How To Reclaim Your Magic In A Crisis

One of the most dangerous results of our current global crisis is the way in which nearly everyone has been knocked out of their center of power. We are feeling, collectively, as though we have no say in the way that events are going. This, more than anything else, will drain your witchcraft of power. Before focusing on any other magic, you must address any feelings of powerlessness that you are experiencing. 

You cannot perform effective witchcraft if you feel powerless. Witchcraft is a means of taking back your power. If you are completely entrenched in your feelings of powerlessness, your witchcraft cannot save you from those feelings. It will drain all the power from your magic. In order for your magic to take effect, you have to step back into a place of power and understand that you have control and choice in your own life. 

This is easier said than done. The current climate that we exist in is designed to strip us of our power. Those in positions of power want us to feel powerless. When we feel powerless, we do not take action to change our lives. We do not fight back against injustice. We become people who are drowning and focused only on basic survival. if you wish to make true changes in your life with witchcraft, then you must reclaim your personal power first. 

What Is Power?

The first thing you must do is to change your mindset about how power works. Many of us feel as though power is something that can be taken from us or we feel as though power must be given to us from an outside source. In reality, power is simply free will. Let that sink in. Power is the ability to make choices that are in line with your truth and desires, it is the exercise of free will. Absolutely nothing anybody does to you can remove your free will. 

This concept can be quite counter-intuitive. This is not the typical mindset that we are taught in our day-to-day lives. We are taught that if somebody puts a gun to your head and tells you to do something that you have no choice but to do that thing. This is a lie. Even in a situation where your choice is to comply or to die, that is still a choice that you are making. People throughout history have chosen death rather than comply with something that contradicted their values or their truth. Even in the most dire of situations, you have the choice of how you react to that situation. Choices can be removed but choice itself cannot be taken from you.

To step back into a place of power, you must start viewing every part of your life through this lens. Rather than feeling as though you do not have the choice to leave the house right now while we are in quarantine, recognize that you are choosing to comply with the quarantine order and that, in fact, you could make the choice not to comply with the quarantine order. Whether you do or don’t comply in this instance is not of consequence, but rather the mindset that allows you to take back the sense of control over what you are doing with your time and your life. You are not being held prisoner in your own home. You are choosing to do what you feel is best for the world and your health during this crisis. You could just as easily choose to do otherwise. This is what taking power back feels like. It is not about the choice, it is about your mindset. 

One of the easiest ways to make this mindset shift is to change how you are speaking about your situation. Rather than using words like “I can’t”, “they won’t let me”, or “I’m not allowed”, switch your word choice to place you in the position of power. This means rather than saying “I can’t leave my house” you say “I am choosing to comply with the quarantine order by staying home.” Verbally placing yourself in the position of power helps immensely toward shifting your thinking into a place of power. 

Get Rooted In Reality

The second thing you must do to take your power back is get firmly rooted in the reality of the situation. if we cannot see the reality of the situation that we are currently experiencing we cannot react to it from a place of power. Lying to yourself about the situation, the severity of the current crisis, or the truth of your current reality only robs you of the ability to make informed decisions. 

Stop telling yourself that things aren’t as bad as they seem. Stop telling yourself that things will go back to normal in a month or so. Stop ignoring the economic crisis that we could experience. It is time to face the facts so that you can respond to the threats in your reality. This is not a time to hide from your fears and anxieties. This is a time to use your fear and anxiety to point you in the direction that you need to be focusing. Those feelings are a flashing neon sign telling you exactly where you feel the most powerless. 

Shift Your Focus

Next, you need to stop focusing all of your energy and attention on the things that you cannot change. I won’t lie to you and say that you have unlimited power, there are things about this situation that you absolutely cannot change. That is reality. Focusing on those things, however, places you in a mindset of powerlessness. Instead, you need to focus on those parts of your life where you do have power.

This means that if you have been laid off from your job, rather than focusing on the fact that you are so powerless to get your job back, you need to focus on what you can do to create or find new streams of income for yourself. How this manifests in your own life might vary hugely. For some people it might mean starting a business or beginning to freelance, for others it might mean searching for more secure jobs that utilize your particular skills, for others still it may mean surrounding yourself with people who have financial security and finding ways to make yourself useful to them. 

Think Outside The Box

Finally, one of the key factors of stepping back into your power is learning to consider all options. One of the things that makes us feel the most powerless is the tendency to focus only on the options that are immediately obvious or that are the familiar option. In these situations, we must broaden our focus. If one door slams in your face, staying at that door and pounding your fist against it indefinitely will probably never yield results. In all likelihood, you will simply wear yourself out and still be stuck staring at a closed door. Instead, when one door slams in your face it is time to start looking around the room to see what other ways out of the room you can find. It doesn’t matter if what you find is another door, a window, or a ventilation shaft. If what you need is to get out of the room, then you take whatever options are available to you no matter how unconventional or momentarily uncomfortable. 

By taking these steps to place yourself back in a position of power, you are aligning your energy and your magic firmly with your desires. This puts you in a ready position to enact real change through your magic and through the mundane efforts that you take to secure your well-being. In the following lessons we will be building on this foundation of power to tackle fear, anxiety, and financial troubles.

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