How To Easily Make Your Work Space Witchy Today

If you’ve been practicing magic for a little while now, you’ve probably noticed some positive changes in your life as a result of spells you’ve performed at your altar. Today, we’re going to take that one step further by allowing your witchy practice to flow into other areas of your life. You don’t have to leave your magic at the altar.

Magic should go wherever you go. Your magical practice is a living, breathing extension of you, something you create with your hopes, dreams, and intentions as you interact with your environment and the universe.

If spells performed at your altar can bring you financial abundance or new love, why can’t that same magic also be used for productivity and mental focus in your workspace? There are so many creative ways to add a little magic to your workday no matter where you work or what your job is.

“But I work in the __________ industry. Can I really bring magic to my workspace?”

The short answer: yes.

The long answer: I’ve worked a lot of different jobs in my life, including fast food cashier, retail associate, bartender, housekeeper, babysitter, van driver, yoga teacher, remote freelancer, corporate marketer, and spiritual entrepreneur. I know from experience that all it takes is a little intention and a few simple changes to bring magic into your work.

Why You Should Add Magic to Your Workspace

There are two main reasons I do this. First, magic makes me happy. When things get stressful at work, my magical practice keeps me smiling and centered. Second, magic makes me my best self. Personally, work has always been a catalyst for personal growth. It stretches me mentally, physically, and sometimes even spiritually. In order to perform at the highest level, I rely on the power I cultivate through my witchcraft.

Witchy Workspace Basics: Three Tips for Getting Started

1. If you have any control over where you work, try to pick a spot with as much natural light as possible. It’s great to be by a window, or outside is even better.

2. Include as many magical elements as possible—earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.

3. Decide on your intention for the magic you want to bring into your workspace. Your intention will dictate which items you use in your workspace. Think about what you’d like to improve on in terms of your career or work environment. Are you hoping to create positive relationships at work? Do you want to take on more responsibility? Is there a big project you’re striving to complete? Pick one or two intentions to focus on and check-in with yourself once or twice a month. I like to use the new moon and the full moon every month to evaluate my progress.

Make adjustments to your intentions whenever you feel like it. You are always growing and changing, so your magical practice should grow and change along with you.

How to Use Magical Tools in Your Workspace (Without Freaking Everyone Out)

There are a lot of misconceptions bouncing around pop culture about what it means to be a witch. Most of these ideas are so, so very far from what modern witchcraft is. If people find out you’re a witch, they’ll likely be curious, and maybe a little scared. Luckily, there are lots of magical tools you can use every day without drawing unwanted attention from your non-witchy co-workers.

Crystals for Your Witchy Workspace

Crystals are perfect for the workplace because they’re beautiful and versatile. If you have a workspace with your own desk, look for some crystal office goodies. I’ve seen some gorgeous crystal pencil holders, picture frames, letter openers, and business card holders on Etsy and Amazon. Pinterest is another great resource for incorporating crystals into a workspace. Type in “Crystal Workspace” and see what cool, creative images Pinterest brings you!

You can also head over to your local crystal shop and pick out a few stones to use as paperweights. A simple Google search can tell you what crystals to use for different spells, but it’s also fun to just walk into a crystal store and pick a stone you feel drawn to. You might be surprised by the results. For example, I might have my mind set on buying a citrine stone for financial abundance, but I find I’m actually drawn to a selenite wand instead. Selenite is a lovely crystal known for cultivating mental clarity. So why selenite? How does that help me with my desire for financial abundance? Well, maybe what I really need is some clarity about why I want money or how to use my money better.

Another way to bring crystals to work is to wear them. This is a great alternative for witches who don’t work in a traditional office setting like people in the restaurant or retail industry. Crystal beaded bracelets are subtle and easy to find online or in stores. Necklaces, earrings, and key chains are discreet as well.

My Crystal Workspace Picks:

  • Clear Quartz for focus and productivity
  • Carnelian for motivation
  • Citrine for setting and achieving goals
  • Smoky Quartz and Amazonite for absorbing the buzzing energy of electrical devices like your computer or phone
  • Rose Quartz for attracting positive workplace relationships
  • Blue apatite for creativity
  • Selenite for diffusing stress and mental clarity

Crystals are special to witches because of the power they hold. This power can be used for cleansing magical tools, honoring your personal deities or higher power, scrying, decorating wands or pentacles, setting intentions, spell work, casting circles, and changing the energy of a room. Crystals also affect people and animals by healing or balancing energies within the physical body. Crystals for Witchcraft was designed to be a straightforward, easy-to-follow guide to learning how to make use of the incredible power of crystals in your magical practice. No airy-fairy, hard to understand new age jargon here. Every part of this course is simple to understand and the modules build on each other in order to ease you into the world of crystals. Click here to learn how to use crystal magic without the confusion, without the fear, and without the nagging thoughts of “I hope I’m doing this right” in the back of your mind.

