4 Terrific Spells For Bringing Happiness Into Your Life

I’ve been reading about happiness and joy lately. It’s the one thing everybody wishes they had more of in their lives but struggle with. Sometimes we’re happy and don’t realize it, looking back fondly at better times without enjoying the moment we’re living in. Sometimes happiness feels out of reach because we see our happiness as tied inextricably with the accomplishment of a goal or the acquisition of a thing we want.

If I had A, B or C, then I’d be happy. Whatever the reason for our perceived unhappiness, as witches we have the special ability to focus and manifest happiness pretty simply. First, though, it’s important to remember perception and how to use it to change your world. 

Our opinions, beliefs, and how we see the world are deeply important to us. They inform our entire personalities. The truth of the matter is that there are very few right or wrong opinions (not to be confused with facts). They are just that, opinions, and they should evolve as we grow. Thinking a certain way, and having that thought fixed in our heads, can be a good and bad thing. On one hand, knowing how we feel can build confidence and decisions are easier to make. On the other, being unable to change, or stubbornly clinging to our opinions, can keep our minds closed to possibilities and opportunities. So what does this have to do with happiness? Everything. The way you perceive your world and your opinions of it can have a direct effect on how you feel. If you wake up and the first thing you think about is how unhappy you are and how this, this and this are bringing you down, well, you’ve already set yourself up for failure. By simply changing your mind and how you see these obstacles will make all the difference. Perception is the key that unlocks everything. 

Open My Eyes Spell 

All that is well and good, but I understand that changing long-held beliefs — especially during times of depression and anxiety, when things are already overwhelming — is not easy. It is something you can learn to do, then practice daily until suddenly, your world looks completely different. A great way to start is by practicing gratitude. Instead of thinking about what you don’t have, focus on what you do and be thankful. Another way is through rituals that help you see your life in a new light.  

This spell brings clarity to open your mind to a new way of thinking. You’ll be able to see holes in some mental arguments you have with yourself and beliefs that you’re holding onto about yourself or your life that are holding you back. Most importantly, you’ll be more willing to let these unhelpful beliefs go. You can see how you are blocking your own joy and know how to better work with yourself, not against yourself. 

What you will need:

  • Diluted Citronella Oil 
  • Cloves
  • Lemon or orange rind 
  • Citrine or amber stone 
  • Pearl or moonstone 
  • Blue candle 
  • Small bowl of water 
  • Sponge

Dress your candle in the oil and set aside. Grind the cloves and lemon together to form a powder then add it to the bowl of water. As you stir, focus on people, pets, accomplishments, talents, etc. in your life you are grateful for — everything that makes you incredibly happy. Place the sponge into the water. As the sponge is soaking, light the candle and place it some place near, but on a raised surface. Now, pick a place to get comfortable, either a mat on the floor or your bed so you can lie down, and squeeze out the sponge so it’s not soaking wet but still moist to the touch. Lay down, place the pearl and citrine on your chest, and the cool sponge on your forehead. Breath through your nose and out your mouth, focusing only on being still and calm. 

Once you feel peaceful, think about some beliefs you have about yourself, thoughts or feelings that you feel might impede your happiness or make you stressed; things that seem very important to you right now. Stay neutral while you examine these beliefs and don’t get keyed up. It may be a good idea to think of words only, if that helps to see things objectively. Now break down each stressful feeling and make it powerless. In 60 years, will this belief about yourself matter to you? Do you want it to? What is something positive about yourself that counters this belief or makes it untrue? Think of times in your life when this opinion about yourself was proven wrong. You may believe this thought or feeling has a lot of power over you, but if you stop reinforcing this belief, it goes away. It is no longer true if you do not believe it. 

Focus on the coolness on your forehead and all the things that bring you joy. These are the things that require your energy. Throughout the days and weeks going forward, when you feel these unhelpful, untrue thoughts and feelings creeping in, practice remembering the cool feeling right above your eyes, and focus on that instead — good things at the forefront of your mind. 

Invite Joyful People Spell

Everyone knows that being around negative people can affect your mood. Certain friends and family members seem to have a special talent for exhausting us emotionally. While I’m a strong supporter of cutting out toxic influences, I know that’s not always possible, so I figure the alternative is to invite more positive people in through magic. This spell works to do just that. In the days and weeks following this spell, be very aware of new people and be open to new relationships. It won’t help much to invite them to you if you have no intention of making that connection!

What you will need:

  • Chicory 
  • Angelica 
  • Lodestone
  • Basil 
  • Purple candle 

Grind together the chicory, angelica and basil. Place the candle on a dish, and sprinkle your powder around the base of the candle and on the top as well, so it will mix with the wax as the candle burns. Light the candle and settle down in a comfortable position. 

