7 Awesome Ways To Manifest With The Waxing Moon

I love the moon for so many reasons. It’s beautiful. It also helps me feel connected to my friends and family when I’m traveling. And it sets a good example for all of us here on planet earth by showing us how to flow through life’s changes with grace and ease. I want that energy in my life! The moon has a 29.5-day cycle. This means we get to experience a full lunar cycle almost every month.

There are several popular ways people observe the moon’s phases. Here’s a breakdown of each one.

The Eight-Phase System:

  • New Moon
  • Crescent Waxing Moon
  • First Quarter Moon
  • Waxing Gibbous Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Gibbous Moon
  • Third Quarter Moon
  • Waning Crescent Moon

Some people use a nine-phase system to include the dark moon, which refers to the time in between the waning crescent moon and the new moon.

The Four-Phase System:

  • New Moon
  • Waxing Moon
  • Full Moon
  • Waning Moon

The Two-Phase System:

  • New Moon
  • Full Moon

It really doesn’t matter which phases of the moon you choose to celebrate. I go back and forth between the four-phase system and the two-phase system depending on how busy I am, and what kind of energy I need at the time.

The cool thing is that even with so many variations, there seems to be a consensus regarding the moon’s energies throughout its cycle.

The new moon is a time for setting intentions and introspection. The waxing phase is great for manifesting and making progress towards your goals. The full moon is all about celebration. The waning phase helps with releasing.

The Waxing Moon

Today, I’m focusing specifically on the magical energy of the waxing moon, or what I like to call the Make-It-Happen Moon. This phase lasts about fourteen days. It occurs right after the new moon phase and ends at the full moon. During the waxing moon phase, the moon will transform from a tiny sliver in the sky to a big ball of light. Each night during the waxing phase, the moon appears to grow a little more. It’s a visual representation of how we use our own power to take our desires from idea to reality.

The waxing moon offers its manifesting power to us freely. It’s available to us for those fourteen days each cycle, whether we choose to use it or not. If you’re looking to make your dreams real, this energy will be highly beneficial in your magic. 

7 Ways to Manifest During The Waxing Moon

#1: Set An Intention & Tell The Moon

Many people will tell you to set your intention during the new moon, but I think the first days of the waxing phase are excellent for goal setting. I’ll use the restful, introspective energy of the new moon to let my ideas marinate. Then, when the powerhouse energy of the waxing moon comes thundering in, I’m ready to commit to my intention.

Once I have a goal in mind, I’ll perform a waxing moon spell around it. Your ritual can include anything you want, but if you need ideas, here’s what I do.

Waxing Moon Intention Spell

  1. Go outside or near a window on the first day of the waxing moon. (This happens about three nights after the new moon phase.)
  2. Write an intention (or a word that represents your intention) on a bay leaf and hold it between your palms.
  3. Thank the waxing moon for being present for your ritual. I do this by holding my hands up towards the moon (with the bay leaf still pressed between my palms).
  4. When you start to feel the current of energy from the waxing moon, bring your hands to your heart (still holding the bay leaf).
  5. Spend a few minutes thinking about something that will bring up the feelings you associate with your intention. For example, if you want to call in romantic love, you can visualize yourself getting asked out while you’re sipping a cold brew at your favorite coffee shop.
  6. Next, open your eyes and light the bay leaf on fire. Do this in a fireproof container so you stay safe. Wait for the bay leaf to burn completely.
  7. Watch that intention float up to the moon carried by the smoke.
  8. Trust that the moon has received your intention and that it’s already helping you manifest it.
  9. Thank the moon, and your spell is complete.

#2: Come Up With A Manifesting Plan

After you’ve shared your intention with the moon, start planning how you’ll create opportunities for your intention to manifest. If you’ve decided to manifest a new job with this waxing moon, brainstorm some actions you can take to align your energy with that of a new job. You could apply for jobs online, ask friends for leads, carve out time every day to visualize your job, or look for internship opportunities.

After you have some ideas, get out your calendar and mark the last day of the waxing moon. (This will be the night before the full moon.) Plan what days you’re going to do each action. Shoot for one action a day towards your goal—even if it’s just a quick spell before you go to bed.

Finally, decide on how you’ll celebrate the full moon. This can be dinner and a movie, tickets to a concert, or a relaxing bath with some wine. Pick something special that you wouldn’t normally give yourself. Whether you stick to your waxing moon plan or not, enjoy your celebration. You and the moon deserve it!

Let’s say your intention is something huge, like writing a novel. You’re probably not going to accomplish that during the fourteen days of the waxing moon. It will probably take you at least a few moons to bang out the first draft. If that’s your goal, plan the action you’ll take during this current waxing moon. You could commit to outlining a chapter a day for fourteen days. Or maybe you’ll choose to wake up an hour early to write. After the waxing phase is over, you can think up some ways to use the waning moon energy for your writing project.

