13 Witchy Gift Ideas For The Non-Magic People In Your Life

I began to practice witchcraft a couple years ago, and the thing that I found most surprising about transitioning into this magical practice was how many witchy things I was already doing on a regular basis without even knowing it. Taking luxurious baths, journaling, gardening, and decorating my home with beautiful crystals were things I’d done long before ever hearing about witchcraft.

Many of my friends and family members—who aren’t practicing witches—love all of that stuff, too! Giving witchy gifts is something I’ve really come to enjoy because it’s a fun, practical, and authentic way to introduce people to the wonderful world of magic.

So if you feel called to give the gift of magic this year, here are thirteen witchy gifts to give to your non-witchy friends.

Gift #1: A Beautiful Journal

Who doesn’t love receiving a blank, totally-pristine notebook just waiting to be filled with doodles, thoughts, feelings, ramblings, and lists? Keeping a grimoire is common among witches, and journaling is a familiar practice for witches and non-witches alike.

You can go with a traditional blank journal, a bullet journal, or go with something a bit more witchy if you think it would suit your loved one. Dream journals make for unique gifts, and for your more visual friends, check out The Wild Unknown Journal.

Gift #2: Crystal-Infused Water Bottles

These trendy, Instagram-worthy water bottles are so ridiculously beautiful that they’ll win over anyone. These unique bottles are typically made of clear glass a crystal point secured inside the bottle. The most common crystals used with these bottles are clear quartz, rose quartz, smoky quartz and amethyst. You can choose the crystal by its magical properties, or simply go by what color you think your friend would like best.

Amazon and Free People sell these bottles online, but you can also get them from some outdoor shops, fitness stores, and department stores. Look for one of these bottles that includes a protective sleeve. These water bottles are beautiful but fragile.

Gift #3: Tarot or Oracle Cards

Yes, magical card decks are considered pretty witchy, but with all the different-themed decks, this magical tool has become a lot more accessible.

From Game of Thrones tarot cards to cat-themed decks, you’ll likely stumble across a set of magical cards that makes you immediately think of someone. Oracle cards have even more variety since they don’t adhere to the traditional seventy-eight card structure of tarot. There are some visually-stunning oracle decks that feature uplifting quotes.

The most common ways to find the perfect magical card deck are through an Amazon search, Etsy, Pinterest, a local bookstore, or your local metaphysical shop.

Also, if you have an old deck that you’re ready to say goodbye to, you can give them a good home through a white elephant gift exchange.

Gift #4: Herb Gardens

Pick up a potted plant at your local nursery or grow one yourself to give to someone. Herbs can be super witchy, but you certainly don’t have to be a kitchen witch to enjoy a potted assortment of herbs. This is a simple, affordable gift for anyone who loves to cook.

Dress this gift up with a handmade pot from a local artist. You can also hand pick out the herbs you put in the pot by their magical properties.

Gift #5: Bell Jar Terrariums and Crystal Air Plants

This is along the same lines as an herb garden, but with a twist. Bell jar terrariums are growing in popularity, and there are many different styles so you can find one that fits your loved one’s personal aesthetic. Use them for decorating a kitchen, porch, bathroom, or workspace.

Air plants are plants that don’t need any soil to grow. You can buy them in crystals now—typically quartz. These are perfect for anyone who wants a low-maintenance plant. The crystal will add a bit of magic as well.

Gift #6: Herb Bundles

Herb bundles, or smoke-cleansing sticks as they’re sometimes called, make for beautiful, unique gifts. You can burn them to clear out any unwanted energy from a room, but they also make great decorations hanging on a wall or stacked on a mantle.

Buy a handmade herb bundle on Etsy with pretty flower petals, or make your own with herbs and baker’s twine.

Gift #7: Art Classes

Witches take the ideas and desires they have in their heads and use energy to manifest those things into the physical world. That’s what many spells are—a tool to create our ideal life. Creating art is a similar process. You have an idea—even if it’s just an inkling—of what you’d like to make, and then you use tools to bring that idea to fruition.

Taking an art class can be fun AND powerful—just like witchcraft. Try a painting, pottery, or even photography class—any artform you think your loved one would enjoy. Consider taking the class with that person and make some great memories together.

Gift #8: Macrame Wall Hanging

You can find these for sale at all the popular home decor stores, but if you have the time and interest, why not make your own macrame wall hanging to give as a gift? Though they’re a bit of a time investment, the process is both meditative and magical if you use knot spells as you’re making the wall hanging. You can also try making a macrame hanging plant holder.

There are plenty of blogs and YouTube videos that take you through a step-by-step process as well as what materials you’ll need. Though not the easiest gift, this could be the perfect project for a cozy evening in.

Gift #9: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan sea salt is a frequently used magical tool for purifying a space or an object. A Himalayan salt lamp is used for exactly the same purpose—purifying the air in a space. These lamps are known for relieving mild allergies as well. This could be the perfect addition to someone’s office or home. Plus, these lamps are available at grocery stores and chain stores, so you can easily pick one up if you need a last-minute gift.

Gift #10: Crystal Coasters

Agate slices and polished quartz crystals are being made into coasters, and it’s a functional, subtle way to add some magic to someone’s life. Agate slices are known for protective energy, which could be helpful for someone who just moved into a new home or apartment. Rose quartz will help with relationships, so it’s a nice gift for any newlyweds, families, or your single friends who are ready to bring in a new love.

Gift #11: Zodiac Birth Chart

If you know your friend or family member’s location, date, and time of birth, a custom zodiac chart can be a fun and thoughtful gift. Astrology has been mainstream for a long time now, and many people have checked their horoscope as some point or another. A simple search on Etsy will bring up several custom zodiac chart sellers. These charts come in different colors and different materials—cardstock, wood, and even metal. Have one made for your friend, or buy one for a newborn baby in your life.

Gift #12: Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers come in all different styles, at all different price points. You can usually find quality essential oils at a health food store or online to pair with this gift. A word of caution: make sure you tell your friends or family members to do their research before diffusing any oil. Some oils aren’t suitable for pregnant women or people with certain health concerns. Consider giving a book on essential oils along with a diffuser and oils so your friends or family members can learn to use this healing magical tool the safe way.

Gift #13: Bath Salts or Natural Bath Bombs

Taking a bath is a common form of self-care, and there are so many fun products you can choose from to really make the most out of your bath. Metaphysical shops usually sell a wide variety of supplies for bath rituals, and some even come with incense cones, candles, printed incantations, and small crystals to support different intentions.

If that’s a bit too witchy for your loved one, find a gift at a natural beauty store. Companies like Lush have a mind-blowing number of bath bombs and bath melts made with all natural ingredients. Some contain flower petals, herbs, and glitter! Black bath bombs that turn your bath water to an intense, witchy shade of black are quite popular now as well.

Give Without Expectations

I love giving witchy gifts to my friends and family because they always seem to enjoy them—with the added benefit of helping my loved ones understand the path I’ve chosen for myself. It’s a win-win!

Witchcraft is such a practical, uplifting way of life, and as more people learn about it, the less stigma the word “witch” holds. Magic makes me feel wild, beautiful, natural, and powerful. I try to pick witchy gifts that will bring those same feelings to friends and family. That being said, it’s important to give your witchy gifts without expectations. You’re not trying to “convert” anyone, you’re trying to enrich their life in a way that makes sense for that particular person. Maybe you plan on getting someone a witchy gift but in the end, if it just doesn’t feel right that’s totally fine. Trust that feeling, it will never lead you wrong.

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