7 Ways To Use Flowers In Your Magic

There is something inherently magical about flowers. As they grow and blossom, they remind us of the cycles of life, as well as the transformation we all go through as we discover our gifts and step into our power. You might have heard the phrase, “late bloomer” which people usually say when talking about someone who discovered his or her gifts later than others.

Sometimes people use this term in a derogatory way, but often times it’s used to encourage others. They’re saying that there’s no need to compare yourself to others. We are all on our own growing schedule. We achieve our goals or “blossom” when it’s time.

Another lesson flowers teach us is that moments are fleeting. You’ve probably felt the excitement of setting a big vase of flowers on your kitchen table. You admire their colors and enjoy their scent. Maybe they last a week or two. Then inevitably, they begin to wilt, lose their petals and dry up. You might feel a bit of sadness as you dispose of your once beautiful, perfect bouquet.

Many people don’t like to think about the cycles of life — how people, things, and situations constantly change. Endings, in particular, make us sad. Flowers can show us how to enjoy the moments of beauty as we are experiencing them. A flower in bloom helps us stay in the present moment. Yes, endings are sad, but there will always be more flowers to enjoy. Likewise, there will always be more moments of pure joy and beauty that we’ll experience throughout our lives.

These are just two ways flowers can add symbolism to your witchcraft, and there are many more. Bringing flowers into your magical practice can add an extra layer of meaning and power to your spells.

Here are seven magical ways to use flowers in your witchcraft.

#1: Place Flowers On Your Altar

I started doing this because I was in a living situation where I couldn’t burn incense or herb bundles in my sacred space. I wanted a way to bring the scents of nature to my altar without pissing off my roommates.

A bouquet of flowers was the answer. I placed a vase of flowers on my altar and I could feel an immediate change in energy in the space. I recommend placing flowers on your altar particularly when you need to increase your vibration, but you don’t have the energy to do yourself.

The resistance-free energy of flowers on your altar can aid you when performing magic with the intentions of banishing, releasing, or allowing.

A vase of red, orange or yellow flowers can also be a way for you to represent the four elements on your altar. The water in the vase, obviously, represents water. The actual flower represents earth. Red, orange or yellow petals can represent fire. The fragrance of the flowers can represent air.

#2: Use Flowers To Honor The Moon

The life cycles of flowers and the lunar cycles are similar. Because of this, you can use flowers in different phases of growth to honor the various phases of the moon.

  • The seeds of a flower can honor the intention-setting energy of the new moon.
  • A flower bud honors the growing energy of the waxing moon.
  • A flower in bloom honors the celebratory energy of the full moon.
  • A dried flower or the petals of a wilting flower can honor the releasing energy of the waning moon.

For a simple moon spell with flowers, arrange your flower (or seeds) in a circle to represent the cyclical nature of the moon. Place a tea light or white candle in the center of the circle to represent moonlight. Meditate in front of your moon altar and absorb the energy of the current moon phase.

#3: Make A Flower Crown

Making flower crowns is a wonderful activity to do with your witchy friends to prepare for ceremonies or sabbats. They are absolutely gorgeous and allow you to connect with the fertile, creative energy of the earth.

You can gather wildflowers from nature or from your garden. Keep in mind, it’s illegal to pick wildflowers from certain places, so make sure you do your research on local laws before gathering flowers.

Another way to go is to buy flowers from a florist or store. Often times, a storebought bouquet of flowers will include a variety of leaves and flowers that look beautiful together. You’ll need a few other supplies like wire, ribbon and florist tape.

#4: Soak In A Flower Petal Ritual Bath

Add flower petals to your next ritual bath to support whatever your magical intention is. You can select flowers to use by color associations. For example, red rose petals can represent romantic love or sensuality. Purple lavender sprigs can represent spiritual power and magic.

Another way to select flowers is to do it by your own personal associations. Sunflowers for me make me think of a first love because I bought a bouquet of them from a farmer’s market the day I met my first love. Maybe daisies make you think of your childhood home and the security you felt while living there. Explore your connections to different flowers, and bring that special energy to your ritual soak.

#5: Use Magically-Charged Water With Your Cut Or Potted Flowers

Make moon water by placing water outside during a specific moon phase, and use that water in the vase with your bouquet. Another way to use the water is to water your flower garden with it. If you’re watering growing plants, I’d recommend using waxing moon or full moon-charged water.

You can also use crystals to charge your water with a specific energy. You can’t do this with all crystals because some can become toxic or disintegrate in water so be sure to check which crystals are safe to use first. To charge your water with a crystal, place the crystal in a jar of water for at least 30 minutes. Remove the crystal before using the water.

Citrine-charged water is perfect for growing plants. Clear quartz and amethyst are ideal for flowers that you place in your meditation space or on your altar.

#6: Add Flower Petals To Make A Beautiful Herb Bundle

With a bit of baker’s twine and a handful of dried herbs and flower petals, you can create an herb bundle to use for smoke cleansing, charging your sacred space, or celebrating a sabbat.

To do this, gather up your herbs in a way that looks good to you. Tie the bundle at the bottom with the baker’s twine. Then begin to wrap the bundle with the twine, making spirals up and down. Place flower petals around the outside of your bundle as you’re winding the twine around.

Hang the bundle upside down somewhere dry until all the flowers and herbs have completely dried out.

#7: Brew A Rose Petal Beauty Potion

This potion is essentially a tea that you can drink to raise your energy and enhance your natural beauty from the inside out.

Only use rose petals that you are absolutely certain have not been exposed to any harmful substances or chemicals. If you have your own rose garden, you can pluck a handful of petals from the blooms to use. However, if you have any concerns that your flowers may have been exposed to chemicals or harmful substances (like if they were growing near a road) don’t use them. Safety first, Witches!

Another option is to purchase edible rose petals from a specialty grocery store or online. When researching this article, I learned that not all roses taste the same. Some are sweeter and some are more bitter. If you purchase your edible rose petals from a store, you can be sure they’re not the bitter variety.

Once you have your petals, rinse them in water. Fill a saucepan with water and drop your rose petals in. Heat up the water to a simmer, stirring every now and then. Let the water simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Add sugar if you like, or enjoy your potion as is. Meditate on the natural beauty and grace of the rose as you sip your potion.

Whatever potion you don’t use can be frozen in an ice cube tray and used in the future. Add them to a glass of iced tea for a touch of magic.

Flowers & Witchcraft

Witchcraft is a practice that honors cycles and encourages releasing control and resistance. It can also help us find peace in the small moments even when everything in our lives feels chaotic. The symbol of a flower represents all of those ideas. Because of that, they can be a perfect complement to almost any form of magic.

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7 Ways To Use Flowers In Your Magic by The Traveling Witch

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    Can you tell me what the meaning of this could be?
    Again, this same type of flower is laying in the same spot every morning. Always a new flower, the others have been tossed in the grass by my husband..

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