4 Easy Spells to Make Road Trips More Magical

Road trips are AH-mazing. Windows down. Wind in your hair. Radio blasting. Total freedom. It’s a wonderful way to experience the world. The downside is that there’s always the possibility that something can go wrong, which is why it’s good to sprinkle a little magic into your trip. These spells can be used for added protection, traveling efficiency, divination, and fun.

A couple of these spells include tarot cards. If you don’t have a deck, print out pictures from the internet. You can also jot down the names of the tarot cards on notecards and use them as a makeshift deck.

Tarot Card Car Cleansing Spell

What You Need:

  • The Fool tarot card
  • The Chariot tarot card
  • The Sun tarot card (optional)
  • Temperance tarot card (optional)
  • Eight of Wands (optional)

Often times when you’re traveling, you’re driving a rental car or someone else’s car. Like anything else, the energy of the previous person has seeped into that car. No matter the nature of the energy, I prefer to start my trip by magically cleansing the car. That way, I’m energetically beginning my journey from a blank slate. When you get into your car—before you turn on the ignition—pull out the three tarot cards you’re using for this spell.

The first card you’ll need for this spell is the Fool card. This is the perfect card for cleansing before a trip since the Fool is sometimes depicted as a young person setting off a grand adventure. The Fool is the very first card in the tarot deck and brings with it the energy of new beginnings and unlimited possibilities. To cleanse your card, sit in the driver seat, open the car windows, and hold the Fool card in your hands.

Carefully examine the image on the card. Notice whatever feelings come up as you do this without judgment or attachment. These might be the thoughts or emotions from the person who was sitting in that seat before you. If this is your car, it could be leftover energy from the last time you drove. Either way, honor whatever you’re feeling, but at the same time, allow all of this energy to float out the window. Once you feel like all the energetic residue (positive and negative) has blown away, close your eyes. Begin to visualize white light flowing down from the sky, billowing in through your windows, filling the car and your lungs. This white light you are summoning is the healing, protective power of the universe. As you breathe it in, focus on the energy of the Fool card. Say aloud or in your head, “This vehicle is now a blank slate. Like the Fool, I will keep a joyful heart and open mind on my own wild and wonderful journey.”

Next, pick up the Chariot card and lay it in your lap. This card could not be more perfect for a road trip. In fact, when this card shows up in a tarot spread, it sometimes suggests that there is a road trip in your future!

While the card is in your lap, and you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, grip the car steering wheel with both hands. Bring your attention to your breath. Take big, full inhales. Fill up your entire chest when you breathe. Next, squeeze the steering wheel tightly with your hands and feel your arms, chest and torso tense up.

Allow yourself to feel the power and the determination of the Chariot card. Calling on the power of the Chariot card basically makes you (and your car) unstoppable. No matter what obstacles or unexpected things come up during your trip, the energy of the Chariot will guide you through safely. As you’re gripping your steering wheel, say aloud or in your head, “I move towards my destination safely and steadily. Every mile I grow more confident. I know I am powerful.”

Keep the Fool and the Chariot cards visible during your trip. You can tape them to your air freshener or dashboard. Feel the little burst of energy every time you look at them.

You can also pick out one or two additional tarot cards to get more specific about your intention. The Sun card is a super-positive card that will bring you good times, happy memories, optimism, and energy. This card is especially relevant if you’re traveling somewhere warm.

The Temperance card is a good card to add if you tend to get nervous about travel. This card will help you stay calm, cool and collected no matter what issues arise.

The Eight of Wands can be used in this particular road trip spell if you’re looking to get to your destination as fast as possible.

Quick Overnight Protection Spell

What You Need:

  • Amethyst crystal
  • Your car keys
  • A slip of paper

Every night while you’re on your road trip, write your intention for the next day. Make it present tense and first person. Example: “I arrive at my destination safely, feeling refreshed and ready for fun.” Fold up the paper. Place your car keys on top of the paper. Then place an amethyst crystal on top of the keys. Leave it there overnight while you sleep. Your keys will be charged with your positive intention, as well as the protective energy of the amethyst crystal.

Road Trip Knot Spell

What You Need:

  • Embroidery floss (or any kind of pretty string)
  • A piece of paper

This knot spell is great to do the night before your road trip. It’s meant for a multi-day trip, but you can also make it work for a day trip.

Take a piece of string and lay it flat on a surface. Stretch it out so it is in a straight line. Make sure the string is long enough. You’ll need it to easily tie around your wrist or ankle after you make a few knots in it.

Set a timer for ten minutes and begin to journal about what you desire for your road trip. You’re basically setting an intention for your trip, and super-charging it by visualizing as you’re writing. I like to do this in “snapshots”. Jot down a sentence for each “scene” you create in your mind.  Example: “I close up the trunk, feeling relaxed. I’m right on time, and I have everything I need.” or “I stop for food at a cute diner. The sun is warm on my arms and face as I park my car and head inside.” or “I snuggle into my hotel bed. I love the feel of these fresh, clean sheets and fluffy pillow!”

Once you have a sentence or two for each day (or hour) of your trip, hold your piece of string. Read each “scene” intention as you make a knot in your string. Know that as long as that knot is in place, your spell is active.

After you’ve done knots for all your intentions, tie the string to your wrist or ankle (the ankle you drive with). That will seal your intention for your trip. If at any point your string becomes untied, retie it. It must stay tied for the spell to be in effect.

Road Trip Divination Spell

What You Need:

  • A tarot deck
  • A map or images of your road trip stops or destinations

Once you have all your stops planned out for your road trip, mark them on a map. If you don’t have a map, gather images of your destinations. Postcards or pictures off the internet will work as well.

Shuffle your tarot deck and ask, “What energy do I need to get the most out of this destination?” Do this for each road trip stop. Write down what card you pull for the different places and take a few minutes to journal your thoughts about it. (If you’re using postcards, you can journal your thoughts right on the back of the postcard.)

Keep these notes with you as you go from place to place. Stay open to seeing how the energy of the cards is reflected in everything you experience in the different places.

The Road Less Traveled

You can perform these spells by yourself or get your road trip buddies involved in the process. You might even want to try these spells for shorter trips or for different forms of travel like air, train or even a multi-day hike. Another variation on these spells is to combine them with the energy of the moon phases. Try planning your road trip on the night of a new moon and perform the Road Trip Divination Spell at the same time. Or try the Road Trip Knot Spell on a full moon to seal in all the magic. The waning moon energy would work perfectly with the Tarot Card Car Cleansing Spell.

No matter what spells you weave into your road trip, remember to say connected to your intuition throughout the process. You’re full of ideas and creativity. Be open to whatever magic you feel led to try while you’re out exploring this big, wide world.

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  1. This is perfect timing that you posted this. We’re road tripping it to Salem in about 2 weeks and some of these are perfect!! Thank you so much!

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