5 Spells To Make Your Home Festive For The Holidays

Hosting guests is a lot of fun and it’s something you probably look forward to whenever the holidays come around. But it can also be stressful, particularly when you’re prepping your house before a big party. You’re busy cleaning, decorating, and remembering to take the cookies out of the oven just in the nick of time.

Whether you’re holding a full-blown Yule celebration, or just having some family and friends over for a home-cooked meal, witchcraft can help you keep your house energetically prepped for receiving guests all season long.

Here are five spells to try before you host your next party.

Winter Celebration Potion

You can bring a sense of celebration to any room by brewing a special potion the morning before a party.

What You’ll Need:

  • A cast-iron cauldron or other metal pot
  • 1-2 cups of water (preferably charged with the energy of the previous full moon, but any kind of water will work)
  • A bit of orange peel
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2 drops pine essential oil
  • 2 drops cypress essential oil
  • 2 drops balsam fir
  • A tea light
  • Athame (or a spoon that has been energetically cleansed)
  • A spray bottle (optional)

Combine your ingredients in your cauldron or metal pot. With your athame or spoon, stir the potion in a clockwise direction. Figure out the number of guests you are expecting for your gathering, and that is the number of times you should stir your potion. (If you don’t know how many people are coming, no worries. Your best guess is just fine.) As you stir, say aloud or in your head, “The steam of this potion will fill my home with love, joy, and comfort.”

Place a tea light under your cauldron and diffuse the potion into the air. You can also discard the orange peel and cinnamon stick, and use your potion in an essential oil diffuser.

Alternatively, you can pour your cooled potion into a spray bottle and spritz it into the air of each room you will be entertaining guests in.

Simple Crystal Banishing Spell

This spell is great because a lot of its magic comes from the crystals so you can conserve your energy for other things.

Place one hematite crystal on either side of your front door. This powerful crystal is known for absorbing unwanted or excess energy. As your guests enter your home, the crystals will draw out any energy that isn’t serving them, and leave them free to enjoy the wonderful experience you’ve prepared for them!

If you want some extra power on your hematite crystals, place them outside or by a window sill when the moon is in its waning phase. This will further reinforce their inherent banishing energy. You can also pass your hematite crystals through the smoke of Mugwort incense, an herb associated with banishing energy.

Homemade Incense Bundles

These can make for beautiful decorations in your home, and even the process of making these herb bundles brings magic to your space.

What You’ll Need:

  • Fresh rosemary
  • Fresh thyme
  • Fresh sage
  • Rose petals (optional)
  • Cotton bakers twine
  • Scissors
  • A handheld cauldron or small fireproof container
  • A lighter, candle or matches

Create a joyful atmosphere as you make these herb bundles. Because you’ll be handling them a lot as you create them, your herb bundles will absorb whatever your current energy is on the day you do this. You can bring a celebratory energy to your bundles by making them with a few friends, playing your favorite music, or sipping your favorite seasonal drink while you put these together.

Cut your fresh herbs so they are about the length you’d like your bundles to be. I recommend about four or five inches long. You can use dried herbs, but they will be much more brittle and difficult to arrange without breaking them. Measure out your twine so it is about four times the desired length of your bundle. Cut several pieces of twine.

Arrange your herbs the way you’d like them to look in the bundle. Because of the type of leaves on the different herbs, I’ve found it’s easiest to place the rosemary in the middle, add sprigs of thyme around the rosemary, and then arrange the sage leaves around the two herbs to keep everything together. You can add a few rose petals to the outermost layer to bring some contrasting color to your bundle.

Tie the twine around the base of the bundle, so about 1/4 of the twine remains on one side with the majority of the twine on the other side. Wind the string up and down your bundle in a spiral until the bundle feels secure. Tie it up at the bottom. Make the twine as tight as possible.

Hang the herb bundles somewhere with low humidity so they can dry out. To use your herb bundles, simply hang them anywhere in your home to bring joy, happiness, and protective energy to your home.

