How To Find Your Path As A Witch (Or Not)

New witches often come to me confused and lost because they’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of directions that they could potentially take their craft. They see talk of green witches and kitchen witches, tech witches, sea witches and so many others and they have a completely human reaction to being confronted with such an overabundance of information.

They freeze up!

Without a defined direction they feel incapable of continuing forward, they stagnate while they try to pick a path and they stop learning. They don’t want to pursue something only to have to backtrack later so they pursue nothing at all!

How is anyone supposed to get their start in the craft when they have NO IDEA what direction they want to go in? Or what if they have more than one kind of witchcraft that interests them? How do they choose?!

The answer is surprisingly simple.

You don’t!

Having a specialization or a personal path in your witchcraft can be a wonderful thing but unless you just KNOW right from the jump what kind of specialty is for you there’s no need to get wrapped up in those sorts of details.

The important thing is that you keep learning.

For the majority of people their path unfolds in the natural course of events.

Maybe you try a bunch of different things but you find after a few months that you’re gravitating toward divination almost every time you practice your craft.

Or perhaps you started out with kitchen magic but suddenly find yourself with a burning interest in stars and how they can be used in the craft.

Perhaps over the course of your time as a witch you even find that you prefer not to narrow your focus, instead pulling from many paths to create something personal to you.

Every individual witch will find their own path which, while they may choose to call it by a recognizable title, will be entirely unique to them. Finding your path is not about choosing what kind of witchcraft you want to practice, it’s about allowing your craft to develop its own flavor and personality as you learn and grow.

In order to find your path you must let go of the imposed boundaries of titles. Titles can be useful in many ways but for newer witches they can be limiting. Witchcraft is a way to claim your power! Why would you limit yourself in that pursuit?

Instead cast your net as far as you like, read about anything and everything that interests you. Allow yourself to wander in your learning, follow your whims and soak up as much variety as you can.

Don’t limit yourself to only the things that are obviously magical! The mundane can always be made magical. What do you love? Can you transform your hobbies and existing interests and incorporate them into your craft? (Hint: the answer is almost certainly yes!)

As you explore and learn and practice your path will make itself clear, the things you love, the things that make you excited will always come to the surface. You will find yourself reaching for the practices that truly FEEL magical to you again and again.

That is the essence of your craft! Those foundational practices that you use so regularly that they come as easy as breathing are what make up your personal path.

Tomorrow I’m going to be telling you about the workshop I’ve been putting together to help new witches get started and avoid the stagnation that can come from this sort of information overload!

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to pursuing your craft? Tell me about it in the comments!

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How To Find Your Path As A Witch (Or Not) // The Traveling Witch

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  1. This makes me feel so much better! I was worried I was screwing up by not picking a type of witchcraft yet even though I’ve been practicing for a while.

  2. What a great article for the new witch! I remember when I first started out (18 years ago now!) I just wanted to read it ALL, I couldn’t get enough. These days I have a pretty tight focus but like you describe, it just evolved naturally. Magic is so intrinsically wound up with desire and love and instinct, following your heart is so important! Thanks for this piece.

  3. This really hit home today! I was having this same conversation in my head! I tend to be … well a little flighty perhaps, lol. So I am all over the map with interests and it is great to hear "that’s ok!"

  4. There’s so much information, I don’t know where to start. I’m worried that I might mess something up.

  5. I’m also new to this,I’m so intrigued in learning everything, but I also don’t know where to start n if I’m doing craft n magic correctly

  6. To me it’s all messages that is given to me by Universe.
    They tell me to do things w/o telling me why.
    Give this healing to that person.
    Show the power of cards to this person.
    Talk to this woman.
    Go to this store, you are buying something.
    And everytime I ask how och why the answers are the same.
    "Eva, trust your gut feeling."
    "You will know when there is right time."


  7. Even after so many years practicing witchcraft I have wandered ALOT, the Tao, Shamanism, different kinds of divination, Kitchen Witch, Green Witch, Hedge Witch… in the end I’ve become a sort of mishmash of a bunch of things I like. A path has many twists and turns after all.

  8. I became interested about 40 some years ago and studied what I could; there was not much to study back then. I left due to an interaction with a group that I felt was undesirable for my well being. I didn’t feel that was the direction I wanted in my life so I left the craft behind for the last 20+ years. I loved the craft but did not like the group dynamics. Perhaps I was just different than the people I was around? I am interested in the positive and light/white side of things. I do what I will, be it harm none.

