How To Do Magic For The Zodiac: An Aquarius Candle Spell

You’re at a party. You’re dancing, schmoozing, curating the music, and passing out snacks. Aquarius is the nurturing water-bearer, after all. You’re in the spotlight and running things behind the scenes at the same time. Everyone is having fun. You know because everybody has stopped by to tell you what a great time your party is. Everything is going according to plan — your plan. Now if you can just get through the night without anyone asking how you are, it’ll be a total success. Sound familiar, Aquarius?

That’s right. It’s time to get into your feelings, right out here in the open, even though I know you don’t really want to. It’s officially Aquarius Season.

If you’re not an Aquarius, now’s a good time to let you in on a secret about your Aquarius friends. See, you already know they’re fabulous. Aquarius is fun-loving, friendly, outgoing, interesting and always turning you on to new ideas. But when you think about them, really think about them, how well do you really know them? Maybe not as well as you’d like. Aquarius can seem like the most out there person in the world, but will closely guard their true self. In fact, if you were to describe your best Aquarius friend to their own family, they may not even recognize the person you’re talking about. Behind closed doors with their closest confidants, the Aquarius personality can be the complete opposite of the one they usually put on display. Perhaps a bit sulky, detached, and even given to neuroses.

Aquarius famously has two distinct sides — like a sun and moon all in one. The dazzling sun is on display for friends, new acquaintances, and love interests. Aquarius shines merrily on the social scene. They like to show off their considerable intelligence and they excel in work and school life, especially if they’re part of a team. Their unconventional tastes and inquisitiveness means they’re bringing their friends the newest and most intriguing ideas and trends. In short, our Aquarius friends keep us cool.

The Aquarius is a fixed sign, which means they build the foundation of their friendships and make all the plans. Their noted communication skills, paired with a mind for fairness, help make sure that foundation is solid by keeping the peace between mates. But occasionally the shy and mysterious moon will move in, and the normally supportive Aquarius will keep things a little too real. Jolly Aquarius is also known for their directness, especially when they sense true unfairness or drama for drama’s sake, and this can be disarming if you’re only used to their happy-go-lucky side.

Now to their darker side — the moon. It’s not really a dark side, per se, it’s just that there’s more to Aquarius than mirth. Aquarius, as mentioned, is highly astute. Their yen for new ideas extends beyond the horizon. Aquarius loves new sights and new places — it keeps their voracious minds churning. Traveling may not be a group endeavor, though; some exploring needs to be done on their own. An Aquarius could hardly hope to experience the freedom they’re looking for on the road if they’re preoccupied with meeting the needs of the group. More importantly, an Aquarius may use travel time to volunteer and do humanitarian work. Aquarius loves to help others and volunteering may give them a chance to be a part of a team, minus the pressure to be the life of the party.

Actually finding relationships is easy for an Aquarius, though maintaining them is a bit of a challenge. It’s hard for Aquarius to relax when they are part of a twosome. Aquarius is an attractive personality, and happy to be at the center of it all. This can be difficult for a partner, despite an Aquarius’ genuine feelings for them. When you have a lot of friends and your social calendar is full, it’s hard to make time for just one person, even if you’d like to — it’s hard to turn off the sun. And if an Aquarius’ partner senses that they’re always playing second (or third or fourth) fiddle, they may pull away. This can trigger a sense of detachment in the Aquarius heart and make them retreat into isolation. A tendency toward emotional guardedness exacerbates the problem. Aquarius can struggle to find a balance between their natural inclination to keep up an active social life with friends they care about, and still make time for deeper relationships with the one they love. An Aquarius could rely on their sign’s positive polarity and trust their communication skills to maintain deep relationships.