You can also use these herb bundles as incense. To do this, carefully light the end of your herb bundle with a lighter, match, or candle flame. A lighter or candle flame works best because it can take a while to get the end of your bundle to catch fire. Once the bundle is lit, carefully blow it out so you’re left with smoke coming off of your bundle. Be mindful of any sparks or burning leaves coming off your bundle as you blow it out. Do this over a sink, or somewhere you can be certain of your safety. Also, don’t do this spell around children or small animals because the smoke can harm their lungs.

Once you’ve gotten your herb bundle to give off smoke, place it in your handheld cauldron or fireproof container. Walk around the perimeter of the space you’d like to charge in a clockwise direction with your fireproof container. As the smoke disappears into the air, visualize a golden light coming down from the sky, filling your space with happiness and joy. When you’ve walked a full loop around your room, place the herb bundle (in the fireproof container) in the center of the room. Sit in front of it for a few minutes as you continue to visualize the golden light swirling around your home. State your intention aloud or in your head. Feel free to make up your own intention or you can say, “This space is drenched in the golden energy of joy and happiness.”

You can also do this spell by walking around the perimeter of your entire house, instead of a room.

When your spell feels complete, extinguish your herb bundle by pressing it into the bottom of your fireproof container. If there is a significant portion of unburned herbs, feel free to reuse your herb bundle.

Safety Note: You’ll need to make sure your herbs are TOTALLY dry before you burn them. If you substitute different herbs in your bundle, do your research first. Some herbal smoke can be harmful to breathe in. Never leave a smoking herb bundle unattended under any circumstances.

Cleansing & Charging Poinsettia Spell

Poinsettias are a popular plant to use as a winter decoration, but they also carry the energy of celebration, passion, purification, and the promise that the sun will soon return.

You can place a potted poinsettia plant in any room you’ll be entertaining guests in. Water your plant with magic-infused water.

To bring out the cleansing quality of your poinsettia:

Place jars of water outside or by a window sill during the new moon or waning moon, or submerge a clear quartz crystal in a jar of water for about an hour to make a cleansing elixir.

As you water your poinsettia with this charged water, say aloud or in your head, “This room is cleansed of any unwanted energy. The air in this space is ready to receive guests.”

To bring out the celebratory energy of your poinsettia:

Charge your jars of water with the light of the full moon, or infuse the water with a citrine crystal. As you water your poinsettia with this water say aloud or in your head, “This place is now sparkling with the energy of celebration. The air in this space attracts laughter and joy.”

Note: Poinsettia flowers are quite poisonous and you should not keep them anywhere that a curious child, cat, or dog could possibly reach them.

Traditional Broom Energy Cleansing

This spell is wonderful because it can be done very quickly if you are entertaining guests last minute.

Use a broom with real straw bristles (rather than plastic or nylon bristles) for this spell. Stand in the center of your room, and close your eyes. Hold the broom in your hands and visualize a white light moving down from the sky and surrounding you. In your mind, set an intention to energetically cleanse your space.

Open your eyes and begin moving around the room, starting in the center and spiraling out toward the edges of the room. Move in a counterclockwise direction as you make sweeping movements with your broom. Don’t let the broom touch the floor as you do this. Keep it a few inches above the ground because this spell is for cleansing the energy in the space, not the floor.

Sweep the energy towards the outside of the room, spending extra time in places that feel especially heavy. Once you’re done with the room, continue sweeping the energy through your home and out your front door.

The Magic Of Celebration

Feel free to add your own personal touches to these spells, particularly if you have any holiday or family traditions that would pair nicely with some house-prepping magic. Try incorporating locally grown seasonal plants into these spells (after making sure they are safe).

Also, remember that the act of celebrating in your home will charge it with that joyful kind of energy so you can think of the party as a spell in itself. Enjoy your time with your family and friends, and let that energy transform you and your home.

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