The Dangers Of Weight Loss Spells & How To Do Them Right

Weight loss spells are a subject I’ve never spoken about on my blog before, despite how many people come to me with questions about them. While I understand the draw of it, it always seemed like a pretty murky subject. First of all, weight loss spells can be dangerous. Like… ruin your health forever dangerous. They’re also a touchy subject when it comes to body positivity and how we view ourselves.

Lots of people think that promoting any kind of weight loss is bad for self-esteem and only serves to further our dissatisfaction with ourselves. I’ve been giving this subject a lot of thought lately, specifically thinking about whether it’s healthy, whether it can be done safely, and whether I want to condone such things on my blog.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how important it is to address this subject and help people make informed decisions! Witchcraft is a means for us to take back control of our lives. It’s a way to claim our inherent power and gain mastery over ourselves and our worlds. Nobody should be telling you how to live, what kind of magic you can and can’t cast, and making your decisions for you! If you are truly grasping your power, you must take it fully. That includes the responsibility for decision-making and figuring out what is right for you based on your values and experiences. Not somebody else’s idea of what should be right for you! 

You deserve to have the control you want over your life to make decisions about your body. I’m here to make sure that you can act on those decisions in a healthy, safe, and informed way. There are tons of ways these spells can go wrong so today I’m going to show you how to avoid the major dangers of weight loss spells and provide you with a spell that is designed to be safe and to promote healthy body image and self-love!

Weight Loss Spell Dangers

1. Losing weight is not the same as losing fat

This is one of the biggest mistakes most weight loss spells make. They’re focused on achieving a number on the scale, but never take any time to distinguish what kind of weight you want to lose. Suddenly becoming bedridden and losing all your muscle mass will result in weight loss. Losing a limb will result in weight loss. Becoming extremely dehydrated will result in weight loss and potentially death. A strict “weight loss” spell isn’t going to cut it! If you’re trying to lose weight, you don’t want to lose weight indiscriminately, you want to lose fat. There is a BIG difference between the two and your spell MUST take that difference into account.

2. If you’re not specific enough, the weight might come off in very undesirable ways

Even after you’ve specified the kind of weight you want to lose, the fat can still come off in extremely undesirable ways. You could suddenly get food poisoning and drop a ton of weight because you can’t keep any food down for days. You might develop a gastrointestinal disorder that causes pain when you eat. You might suddenly find yourself in such dire financial straights that you cannot afford food for yourself. A spell that is singularly focused on fat loss can result in a whole host of horrible things happening to spawn the weight loss that you thought you wanted. 

3. Most weight loss spells are designed to fight your body rather than work with your body

The final major issue here is that most weight loss spells, along with most weight loss methods, are designed in such a way that they fight against your body. This is not ideal! It’s very stressful for you and your body. When you’re constantly treating your body like some kind of adversary, it’s going to respond by trying to protect itself and more than likely it’s going to do that by trying to put on as much weight as it can. This is the exact opposite of what we want!

How To Cast A Weight Loss Spell That Works

If a weight loss spell is to result in long-term, healthy, and sustainable weight loss, you must work WITH your body, not against it! Your body and your mind need to work in harmony with your magic to have any real success with this kind of spell. You need to focus on feeling good about yourself in every way possible.

Nobody wants to lose weight simply to see a specific number on the scale. That number, in reality, means very little. What you really want is the feeling that you think losing weight will give you. You want to feel more comfortable, or more confident, or sexier. You want to feel cute in your clothes, and feel healthy and vibrant and most of all, you want to feel happy! That feeling is the key to success. You must use your magic to cultivate that feeling, and use that feeling to cultivate your magic to achieve your goals.

When working weight loss spells, you need to first identify what feeling it is that is most driving you to want to lose weight. For this to be effective, you need to pick something that is internally focused, not externally focused. What I mean by this is that your reason for pursuing this should be about YOU, not about what other people think about you.


Wrong: I want to feel accepted by other people.

Right: I want to feel healthy, fit, and vibrant. OR I want to feel sexy and confident.

The reason for this internal focus is simple. Focusing on how other people are thinking about you will almost always make you feel bad. I mean, if you want acceptance, that means that right now you feel rejected and we do NOT want those feelings of rejection getting mixed up in your spell. Instead, focusing on how you want to feel for yourself changes the focus to one of positivity. You will be able to focus on what you will gain in a way that feels good and is sustainable.

When you use this desired feeling in a spell, you are giving the spell very specific instructions about how you want your future to look and feel. You’re creating a roadmap to where you want to go. Most weight loss spells do not do this. They focus on where you are currently and how much you don’t like it. Do you know what you get when you focus on how much you don’t like what you’ve got right now? You get more of it. 

We want to avoid that as much as possible. So instead, we cultivate the feeling that we are trying to reach. In addition to the actual spell casting itself, this feeling is very useful in achieving your goal with the support of mundane actions. If your goal is to feel sexy and confident, you should ask yourself what makes you feel sexy and confident. Wake up in the morning and find a way to feel even just a bit more sexy and confident, take an extra minute or two on your makeup, wear something that makes you feel good, eat food that makes you feel energized, or try to work some kind of small activity into your day that makes you feel sexy. Even doing one of these things will propel you closer to your goal. Make a point of asking yourself what would make you feel the way you want to feel as often as possible. This is how you communicate to your body what kind of experience you want to have with it!