Herbs for Your Witchy Workspace

Your boss might not be cool with you sprinkling herbs on your desk like you would on your altar, so you’ll need to get a little more creative when adding herbal magic to your workspace.

You can sip a cup of tea made with your favorite blend of magical herbs. For convenience, I like to buy my herbal teas at a store rather than make them myself. First, I’ll settle on an intention for my tea magic. Then I pick a couple of herbs that I think will best support that intention. When I’m at the store, I’ll read the labels of the packaged teas and find one that has the blend of herbs I’m looking for. This magical hack works for desk jobs as well as on-the-go working witches.

A well-placed jar of pot-pourri is totally office-appropriate and so practical. You can fill a mason jar or decorative bowl with intention-inspired herbs that will power your spells and keep your workspace smelling amazing.

For witches working in non-office settings, you can carry a small sachet or cloth bag of your magical herbs while you go about your day. If you drive for work, these make great car air fresheners.

My Herbal Workspace Picks:

  • Lavender to relieve stress
  • Chamomile tea to attract financial opportunities
  • Vanilla for workplace friendships and partnerships
  • Bay leaf for confidence
  • Cinnamon for courage
  • Peppermint and Rosemary for mental focus
  • Orange peel for energy

Essential Oils for Your Witchy Workspace

An essential oil diffuser is an easy-to-use addition to your workspace. You fill the base of the diffuser with water and add a few drops of your essential oil. Then you simply plug the device in and enjoy the wonderful scents that fill the room.

If an essential oil diffuser won’t work for your job, try dabbing a few drops of essential oil diluted in a carrier oil on your inner wrists. Every time you get a whiff of your oil, you’ll reconnect with your magical intention.

My Essential Oil Workspace Picks:

  • Grapefruit oil for a tranquil workspace
  • Patchouli oil for financial abundance
  • Rose oil for stress relief and to raise your vibration
  • Eucalyptus oil for productivity and focus
  • Bergamot oil for boosting your mood
  • Basil oil for balancing emotions
  • Cedarwood oil for relieving anxiety

Candles for Your Witchy Workspace

If you work from home or in a place that permits candle burning, take advantage of candle spells. Charge and anoint your candle with your workspace intention, and let it burn down as you go about your workday. Always remember to stay safe when working with fire, and make sure you don’t leave the candle unattended.

If a candle flame is a no-no at your work, try a flameless LED candle like this one or a lantern with tiny flame-like lights like this.

If you want something that will melt the wax and give off a scent without a flame, check out some candle warming lamps. This special lamp works with traditional jar candles and melts the wax slowly with a warm light.

My Candle Workspace Picks:

  • White candles for success
  • Black candles for banishing things like negativity or self-doubt
  • Pink or red candles for friendships and relationships
  • Green or gold candles for personal power and prosperity
  • Blue candles for clear communication and problem solving
  • Orange candles for courage, creativity, and goal-setting
  • Purple candles for confidence

Eight Magical Tools for Cleansing Your Workspace

Sometimes, work can get a little negative. These magical tools will wipe out all that bad energy and restore balance back to your witchy workspace.

1. Adding potted plants to your workspace will keep the air and energy clean regardless of whatever work drama is going on.

2. Keep a meditation cushion or blanket to sit on during your workday rituals. I like to sit on a special cushion for a few minutes before I start my work to set an intention for the day. You can also use your meditation cushion while journaling during your workday, or for an end-of-the-day gratitude practice. Spending time sending intentions and other positive thoughts into the universe will keep the energy in your workspace joyful.

3. Use sage in your herbal pot-pourri for extra cleansing power.

4. If your workspace is near a window, it will receive powerful cleansing energy from the moon and sun on a daily basis.

5. Add thieves’ oil to your essential oil diffuser on days when you need to get rid of negativity fast.

6. Bring an amethyst crystal to your workspace when you start to feel the negativity creeping back in.

7. A water fountain will bring the magical element of water to your workspace while improving air quality by adding negative ions to the air. The sound of trickling water helps with stress and anxiety.

Now that you have a few ideas for turning your workspace into a witchy retreat, you can pick the best ones to implement in your workspace. What can you do right now to make your workspace more magical? You don’t have to change everything all at once. It’s best if you start slow. Try adding one or two witchy elements this week and see how it feels. If that’s working for you, add another next week. You decide how you want to use your magic at work, so make sure to keep this practice aligned with your personal needs.

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