Lodestones are powerful magnets for bringing us what we want, so hold it in your left hand and be very clear with your intentions in the next step. Close your eyes and picture yourself as a point of light, repelling darkness. Imagine you are a magnet for fun, intelligent, and kind people. Think about the people you know who fit this description already, and ways you can bring them more fully into your life. See how you could be more open to these kinds of people, ways to meet them, places they may frequent and let yourself be drawn there. Stay in this moment until your candle has covered the dusting of powder. Now follow your intuition. As you encounter new people, try to read them and give them a chance. Go to new places. Reach out. And carry your lodestone with you, focusing on your intention of bringing great people into your life! 

Help Others Through Magic

One of the best ways to bring joy into your life is by helping others and showing compassion. Doing something nice for your friends or family, even something small like getting them a card or bringing over some of their favorite food, will go along way to making you feel great! You can also use magic to help others. Witchcraft can feel very isolating at times, with a strong focus on the self. Using your magic to help others is a way to take the focus off yourself, which can be a relief (especially if you’ve been in a negative state of mind). It also helps someone else — always a surefire way to feel better. This spell is used to make something good happen for someone you care about. 

What you will need  

  • Neroli oil diluted in a carrier oil
  • Amethyst 
  • Opal 
  • Basil 
  • Salt 
  • Gold candle 

To begin, carve your loved one’s name into the gold candle, dress it with the oil, and place it on a dish. Sprinkle a small circle of salt around this candle and place the opal and amethyst to the right and left of the dish, upon the circle of salt. Light the candle and sprinkle the crushed basil into the flame while thinking of your loved one’s face, why they deserve something great, and getting what they need. Pour your heart and soul into this intention! The spell is complete when the candle has burned all the way down. 

Joyful Movement Spell

Lots of things can have a positive impact on how you’re feeling. Going for a walk, cleaning your room, taking a shower, watching a favorite movie, having a great meal, finding funny videos to watch are all quick pick-me-ups. For witches, performing magic and surrounding yourself with magic can have the same effect. It’s fun to organize your herb collection, cleanse your stones, light some incense and get into a witchy mood. Because everything we do in magic has a purpose, we can combine activities like showering or cleaning with witchcraft and turn them into silent reflection, focusing, or cleansing moments. 

Likewise, we can mix movement and magic. Lots of people dislike exercise because it can be boring, but it’s important to get up and move, both for body and mind. The good news is you can easily turn the monotony of exercise into a magical ritual. I suggest dancing!

When you dance to music, lots of things happen to your body. Your heart rate speeds up, your muscles flex and you get to release tension. If you keep it up regularly, your circulation improves, which is a long-term boost to your health. You sleep better and you’re motivated to eat better as well, according to some studies. There are also studies that suggest dancing improves brain function! 

This spell is a two-parter. First, put on your favorite dance music, turn it up, and go wild. Dance and move in all directions, letting the energy flow. Instead of focusing on anything in particular, try to free your mind of all thought and just tune into the music itself. This makes for an excellent cleansing ritual but we’re going to use it to build positive energy which will be channeled into part two, the spellwork. 

What you will need:

  • Horehound
  • Aventurine 
  • Silver
  • Peony petals 
  • Cayenne pepper 
  • A large bowl of freshly collected dirt 

Note: This is spell is most effective during a full moon. 

I suggest that you set everything up before you begin to dance so it’s ready for you after you’ve finished. When you’ve built up tons of good energy don’t turn off the music! Combine the horehound, petals, cayenne, and dirt in a large bowl, then take the silver in your right hand and the aventurine in your left. Push your fists into the dirt and hold them there a moment. Then release the silver and stone and move your hands around. Rake the dirt slowly with your fingers, pick it up in handfuls and let it sprinkle back into the bowl. Watch your breathing during this spell. Once it has returned to normal and your hands are wonderfully earthy, remove them from the bowl and place them above it, palms up. Close your eyes and repeat this spell: 

“Rain on the earth,

Earth on my hand.

When storms chase me,

I can withstand.

Sun chases rain,

And clouds chase the sun.

Joy chases me,

And I no longer run.”

Wash your hands well and dispose of the dirt by your front door. Don’t forget to retrieve the silver and aventurine! 

Bringing joy into your life is not a complicated process. Changing the way you see your life is where it gets tricky. Each day every single one of us is challenged by stress, internal negativity and outside forces that just seem there to upset us. Getting rid of all negativity from your life isn’t the goal. That’s just life! It’s up to us to take these things in stride and see opportunity over obstacles. Embrace the things that make you happy and use your natural talent as witches to cleanse, stay balanced, and keep that perspective in check.

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  1. Where is a good place to buy an opal online? I have found mostly opalite, moonstone and just tiny "chips" & "stones" of real opal.

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