(By the way, if your goal is to write a novel, put your laptop or writing notebook by your window so the moon can shine on it. The waxing moon is great for cultivating creativity.)

#3: If You Need Clarity, Ask The Moon

The moon has been around almost as long as the earth has. It knows things. It can help you if you don’t know exactly what to manifest. You can access the moon’s ancient wisdom by simply asking.

Take a moment each night during this moon phase to close your eyes and send a question up to the moon. Something like, “What should I focus on tomorrow?” or “What should I create tomorrow?” will work just fine.

Imagine your words flying out of your mind towards the moon like a comet. Then open your journal and spend five or ten minutes writing whatever comes to mind. You’ll likely get your answer.

#4: Ask For An Unexpected Gift

I do this every night during the waxing moon and it’s brought me so many crazy wonderful things—a new project, an idea for a story, a random check in the mail, a flirty text from someone cute. It makes me smile just thinking about all my moon gifts.

Try it for yourself. You’ll notice quickly that when you work with the moon’s abundant energy, magic happens in the most surprising ways with very little effort. There are two reasons for this. The first is the moon is already putting off a strong, manifesting energy. It wants to send blessings your way. The second reason is the moon knows what you want. It’s been shining down on you all your life night after night. You can trust the moon to send some love your way.

#5: Let The Waxing Moon Charge Your Magical Tools

The moon will charge anything its light touches with whatever energy it’s holding. For fourteen days, the waxing moon’s light will be sending out lots of joyful manifesting energy. Set out whatever you’ll need for your manifesting magic and let the moon do its thing while you sleep.

These tools can include water, magical oils, herbs, crystals, incense, written incantations, journal entries, candles, magical card decks, or your cauldron. The moon won’t discriminate. Whatever you choose to leave out overnight, the moon will make sure it’s ready to go!

You don’t have to make a big deal about doing this. For me, it’s like plugging in my cell phone before bed. It just takes a minute, and I go to bed knowing my tools will be fully charged in the morning.

#6: Take A Moon Bath

In addition to charging your magical tools, you can charge yourself by taking a moon bath. To do this, take a blanket or a lawn chair, and sit outside in a place where you get a nice view of the moon. Hold out your arms and let the moon’s light wash over you. Feel its manifesting power as it lands on your skin and seeps into your body. Breathe in the light of the moon. Smell it. Open your mouth and allow the light to enter your body that way. What does it taste like? Can you FEEL its power?

While you’re soaking in moonbeams, take a moment to admire the moon’s beauty. Notice the light and dark spots from the way the sun’s light hits the moon’s surface. Look for shapes or figures in the moon. Observe any feelings that come up as you’re doing this.

Also, you don’t have to sit. You can dance, jump around, or lie down. Let yourself be wild under the moon if you want. I feel a juicy sort of energy when I do this, like I’m connected to all other witches from the past, present, and future.

Maybe you want to go camping and sleep under the moon. Maybe you’d like to cuddle with your lover, your cat, or your family under the moon. Experiment with everything you can do in the moonlight. There’s no limit.

My favorite thing to do when I’m taking a moon bath is to revel in the abundance of the universe. I’m reminded that there are more than enough stars, more than enough sky, and more than enough moonlight for everyone in the world. What a great energy to bring to manifesting spells!

#7: Invite The Moon To Make Magic With You

Go outside (or by a window if the weather’s bad) and perform your magic in the light of the moon. This could be a meditation, a spell, or a tarot card reading. It’s a beautiful way for you and the moon to co-create together.

Be curious about this. Notice any unusual feelings that come up during your magic and journal about them. Keep track of the magical results you see. Are you manifesting faster? Did you feel a burst of energy when you lit your candle? Do money spells work better under the moon? What about love spells? Once you get familiar with the waxing moon energy, you’ll start to know what spells are especially potent when you team up with the moon.

The Moon & You

As you spend more time with the moon, you’ll strengthen your connection to it. Enjoy the entire process and don’t get hung up on your goals, not manifesting fast enough or not being able to feel the moon’s energy right away. All that will come with time. Have patience with yourself just like the moon is patient with you. You have many more nights to explore the limitless power of the moon as you flow through every phase of your life.

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  1. I found this article very well put together and offering easy ways to commune with the waxing moon energy. Thank you for this <3

  2. I enjoy this article bank you for taking the time to share it with the world. It was very insightful and made my heart feel closer the moon then before.

  3. I wish I had the words to explain how much this has helped me. I’ve been doing some shadow work and healing. I had an Akashic Reading and the first card to come out was a waxing moon manifestation card…only to find out I’m in the last two days of the waxing moon phase. OMG. All I can say is love, light, and blessings you don’t have room enough to receive.

  4. Thank you so much for this in depth article. I’m beginning to use all phases of the moon now in my practice, as opposed to just New & Full. This was very helpful! ❤️✨☺️

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