  9. My struggle is not having the funds to buy all the items needed for spells. I’m not sure what can be substituted for what. I don’t have a lot of crystals, herbs, candles.

    • Hey Angela! You don’t need to have a lot of tools and ingredients to be a witch! Start with what you’ve got and don’t worry about the rest, NONE of it is mandatory.

  10. I have never practiced my craft before. I have always felt it there under the surface and my mother definitely has a strong gift but was never encouraged to pursue it. In fact she was taught to hide it because it was "evil". My problem is this: every time I open myself up to receive energy and get in touch with my intuition, I feel a darkness and become afraid. What should I do to protect myself and my home/family so that I am safe to explore witchraft without allowing in negativity?

  11. I find I use no labels for myself, nor do I get bogged down in details. I merely practice that which comes natural to me and compliments my faith. Balance is the treasure I seek.

  12. My biggest struggle is that I’m secular…It’s not a religion for me, so whenever I’m seeking an educational experience, it’s disheartening when everyone is all "goddess this" and "god that." Wiccan rituals can start to feel like a church ceremony for me, and that just isn’t what I’m looking for. If it was, I wouldn’t have bailed on Christianity.

    • Hi Kat,
      It can be really difficult to find your way as a secular witch! Most resources are written for religious witches and that can make it very difficult to figure your path out. You aren’t the only secular witch out there though and more and more of us are stepping up to educate in this branch of the craft!

  13. My biggest struggle is to pay attention i´m very distracted, i´m trying to practice meditation and visualization because i think that´s the key.

  14. Hello,
    I recently discovered your blog and, of course, it came like a present to me! I just wanted to THANK YOU big time because what you write is inspiring me to move forward in my path – the one I’ve been postponing for too much time now… I’m determined to keep learning and growing. Thanks and bless you 🙂

  15. I have never really thought about the struggle, I just always thought I never had the time to really sit down with myself and try learning, I read my spell books , herb gardening for the craft book, I mean I read all of them, see one pick it up start reading. But I never took the time to really learn how to do witchcraft. Now I have made it my # 1 to learn. I actually feel more comfortable with myself to do this. It took a lot of soul searching and making my own way to where I am now. Still have lots to learn and ready

  16. I take a lot of solace in the fact that I don’t have to practice all the time to be doing it right, and that if it feels right to me then it is right. I expect perfection from myself and that has been a huge hindrance to me. I expect myself to learn it all, I expect myself to get the magical feelings right away, and have things work and be fine. I think that is what is holding me back. I have such high expectations for myself and when they don’t work right away I get in the mindset of "I can’t do this why even bother?". It is frustrating. I have started collecting books (I even plan on buying yours), I took your beginners email course (and the elements one), I need to remember I am just starting out and that it’s okay to take my time.

  17. I’ve always like the stars and the time I also am a moon child my bathroom is sun and moons my first bed set was stars subs and moons can this be my calling even before I knew I wanted to learn more about the craft

  18. My road has changed directions on me several times, but the one thing I always keep with me is I am exactly where I am supposed to be and since I have kept those words and thoughts with me I look at everything as a learning experience. I dabble here and there, but I know where my strength is. I have also come to find some very new forms that I didn’t expect. I use sigils and I’ve always fancied them now I almost have my own language wrote out with them. Another example one day I was out gambling with some friends and I found that I had no luck with my own money but luck with others money so I used that concept in my crafting, I can only bring luck to myself through hard work but can use my gift to benefit others. I pose no ill will towards another. I have always been an empath and found that my gift lay flowing in communication with animals and when it comes down to it to reunite man with the earth and to learn to see without their eyes but open up to the frequencies of everything. I hope this makes sense. I have no lable for it only that it feels right.

  19. im a rather new witch, and im worried that ill do the wrong thing by incorporating multiple crafts into one, im deeply attached to the earth and her powers, which leaves me to believe im a green witch, however, im extremely attracted to learning about greek gods, nymphs and faeries. and im not sure who or what im allowed to worship and not…

  20. Wow, I don’t claim to be great at any one craft. The one thing I am most comfortable with is helping people calm and accept life’s fate. I can help remove pain, I just call it putting a bandaid on so they can go to the physician and get it fixed. Love is how I heal. Blessed Be💕

  21. Trying to find out what path I should follow. Started out exploring different paths from candle magic to wicca to santeria, hoodoo etc. None seem to fit. Hedge witch is more in lines to what im drawn too. Love nature and all that it entails. Lover of aniamls and all things different. Always trying to connect with spirits and animal guides. If I had a set path to practice it would be more easier or where to focus my energies.

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