27 Unique Stones & Crystals To Use In Your Magic

Everything about stones is fun. They’re fun to find and be surprised by. They’re fun to place around your space to make it look great. They’re fun to carry with you and refer to throughout the day. Perhaps the most enjoyable thing about stones and crystals is that you can custom pick which ones you want based on their meanings. This article will be a guide to help you decide what stones to use in your witchcraft depending on your needs. There are a lot of these beauties to cover so let’s jump right in! 


In reading about agate, there are many references to weather and especially calming thunderstorms, lightning, and surviving nasty storms at sea. Agate is also a go-to stone for gardening, perhaps because the moss agate and dendritic agate appear to have forest and tree scenes in them. Agate is a good luck charm, increases personal strength, and ensures victory. Agate is also said to bring sweet dreams and calm the mind. While agate has a lot of uses, again and again it is shown to be a strong stone for green witches and those seeking to “calm the storm” be it literal or figurative. Place agate in your herb gardens, sleep with one in your pillowcase, and keep a special agate on your person to stay at peace throughout the day. 


This stone is linked with the sun, and because of its fascinating origin (turning from a liquid into a stunningly bright stone) this is a stone of vitality and strength. Amber is also a protector and a promoter of confidence. In essence, amber shares characteristics with the sun and Fire element, and in spells, should be called upon when performing magic to increase personal power or in Fiery Wall of Protection spells.    


I’ve heard conflicting stories about amethyst, however, luck, protection, and cleansing are usually attributed to it. What I find most interesting is this stone’s relationship to addiction and overcoming negativity in your life. Amethyst is a stone of sobriety and staying on the right track, but can be used in any spells focused on breaking bad habits, cutting out obsession, and becoming more balanced. 


This pretty blue stone has ties to the sea and water in general, and is a protective stone for travelers. Aquamarine can be used in spells that call on the water element or can be used as a substitute for water altogether when you’re performing quick spells without a lot of tools. Like water, aquamarine is intuitive, emotional, and can be used in divination, especially any sort of divination that relies on water. 


This is a stone of luck and is a favorite among gamblers. Perhaps because of its bright green color, it is also a stone of wealth. One of my favorite things to do is hold an aventurine while making a decision, or placing three stones on a bill to encourage my bank account to increase threefold!


While the name sounds a little ominous, bloodstone is actually used to promote health. It is said to improve circulation and ease childbirth. Lore abounds when it comes to this stone, but my favorite story about bloodstone is its use by soldiers in battle, who called on it for courage. It’s said to guarantee victory against insurmountable odds, so I turn to bloodstone when I’m involved in any conflict. Hold this stone in your hands while sitting in the sun or before a red candle, and envision yourself victorious. Dreaming of battle while invoking bloodstone’s gift is a portent of success.


A stone of confidence and focus. Use carnelian when you are afraid of a new endeavor or need to stand up for yourself. I’ve also heard that carnelian can make wishes come true, so place one on top of the Star tarot card when you need mystical assistance!


A positive stone! Citrine will bring good things to you, so whatever you’re lacking, citrine can help. It is said that this stone works best for the generous and gentle, so kind witches will find this stone especially successful when used in their manifestations. Also promotes joy and removes negativity.   


A stone of truth and intelligence. Not only a good companion for students, but all philosophers, writers, poets, and journalists. This stone can be used when you lack inspiration, or to fuel your motivation. If you believe you are being deceived, use fluorite with a blue candle and meditate on how to proceed or unlock hidden truth.  


Increases spell power. Add garnet to your altar or include in any spell to give your magic a boost. Garnet is loyal and protective of its owner, so carry one on you, especially during travel or when moving amongst a crowd. Although associated with love (like most deep red stones) I find garnet most useful when I ask it to work for me alone. 


Jasper comes in many varieties, all of them gorgeous and distinct. While each different type of jasper can be utilized for more specific purposes, all jaspers will have a grounding effect and keep one calm. They are wonderful talismans and can keep you balanced and stress-free. Indulge in some self care by bathing with jasper stones set along the rim of a bathtub, keep a stone in your left pocket to attract good fortune or to ease suffering during times of grief. 


The iridescence of these stones give them beauty, and also strong links to the soul and a connection to the mysteries of the universe. They can assist in divination, astral travel, and transformations. They also facilitate the imagination so witch artists should use them to stimulate ideas and unlock hidden wells of creativity. 

Lapis Lazuli

Said to have the ability to open psychic abilities, lapis lazuli is another stone useful in divination and sleep magic. Lapis lazuli can also be used to immediately put a stop to something. Light a black candle and write on a piece of paper what you’d like to bring to a stop or end, then burn this paper in the candle. Roll the stone in the ashes before blowing the ashes west. Afterward, cleanse the stone with smoke or set it outside on a clear night. 


