The Ring Of Fire: An Elemental Spell For Protection

This fiery protection spell is pulled straight from the workbook, and draws on the power of the sun to create a powerful ward around the caster.

Fire and solar energy are closely related but solar energy tends to lend a secure, stable element to fire magic. To take advantage of that this spell uses 6 candles since the number 6 is commonly thought to hold solar energies.

You Will Need:

  • 6 candles (use electric if you have carpet to avoid a fire hazard)
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Salt
  • A quiet area away from distractions, pets, or children

Step One:

Set up your candles in a circle, make sure that you have enough room to sit and move comfortably within the circle. Choose a candle to be your cardinal point, all actions and movements start here. Beginning at your cardinal point, sprinkle salt just outside the ring of candles moving in a clockwise direction, make three full circles this way (you should vacuum or sweep the salt up immediately after your spell is closed).

Step Two:

After your third time around the circle, when you come back to the cardinal point, pause and face the candle that designates this point. Take your matches and light the first candle saying, “With this candle, I focus my intent, protect me from all that would harm.”

Step Three:

Work your way around the circle clockwise, at each subsequent candle stop, light it, and recite the corresponding verse of the incantation.

Candle 2: “With this candle, I call peace into my life, give me tranquility and safety from the chaos of the world.”

Candle 3: “With this candle, I call energy to my work, may my spell be strong when I am weak and shield me when I need it most.”

Candle 4: “With this candle, I add strength and stability, may my spell  be unwavering in its protection.”

Candle 5: “With This candle, I make my shields adaptable and versatile, any threat aimed at me shall fail.”

Candle 6: “I call upon the power of the sun, with this final candle I seal my ward! Protect me from all that would harm!”

Step Four:

Return to the cardinal point. You can stay in the spell and add more energy to it and meditate if you like. When you are ready to close the spell begin with the candle at your cardinal point, snuff that candle out first and work your way around clockwise, blowing the candles out as you go.

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Updated on June 18, 2024 by Avery Hart

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  1. Hi Avery,
    is this spell an alternative to casting a circle, and protects the caster only while they are in the circle, or is this a “typicall” protection spell that wards off unwanted influences, while you go about your day?
    Best regards, Gabriel

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