Remember, if you’re constantly thinking about how much you don’t like the way you look and feel right now, you’re telling your body that you don’t like it and you’re cultivating an energy of dislike and negativity in your body and your life. You have to quit doing that! We all have bad days, but try to be as kind to yourself as possible even when you’re not feeling particularly great about yourself. Focus on feeling good, do what makes you feel good, say things to your body that make you feel good, and give yourself experiences that make you feel good.

A Feel Good Weight Loss Spell

You Will Need:

  • One grey candle
  • Sunflower petals (for beauty and harmony with the body)
  • Powdered lemon peel (for happiness)
  • Candle dressing oil
  • A candle holder
  • A sigil for weight loss
  • Extra paper

Begin by making your sigil. Remember, you want to begin with a phrase that is about how you want to feel when you lose weight. Transfer your sigil onto a small card and place it aside.

Next, you will want to dress your candle. Grind together your lemon peel and sunflower petals until it is powdery (if you do not have a spice grinder for this, simply ensure that the pieces are small enough to stick). Oil your candle and roll it in your herb mixture. When it’s well coated in herbs, place the candle in your candle holder and set it atop the sigil. Light the candle.

While the candle burns, spend time writing out in detail how you will feel when you have achieved your weight loss goals. Keep things positive! Focus on all the good things you will feel, not all the things you hope to leave behind. You want to create a vision of your life in your desired body, which means only focusing on the things you want to exist, not the things you don’t want to exist! 

Write as much as you like. I generally like to fill up at least one page. If your candle is small, you can simply burn the candle until it goes out and be finished but if you use a larger candle or would like to extend your spell over days or weeks, you can stop the candle after it’s burned a while and come back to the spell every day until the candle is gone, or once a week if you like. I’ve found that this spell is great if you use it weekly as a way to refocus your energy and revitalize your connection to your desired feeling. When you re-cast the spell, simply light your candle and begin writing again.

Once again, this spell is a way to make friends with your body and work WITH it. To get good results, you have to stop seeing your body as the enemy. It’s responding to the things you’re thinking and feeling about it, so it’s time to fill it up with healthy, happy, vibrant, loving thoughts! 

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Updated on June 18, 2024 by Avery Hart


  1. It is so rare (and wonderful) to find someone speaking up for body positivity in such a holistic, supportive, and goal-driven way. Thank you! It’s very inspiring and I’m looking forward to sharing this even with super non-witchy loved ones 🌻

  2. Well done!! I recently lost some weight (fat mostly and added muscle) and during that time I developed more self-care – taking care of my body and loving it. Putting good food in it, hydrating it inside and out. stretching and yoga in addition to endurance training. it has paid off incredibly – I feel more confident in myself overall, I have learned to listen to my body more and it tells me what it needs to be healthy and happy, I sleep better. It’s a mental change that results in a physical change.

  3. i want to make these is spell work but how can i get Sunflower petals. or is there any way to replace sunflower peal with something else

  4. Is there a way to reverse a weight loss spell? I didn’t know what I was doing and just followed someone’s directions on a TikTok. Now I’m sick all the time. Please help.

  5. Well written article with fantastic insight and information! I agree wholeheartedly and was glad and lucky I came across it early in my path.
    I’ve done this exact spell a couple of years ago, from this very page. I didn’t lose any fat (so you know I’m actually needing to as I’m in an obese bmi class. I just want to be healthy!) Should I try this again now that I’m somewhat more experienced?

  6. Thank you, Avery, great read. And indeed nothing more important than doing spell the correct way and healthy way also.

    Last year, just before the beginning of the pandemic, I was at least 30 kg too heavy. I had severe lung issues due to working in an office with sick building syndrome (proven, but the company didn’t care…), where I left due to this.

    At that time I started to walk to work and eating healthier. Not difficult as I just moved to Morocco. Then the pandemic started, and we had to work from home and going out was not permitted. At all. So walking or going outside wasn’t possible.

    Next to starting to eat healthy, I started doing exercises. In house. YouTube is a blast for that 🙂

    As I know myself, I had to do something extra to keep me on track, and I did a (indeed SO important do to this correct) weight loss spell.
    Within 6 months, I lost a bit more than 20 kilos of weight in a healthy way. I was very specific in my spell, as always.

    I was, still am, so motivated to do workouts every day at least 1 hour (often twice 1 hour), eat healthy and clean. Without even counting calories, I drink a glass of wine when I want. I do eat things I forbade myself for years.

    I still have 10 kilos that I can lose (one of the specifics in my spell was losing 20 kilos and not 30). But I feel (and look, but that isn’t so much important) so good. My health improved, as did my condition. And my severe lung issues, they are gone. Even living in a country where in the winter the temperatures below -20 Celsius are common, my long problems are over.

    For my work, I moved to 2 other countries since I left Morocco and still am able to keep my weight pretty easy. Even though I work 24/7. Which makes it harder to eat regularly.

    This was the first time I did such a kind of spell, a pretty important huge spell, and it came out wonderful.

    In the past I was yo-yoing all the time. After losing weight, it came back fast, within a few weeks, max months. Now I have the same weight, condition etc. over a year already.

    Stay healthy and know what you’re doing is important. Don’t believe everything you read/see on FB, TikTok whatever. This goes for every spell. And not only spells…

  7. I’ve avoided weight loss spells from fear of doing it wrong and ending up in worse shape. But what kind of spell can I do to stay motivated? It seems every single time I start a new routine to improve my health (i.e a diet or workout routine), I can’t stick with it. I do the good thing for a few days then back to old habits.

  8. This is amazing. Eye opening too. I’ve got health issues due to 2 years of self afflicted eating Chocolate etc. mental health issues didn’t help.
    You’ve helped me to think differently about my craft Thank you.

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