How To Create A Glamour With Your Makeup

I tend to be a fairly confident person, there’s not much that I’m afraid to tackle and even if I am afraid to take on a challenge I tend to adopt a “jump first and figure the details out later” mindset. When it comes to going out and meeting people though, I can get a little timid. Trying to strike up new conversations can be weird and hard and I always feel more awkward that I should. When I find myself in situations that might give me pause I like to use a little magic to boost my confidence!

This is a relatively simple spell that I love performing before an evening out! The intended purpose is to give yourself a little magical flare when it comes to going on a date or finding yourself a steamy one night stand but it works just as well if you simply want to feel absolutely stunning for a night.

How To Create A Glamour With Your Makeup

You’ll begin by preparing for your evening as you normally would, shower, do your hair, put your makeup on, pick an outfit that makes you feel like an irresistible vixen, all that fun stuff. As you do this hold the intention that each action will add to your allure, think to yourself “my eyes are captivating” as you put on your mascara, “I am irresistible” as you get dressed.

Get yourself feeling sexy and project that energy into every action. This spell was made to fold seamlessly into your existing routine but it can be as complex or as simple as you like. You can light candles, invite any spirits or deities you work with to help out, empower your perfume, whatever feels appropriate to you. I usually finish the spell just before going out by setting the parameters of my intention, I decide exactly what I want out of my evening and I state that. I might say something like

“I attract a partner who is willing, available and consenting, a man/woman who is attractive to me, great in bed and who will be as pleased with me as I am with them.”

You could also add more specifics but try not to get too hung up on small details like their eye color or anything. This spell format could be adapted for other purposes as well, getting ready for a job interview, meeting your partner’s parents, protecting yourself and repelling danger, getting ready for a ritual or another spell, there are lots of possibilities!

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Updated on August 20, 2023 by Avery Hart

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