A spell and energy booster. Because of their magnetic properties, lodestones are the stones of attraction and bringing to you what you want. Shop owners keep them in their stores to attract customers, for example. The lodestone was instrumental in creating the compass, so it’s a good stone to use when you need help making a big life choice. Lodestones attract, among other things, both wealth and money, but they need maintenance. “Feed” your lodestone bits of iron, keep it on your altar, and charge by leaving out during lightning storms. 


A protective stone against physical harm, especially for children. This is also a transformative stone, changing negative energies to positive ones. Malachite has a high copper content, which is also protective, so use this pretty green stone in protective spells for children or to calm tantrums.  


This stone was once believed to hold a moonbeam within its core, and embodies many of the same qualities of the moon itself. Pearly moonstone heightens intuition, calms emotions, and will work well with the Water element. Moonstone is used for protection by those who travel by night or by sea, and in spells it can be paired with all stones with ties to the sun to create a balance. 


This stone has many purposes due to its very conflicting history. Some say this is a very unlucky stone that can cause depression, and sardonyx must be carried with it as a guardian against onyx’s negative energy. However, others believe onyx is stabilizing, and enhances strength and self-discipline. In magic, onyx is used for scrying and especially grounding, helping the user relax.   


A stunning, gentle, and healing stone. Opal possesses the power of all the elements and can be used in spells to represent any or all of them at once. Because of its exquisite beauty, opal is associated with artists and can be used to aid inspiration. Opal is also believed to contain hidden mysteries and will enhance a witch’s psychic powers!

Petrified Wood

Symbolizes a long, healthy life! Petrified wood is associated with memories and survival. It is a fossilized plant, wood turned into stone, and is perfect for magic that involves time — past lives, understanding, and strength in moving forward. It has strong ties to earth magic, especially wood and trees, and is also a great grounding stone.  


This shiny, golden mineral was used to fool prospectors into believing empty mines were still packed with gold, hence it’s famous nickname: Fool’s Gold. Pyrite can be used for scrying, as well as an attractant for wealth and luck. Gamblers carry pyrite with them to win big. This stone can also be used in spells of trickery when you want to deceive a foe. 


Quartz is an amplifier for all other energies. Program quartz by cleansing with smoke or leaving out in the sun, then making a personal connection with the stone. Meditate on your intention while holding the stone, including a personal ritual to reinforce the intention if you wish, then charge with moonlight. Voila! 


This is a stone of kings, and was at one time the most valuable stone, even more so than the diamond. Naturally, ruby is associated with passion and wealth, but also banishing. This is a very intense stone and can impart courage and leadership skills. If you sleep with a ruby, you can chase away nightmares, while wearing one can attract lovers. However, adorning yourself in rubies too often is said to make one vain.


Among other things, this is a stone of wisdom. Because of sapphire’s deep blue color, this gem is said to hold hidden mysteries and is associated with calmness and, of course, water. This will be a good companion for those seeking truth and knowledge, but also enlightenment and a connection to the divine. 

Tiger’s Eye

Ferocity. Helps with communication, though is associated with the earth and sun. Great for grounding and magic using the Earth element. Invigorates the user and restores energy. Witches can carry Tiger’s Eye to protect against psychic attacks and as a protective talisman during travel. 


A very protective stone during spells and while performing any magic. Tourmaline absorbs negativity and keeps the wearer safe — even from themselves. Think of tourmaline as a little guardian angel promoting serenity from within, boosting self-confidence, and helping prevent self-destructive behaviors.   


Fun fact about me, I grew up in a world of turquoise because I lived in Arizona where it is everywhere. So, I’m a little biased, and I think this stone is one of the most precious. Although its symbolism varies from tribe to tribe, this is a very important stone to many Native American cultures. Turquoise can represent the sky or water, so this stone should be used to reconnect to your true self, hidden psychic powers, and your family. Also a wonderful aid in meditation.   


Unakite is a symbol of harmony between two people, friendship, and can be used in any spell that strengthens these bonds. Incorporate unakite in talismans and mojo bags to be shared among friends. Additionally, unakite is a powerful aid to spellcasting and can help you mentally manifest when you’re on the go and don’t have a full array of tools. 

There are so many other amazing stones and crystals that you can use in your witchcraft. If you haven’t found one to meet your needs in this list, don’t let your research stop here!

What are your favorite stones and crystals to use? Comment below and let me know!

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  1. Hey umm does anyone know if you can do anything visual with: amazonite, sodalite, blue howlite or tektite. Btw I’m new to witchery

  2. “Thanks for sharing this intriguing list of unique stones and crystals for magic! Each one’s unique energy and properties can bring a touch of mystic wonder to our rituals and intentions. I’m particularly drawn to Labradorite for its enchanting iridescence. Can’t wait to explore their magical potential in my practice.”

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