How To Use Magic For The Zodiac: Capricorn

I will freely admit I am totally jealous of Capricorn. For me and most other signs, procrastination and loss of motivation in projects can be a huge problem. Not so for Capricorn. Known for their unmatched discipline and drive, Capricorns have the ability to set a goal and see it through, no matter what. And what lofty goals they have! They want to be the best at what they do and they very often are. Their secret to success? There isn’t one. They just work really, really hard.

Capricorns are ruled by Saturn, a planet named for the Roman god of perseverance and wealth, and their element is Earth, so it’s no surprise they are patient and mature individuals, often described as the “rock” of the group or family. Saturn itself gives us more clues to the Capricorn personality. Its most striking feature is, of course, its prominent and beautiful rings. These rings speak to Capricorn’s self-possession and appreciation for rules and boundaries. While others waste time looking for the quick and easy way, Capricorn never shies away from a challenge, facing it without hesitation and forging ahead. That’s why you’ll often find Capricorns as the heads of companies and leaders in their field.

Except for the Romans (who saw a goddess), most ancient stargazers looked up into the sky and saw the same thing when they viewed Capricornus: A goat, with the backside of a fish. More modern interpretations ignore this weirdness, but digging a little into the symbolism of this Sea Goat, we see a duality. The goat, who is sure footed on even the steepest inclines, is a symbol of Earth, and is always climbing to greater heights. Conversely, the loopy fish tail is a symbol of Water’s depth, the subconscious, intuition and calm. Capricorn embodies this duality perfectly. On one hand this sign is very ambitious and concerned with their careers and achievements. On the other, they are contemplative, intuitive, and secretive. Because of this, it is difficult for Capricorns to trust, but once you have one in your corner you’ll have a serious motivator, who’ll want you to succeed, too, and will help in any way possible.

Capricorns excel in environments with clearly defined rules and structure, which is part of the reason why they are so successful in business. A steady 9-5 is no hardship for the Capricorn, and they thrive as both leaders and supporters. While they do prefer solo success, the more important thing to Capricorn is that a task is executed as flawlessly as possible. If that means they have to play second fiddle to get the job done, so be it. A Capricorn can be a little greedy at times, but not egotistical, and they understand that sometimes you serve yourself by serving the whole.

If there is a defining Capricorn trait, it is their ability to make long-term plans and dedicate themselves fully to seeing these plans through. This can sometimes come off as ruthless or cold to others, but to the Capricorn those who don’t set strict guidelines for themselves are the strange ones. However, because they have such high standards, they are prone to perfectionism and depression if things don’t quite go their way. Because of their private natures, Capricorn will turn these negative emotions inward, and they’ll need to be vigilant or rely on a trustworthy partner or friend to keep them from self-destructive behaviors.

Capricorns are also sometimes portrayed as stubborn by lesser mortals, but what you must understand is that without that persistent, steady spirit — ever unwilling to back down — we wouldn’t have the Theory of Everything or a deeper understanding of black holes and the Universe in general (Stephen Hawking); perhaps the most influential activist of all time, whose contribution to the Civil Rights Movement cannot be measured (Martin Luther King, Jr.); the Law of Gravitation and the Laws of Motion, which is the backbone of modern physics (Isaac Newton); or the embodiment of sheer grace (Michelle Obama)! If you happen to be standing in a Capricorn’s way on their trajectory to greatness, don’t call them hard-headed — just get out of their way so they can get back to business!

O Saturn, my captain!

As I mentioned, Capricorns are ruled by Saturn. In Greek mythology, Saturn is Chronus, the God of Time and a bit of a villain. In Roman mythology, Saturn is deeply associated with positive paternal themes, and is more of a father figure linked with the harvest. The Romans even based a Christmas-like celebration around him called Saturnalia.

Now, as the planet Saturn moves through the constellations — a cycle taking around 30 years to complete — one can expect businesses and the financial world to feel either upheaval or renewal from these constellations’ influences on Saturn while traveling. Luckily, Saturn has recently re-entered his home constellation of Capricorn, and is expected to stay there until December 2020. Now that Saturn has left Sagittarius — a frisky fire sign (and the sign whose ruling planet, Jupiter, is said to have been the god who exiled or overthrew Saturn as king) — Capricorns can expect stability in their endeavors and should use the time that Saturn is in Capricorn to play to their Earth-sign strengths, like commitment. They can expect success in their work pursuits and financial lives and should devote time to goals that require endurance — education, starting a new career, and projects that build a foundation for their work and love lives. Pursue these aspirations to the fullest now, while Saturn’s power is at its peak, as this transit won’t occur again until 2047!

To help in this, I’ve prepared a little magical project for Capricorns who want to enjoy this moment of good fortune for their sign. This can be done before beginning something new, like a job or going back to school. Typically, I write spells and rituals that don’t take much time to perform, but Capricorns are all about going the distance. This magic is meant to tie into your new goal and foster long-term success.

What you will need:

  • Humanely-sourced, large goat horns (Etsy has a ton)
  • Lapis Lazuli or moss agate
  • Comfrey
  • 12 large, smooth stones
  • A seed of your choosing
  • Potting soil
  • A large bowl

To begin, think of what you want out of your new undertaking. Look far ahead into the future, when your task is complete, and perfectly imagine what your life will look and feel like then. When you feel you have a good image to focus on, create a sigil for success for your new path, activate it, and paint it on each goat horn. Gently place your stones in the large bowl.

Now fill your goat horns with potting soil and mix in a little comfrey near the surface. Add your seeds, a little water and set the horns in the bowl, arranging the stones to support them and keep them upright. In each horn, near the edge, place either the lapis lazuli or agate. Place this bowl somewhere where it can get sun, and water the seeds regularly. Depending on your location, the weather might not be ideal for this right now, and if that’s the case you can put it on hold until it gets warmer. Your sigil will still be tied to the plants and project, and this is a long process anyway. It’s supposed to take time.

Once the seedlings are ready for transplanting, you can move them outside to either a larger pot (if you happen to live in an apartment and don’t have the land) or to a garden. Around these seedlings, arrange the 12 stones you used to support the horns into the shape of the constellation Capricornus so they are enclosed within. Place your lapis lazuli or agate close to the seedlings, sprinkle on a little more comfrey, and set your goat horns (sigil-side up) around the plants like two protective barriers. Take good care of these plants!

Now, as these plants grow and your project progresses, re-activate your sigil for each new challenge you face, and when you do, place an offering related to Saturn or Capricorn near the plants — like sprinkling some pine needles around the rocks or planting ivy nearby. Light a black candle and ask your ruling planet for guidance as you proceed. Capricorn is a cardinal Earth sign, so this element is essential to this magic. Think of these plants as an altar to your success and a place to unwind when you get burned out. You can perform other spells here relating to your project and add more plants as you wish. I hope this project serves to calm you, motivate you, and keep you focused — not that you’ll need much help Capricorn. You’ve got self-sufficiency in the bag!

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  1. I am a Capricorn as well as my best friend
    This was a fun and helpful read for me, we look forward to planting our horns!
    Reaching out because I can’t seem to find hollow goat horns on Etsy, I just keep finding a lot of dog toys
    Anywhere else you may suggest looking?

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