A Rest & Respite Bath Spell That Will Make You Feel Amazing

Life is often hectic and rarely leaves enough time and space for busy witches to relax properly. It seems like every week our schedules get a little tighter and we have to fight a little harder to make space for self care.  This spell is designed with the busy witch in mind. Not only is it an amazing way to unwind and cleanse your energy so that you can feel refreshed, it doubles as a spell to bring more rest and relaxation into your day to day life! 

And really, who doesn’t want a little more R&R?

You Will Need:

  • Lavender for happiness
  • Rosemary for cleansing negativity
  • Sea Salt for cleansing negativity (or epsom salts if you prefer)
  • Chamomile for protection and relaxation
  • A coffee filter
  • A rubber band

Note: Chamomile should NOT be used if you have a ragweed or daisy allergy!

Begin by setting up your bath space, if you don’t have much time you can keep this simple but a little added preparation can take an average bath to the next level. Lighting a few candles or incense, putting on some relaxing music and maybe pouring yourself a glass of wine can all add to the ambiance and help put you in an even deeper state of relaxation.

Once everything is set up it’s time to assemble your bath sachet, if you have a mesh bag for this purpose or a tea ball those would also work wonderfully. Otherwise simply lay your coffee filter on a flat surface, place a 1/2 teaspoon of each herb and your salt into the center, gather the outsides together to create a little pouch and use the rubber band to hold it shut. If you’re using epsom salts you’ll want to add those in separately.

When you’re ready to take your bath, draw plenty of warm water and add the sachet in while the tub is filling. Feel free to add other ingredients as well! If you have a favorite bubble bath or enjoy coconut milk in your bath go ahead and add those in along with the epsom salts if you’re using them.

Finish filling the bath before continuing. When the water has reached your preferred level and the water is off it’s time to enchant the bath. Swirl your hand through the water in clockwise circles and imagine the bath being infused with the power to draw more rest and relaxation into your life. As you do so say the following incantation.

“I call tranquility to me,

May my time be free,

I cast this spell by circles three.”

If you like, you can chant the incantation a few times instead of saying it only once, often repetition can help with drawing up the energy needed to fuel short incantations.

When you’ve finished it’s time to enjoy your bath and allow the magic to infuse into your energy! Kick back and enjoy your wine, read a book or perhaps just listen to your music while your spell brings more rest and relaxation your way!

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