How To Make Black Salt & What It’s Used For

This spell casting ingredient is a staple for all kinds of witches. Black salt is a very handy ingredient to have in your cupboard, it can be used for protection, banishing, and breaking hexes and can also be used for laying simple hexes and curses of your own. It’s useful for driving away anything and everything from depression, nasty spirits, other magic workers, and even unwanted guests.

Black salt is also surprisingly simple to make! Using a mortar and pestle is ideal but if you haven’t got one you can just as easily mix your ingredients in a food processor or spice grinder though I would recommend thoroughly cleaning it afterward.

You Will Need:

  • Sea Salt
  • Charcoal (from a fire is best but in a pinch you can just as easily use activated charcoal powder)
  • A pinch of black pepper
  • Incense ashes (cone incense works well)
  • A Mortar and Pestle

Grind the pepper and charcoal into a fine powder before adding your salt. Add salt slowly, making sure not to add so much that the color becomes more grey than black. When your salt is evenly mixed, transfer it into a fireproof container and use the salt as a bed to burn a cone of incense. When the incense has burned out, mix the ashes into the salt.

Store the salt in an airtight container. If you live in a humid environment the charcoal and salt will suck up all of the moisture from the air leaving you with damp salt or, if left long enough, a black salt brick.

The black salt is now ready to use, the most basic way to use it is to make a line of black salt just outside of the front and back thresholds of your house. Some people may also line their windows.

Other Ways to Use Black Salt:

  • Hiding a small bag of black salt in your workplace is said to absorb anger, moodiness and gossip.
  • Sprinkling black salt under your bed or keeping it next to your bed will help ward away nightmares.
  • Sprinkling a bit of black salt behind an unwanted guest will cause them to leave your home.
  • Black salt can be used for casting circles (though use with care as the charcoal will stain just about anything
  • Add a pinch to floor washes before cleansing your home to send negativity and bad spirits away (again, just a pinch to avoid staining)

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How To Make Black Salt & What It's Used For // The Traveling Witch

Updated on June 18, 2024 by Avery Hart


    • That’s up to personal preference! I use whatever I have on hand but if you like you can use an incense with protective properties like sandalwood.

    • Hi Ana! The amounts used is up to personal preference. Start with equal parts and if you want to change the quantities to adjust the effect or the consistency you certainly can!

  1. I made a batch of this recently and used all the ashes from my abalone shell. I was called to help a young couple with children who are being tortured at night by spirits. I laid it down and made sure we all stepped in it as to not bring anything home with us. Is there a chant or affirmation you say when you’re laying down this salt? I’m going to a house next month that needs a serious cleansing from an evil ex-wife! Thank you.

    • Hi Cauldron!
      I don’t use a chant but if you like you’re welcome to create one to go with your black salt ritual!

  2. Thank you for your recipe. What can we do if we can’t sprinkle this near a coworker? Can I sprinkle it underneath her desk? Our carpet is grey and you can see everything. Thanks!

  3. Can I leave the incense out? I have pets in my house and not sure it’s a great idea to light incense around them..

    Thanks 🙂

    • I would suggest not leaving incense out around pets, especially smaller animals. If you need to, burn the incense outside and away from any critters who might not like the smoke.

  4. I have been using Black Salt to absorb the negativity from my home, I have recently placed a small dish of the salt in my daugther’s room after complaints of feeling scared, bad dreams and feeling like "someone is watching" her. Within a day or two, the salt turns colors and is gray, almost white, it has a salt and pepper look, so to speak. I am wondering why this is happening, as the salt I keep in a dish in the dining room keeps its color.

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