Yin & Yang

The Aquarius glyph is two horizontal wavy lines. Generally, this symbol conveys the flow of energy. Since Aquarius is the Water Bearer it is usually associated with flowing water but Aquarius is also an Air sign so it may be interpreted as flowing wind as well. Basically, Aquarius’ energy is always peacefully moving, and it’s bringing good things with it. To better understand the duality of Aquarius’ nature, perhaps we should look to the heavens. Aquarius is ruled by two planets — Saturn and Uranus. Saturn was considered Aquarius’ ruling planet before the 1781 discovery of Uranus. Saturn’s influence is disciplined, conservative, and serious. Uranus, on the other hand, was first discovered around the time of the American and French Revolutions. The auspicious timing of Uranus’ discovery associated the planet with upheaval, renaissance, enlightenment, and liberation. Saturn was the Roman god of time; Uranus, the god of the sky. Time is steady and ruthless in its march forward, while the sky is alternatingly tempestuous, calm, and nourishing. An Aquarius’ dual nature is reflected in these two opposite ruling planets.

Aquarius Harmony Candle

Considering how much they’re charging for some candles, you might think candle-making was performed by master craftsmen with rare ingredients. It’s not. Making your own candles is great for spells, and it’s a lot easier than people might think. Usually, wax flakes are melted in a saucepan and added to a container with a wick. Scents and dyes can be added, and voila. You’re a candlemaker. However, today we are going to do things a little differently.

The spell I’ve designed for Aquarius is meant to bring harmony to your relationships, to be performed when you’re feeling things are a little out of whack. With your dueling natures, Aquarius might find it difficult to achieve an equilibrium between social butterfly and committed partner, so hopefully, this spell will help you center and get back to neutral.

What you will need:

  • Blue candle
  • Red candle
  • Wick
  • Glass container
  • Apple seeds
  • Lavender
  • A scent for the candle, if you wish
  • Two of Cups tarot card
  • A wooden stick or tool for mixing wax

Please read all instructions thoroughly before beginning and give yourself plenty of time to work — this process can take a while depending on how fast your candles burn.

To begin, glue your wick to the bottom of your empty glass container. Cleanse your workspace and take a moment to center, then set your blue and red candle side by side with the Two of Cups between them. Light both candles and place your right hand on the Two of Cups.

To have peace in your relationship, you have to be willing to sacrifice. Not a lot, hopefully, but it can’t be your way 100% of the time. You must think of not only what you need, but what your partner needs. For Aquarius, there’s a hesitation when it comes to letting others in. You like being liked and if you reveal your true self, you run the risk of rejection. It’s much easier to be liked when you’re the life of the party, but the stakes are raised considerably when you’re dealing with someone one-on-one. Opening up and being genuine with your significant other is key, and it’s also one of the hardest things for Aquarius to do. Obviously, harmony in a relationship isn’t the sole responsibility of one partner, but not committing yourself fully can create problems.

After the candles have built up a good bit of liquid wax, close your eyes and face your fears. Think of the empty glass as your relationship and the candles as balms to help smooth out problems. The red candle represents the side of yourself that you keep to yourself, that you don’t like to reveal; the blue candle is the balance between your social life and your relationship, reminding you to make room for both so your partner doesn’t feel neglected.

Pour the red wax and the blue wax evenly into the empty glass container and mix. Sprinkle in some lavender and add an apple seed. Concentrate on how you can change certain behaviors that are causing issues, and what you want your relationship to be. Focus on the future and see how these changes will positively affect you, by bringing peace to a relationship you want to sustain.

Continue layering the wax, lavender and apple seeds until the empty container is full of (hopefully) a new purple candle! If you’re adding a scent make sure to only add a little with each layer or every other layer so that it’s not overpowering. Again, this can take a long time, but it’s a good opportunity to really focus on not only what aspects of the relationship need work but what aspects work really well and why you want to work on the relationship at all. This is about harmony, but it’s also about making yourself happier in your twosome and being brave enough to let someone else in. Reflection is important when you need to keep perspective.

When the candle is complete, you can light it whenever you’re performing spells for your relationship or just feel you need to regroup and think things through. Remember to keep the Two of Cups handy when you light it!

You are a gifted sign, Aquarius, and you always make the people around you feel good, but don’t forget to let them in sometimes and let them see the real you — it will make your life even richer. Have a happy birthday, Water Bearer!

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