2024 by Avery Hart