4 Ways To Reconnect With Your Magic When Life Gets Crazy

One of the biggest struggles for modern witches is maintaining that sense of connection to our craft. Life can be so busy, complicated, and demanding that most of us feel completely out of touch with our magic on a day to day basis. And I don’t think I have to tell you how much this state of disconnection sucks.

One day it feels like you’ve found that spiritual space that you’ve been searching for where you’re in your power, feel plugged into the pulse of the universe, and are spiritually attuned to the world around you and then BAM! life hits and suddenly you’re running around feeling about as un-magical as you possibly can. Maybe you notice the disconnect and vow to not let it happen again, you throw yourself back into the craft sometimes burning the candle at both ends to try and juggle all of your worldly responsibilities and your spiritual growth at the same time. Inevitably, you fall off the wagon again, life gets in the way of your magical practice and the cycle starts all over again.

It’s an infuriating loop and many of us spend years battling this tug of war between what we spiritually want and need and what we’re actually capable of maintaining within the contexts of our lives. The good news is, you’re not alone. Every single witch struggles with this at times. Even witches like me who were raised in the craft struggle to maintain consistent connection to magic. It’s normal to struggle with this! It doesn’t mean you’re a bad witch, it just means that you’re living a modern life in an age where more demands and distractions are pulling for your attention than ever before. Today, I’m going to give you a few ways to manage this back and forth swing and bring a little more spiritual connection into your daily life.

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Is Being Connected All The Time A Good Idea?

Now, one of the big things we have to take a look at before we dive too deep into to nuts and bolts of this subject is what are we actually trying to achieve? I know that for many people the idea of staying completely connected and tuned into magic 100% of the time sounds great but before we make that the goal we need to ask ourselves, is this a reasonable or even attainable goal? Would it actually serve my best interests to be in this state all the time?

It’s important to realize that there are situations in life when other things need to take precedence. Kids and pets need tending to, work needs doing, houses need cleaning, friends need to be given our love and attention, there’s a lot going on in our worlds! Sometimes a spiritual headspace isn’t the right mindset for you to be functioning from and that’s ok. In fact, having the ability to switch from witch mode to parent mode, to professional mode, and back again is a good thing. This is what makes you a well rounded, capable, badass person who takes on all of life’s myriad challenges.

While bringing the spiritual into our everyday lives can lead us to be more empathetic, caring, and connected people, it can also lead to a feeling of disconnection from the people around us if they don’t share our spiritual leanings. It can drive us into a state of “hyper-control” where we’re trying to magically strong-arm everything in our lives into working the way we want. It can even stunt our spiritual growth by introducing an overwhelming level of spiritual information that we may not be prepared to deal with. It is ok to shift out of your witchy mindset and into a mundane headspace to avoid these kinds of junk food spirituality pitfalls. Being spiritual simply for the sake of being spiritual can absolutely backfire on you.

Don’t try to force yourself to be only one thing all the time. Being a witch is a wonderful thing but that’s not all you are! There’s so much more to you and you should embrace and support these other aspects of yourself just as much as you do your witchy self.

How To Connect Deeper With Your Witchcraft

Ok, now onto the hands-on part of this process. How do we actually connect more deeply with our craft?

1. Make time for the little things

It may seem trite to bring the focus down to the micro when you’re looking for deep, meaningful connection to the spiritual world but trust me, it helps. What sounds like it would build and maintain a connection better: Putting a little bit of work in every day and making sure you reach for that magical energy as often as possible even if only for a few moments OR only reaching for that magic when you have the time and space and wherewithal to do something BIG maybe once or twice a month?

As anyone who has ever taken an extended break from the gym will tell you, those little “easy” workouts make all the difference in maintaining the progress you’ve made so far. Focusing on the little things is absolutely worth your time.

So what sort of little things are we talking about? That depends on you and your craft and what makes you personally feel connected. For me, I like to do 5-10 minutes of breathing exercises followed by 1-2 minutes of grounding at least once a day. This gives me space to get in touch with myself and it also helps me to stabilize my energy and practice tapping into my visual, energy manipulating skills so that they stay fresh and strong all the time. You might find that a 2-minute candle ritual where you set intentions for your day works well. A kitchen witch might try to incorporate a little magic into at least one meal every day. Someone who finds connection in nature might take a 5-10 minute walk outside to get in touch with their magic. There are so many tiny ways to incorporate a magical mindset into our lives!

2. Create sacred space

Now, I’m not necessarily saying that you need to create a space to devote to a god if that’s not your thing. Secular sacred space can still have huge benefits to your craft. This space simply needs to be somewhere that is designated and designed for you to be in tune with your magical powers and the energy around you. This might be a small corner of your garden, a candle and journal on your bedside table, or a shelf that’s dedicated to things that evoke that witchy feeling in you. It could be a pocket altar or it might even be a full-sized altar that you leave up all the time! 

The important thing is that this space is set up to facilitate your connection to the craft and that it’s set aside for only this purpose so that you always have somewhere to go when all you have the time for is sitting for a minute by yourself.

3. Take care of yourself first

Sometimes, it’s not possible to handle your job, your kids, family, friends, other responsibilities, AND your craft all at once. When your life is reaching critical mass, trying to force yourself to expend energy on magic can be about the worst thing you could do. You’re already drained, where are you trying to get that energy from?!

When this happens, it’s best to focus on rebuilding yourself and giving yourself the space to rest and recover. The craft is meant to add to your life, to bring you happiness and allow you the power to change your life in the ways that suit you. It is NOT supposed to be another stressful obligation that you pile on top of all of the other obligations already taking up space in your life! Giving back to yourself is a way to renew your energy and foster your ability to work magic without further draining yourself. Take a bath, journal, have a hot cup of tea with a book, go get a massage, spend some time with someone who makes you feel good, whatever it is that makes you feel happy and whole as a person will help to restore your energy. After you spend some time taking care of yourself, you may find that your connection to the craft springs back to life on its own!

4. Use music that makes you feel witchy

Music can have a huge impact on our mood and state of mind. If you’re really struggling to feel that connection that you’re looking for, sometimes it can help to just play music that gets you in that magical mindset. Now, some people will enjoy traditionally “witchy” music. Celtic music, chanting, and pagan specific songs can all be great ways to bring that vibe into your life. Not everyone will be into this kind of music though and if you’re not, you don’t have to grin and bear it just to try and connect with your craft. Choose music that makes you feel witchy! I personally love swampy sounding rock music, indie pop, and rap music when I’m working magic. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you pick, as long as it makes you feel that magical energy!

I like to simply play this kind of music in the background of my life. If I’m cooking, driving, cleansing the house, or just winding down for the night having the right kind of music in the background can raise my energetic awareness and make every moment a little more attuned to my magical practice. Even if I can’t practice at all this allows me to maintain that mindset of connectivity that so many of us are looking for.

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