How To Stop Trying To Raise Your Vibration & Start EXPANDING

One of the primary things stopping people from manifesting more is having an energy field that is too contracted. Your energy field is essentially the container into which all other energies, and thereby everything you want to manifest, flow into and out of. If your container is too small to hold the life you want to create, you will not be able to keep anything you manifest.

This often looks like being able to manifest lots of money but being unable keep it. Or people who can manifest relationships and love very easily but who are on a constant revolving door of getting together and breaking up. They can manifest what they want but their energy field, their container, is too small to be able to hold onto whatever they’ve manifested. This means that in order to keep it manifested, you have to learn how to expand your energy field.

You Probably Don’t Understand Vibrations

This brings us to the concept of “high vibration” and “low vibration”.

This idea is everywhere in the new age and manifestation world but I’ve found that the majority of people talking about it don’t really understand the concept. The vast majority of people that I see teaching about this concept equate high vibration with being good or better and low vibration with being bad or worse.

And this is a massive misunderstanding of what these concepts actually represent!

So throw out that idea that high vibrations are better or low vibrations are worse than each other. I want you to think of these concepts as neutral but inherently different from one another. When we talk about higher vibrations or lower vibrations, what we are actually talking about is the density at which something vibrates.

Our bodies are actually a very dense energetic vibration, they are the densest layer of our auric field. This should give you a big clue as to what “low vibration” actually means. The lower the vibration, the more material and physical it becomes. The higher the vibration, the closer to the nonphysical, spiritual realm it becomes. Neither the physical nor the spiritual are better or worse.

Remember, we came to physical reality on purpose. We came here to be physical and to interact with the physical. This means that we came here to play with the lower vibrations! We don’t need to reject anything low vibration and try to be exclusively high vibration. That would completely defeat the purpose of being here in physical reality!

Higher and lower vibrations are simply used for different purposes. Higher vibrations are used to get closer to your soul or awakening or enlightenment or God. Lower vibrations are used to manifest things into physical reality.

Do you see now why it’s a problem to reject everything low vibration?

If you are not willing to play with the lower vibrations, you are not capable of manifesting anything!

Essentially, what happens when you try to only ever raise your vibration higher and higher is you are pulling yourself up and out of touch with physical reality. You are strengthening the connection with your nonphysical self or your soul, which can have its benefits, but you are weakening your connection with 3D reality. And there is a time and place for this, to be sure. But if you want to manifest things into your physical reality such as companionship, money, a new house, or anything else that you might want in this life, you have to be willing to bring yourself into lower vibrational states as well.

Keep in mind, lower vibrational states do not inherently feel bad. There are plenty of crunchier, less pleasant emotions lower on the vibration scale but there also some extremely pleasant, enjoyable emotions lower on the vibration scale as well. Instead of thinking about how to get away from lower vibrations so you can be in an exclusively high vibration state, start thinking about your goals. If you are interested in connecting more with your soul and surrendering to the desires of your higher self, higher vibration practices will be useful for that. If you are interested in creating something into your physical reality, you will want practices such as breath work, shadow work, some of the more intensive plant medicines like ayahuasca, really anything that helps you to go deeper into your own shadow and your own psyche. Also, anything that connects you intimately with the physical!

This is a huge part of why I like to focus on the body and money in spirituality.

The more you connect with the physical and get really tuned into your body and how it interacts with the world the easier manifestation becomes. Movement, bringing more consciousness to what you eat, accepting and giving physical touch to other people, creating anything with your hands, and taking action in a physical manner in general will all bring you into these lower vibration states that allow you to manifest. This is also why strong emotion is often considered low vibration. These emotions elicit a physical expression of how you are feeling. They are feeling made physical.

This is why shadow work can be so useful. It brings your emotions up from where they have been stored or sequestered and gives them an outlet for you to mentally and physically understand them. This is actually what I teach in my class Soul Aligned. I start the very first lesson with creating alignment in the body. Your body is one of the most powerful tools that you have for both manifestation and healing in this life.

You can think of your body as a super advanced quantum computer, capable of housing the essence and power of your soul while translating the density and complexity of the physical world into usable information. It is your means of interacting with the physical world and the physical world is the transformative incubator being used to help your soul grow and expand. Your body is everything.

And, your body is low vibration.

This is honestly one of the biggest pitfalls in spirituality as a whole. People become so dissatisfied and uncomfortable with physical life that they try to run away from it by becoming purely spiritual. They chase enlightenment, meditate all the time, they try to achieve complete emotional neutrality, and they focus on only high vibration thoughts and activities. These people may seem on the surface like they are very tapped in spirituality but in truth what they are is tapped OUT physically. Their souls, their spiritual essence, their higher intelligence chose to come here into human life and then once they got here all their human self can think about is turning right around and going back to being pure soul.

This is the opposite of what the universe and your higher self wants!

This is the literal definition of spiritual bypassing. Yes, the physical world can be uncomfortable and difficult and confusing. But it’s also deeply powerful and extremely important to the progression of your soul and the universe as a whole. You were put here with all of the tools necessary to create any reality you desire. Yes, learning how to use these tools can be hard! Becoming a master of anything entails difficulty. But it’s worth it.

How To Use High & Low Vibrations

The real end goal with this discussion of higher and lower vibrations is to get you to a place where you can choose which vibrations to use to create what you want in this life and achieve your goals, whatever those goals may be.

In an ideal scenario, we would all have the ability to slide from low to high vibration as we go through phases of creating here in physical reality and reconnecting with our higher selves to understand better what to create and what direction we want to be moving in. The higher vibration experiences such as joy, ecstasy, wonder, awe, and inspiration are directions from your higher self telling you what direction to move in. Lower vibration experiences, i.e. anything physical along with emotional states like triumph, pride, ambition, and desire (as well as all of the less enjoyable emotional states) are tools to help you move toward all of that joy and wonder and awe.

It’s a two-part equation and you absolutely have to utilize both sides of the equation to create the outcome in your life that you desire. Utilizing both higher vibrational frequencies and lower vibrational frequencies stretches your energy field to encompass both.

You can imagine that your energy field is like a tree.

A sapling is neither very tall nor does it have deep roots. As the tree grows and become stronger it must both reach its branches higher to receive more sun and dig its roots deeper into the earth to stabilize it and pull the necessary nutrients up into the tree. Your energy field is very much the same.

Simply trying to go higher without sending roots deeper into the lower vibrational 3D reality will only unbalance you.

And doing the inverse, sending roots deep without growing new branches and leaves to capture the sun will lead to undernourishment. Neither in isolation will expand your energy field. You must combine both the upward reach into the higher frequencies with the grounding effect of rooting yourself into the lower frequencies.

This may sound complex and esoteric but it’s actually quite simple.

You need to combine practices that engage your body, your mind, and your spirit. And these do not have to be complex practices. I’m going to give you the three simplest ways to begin to expand your energy through this mind, body, soul alignment.

1. Aligning The Body

One of the easiest ways to root yourself in physical reality and in your body is through food.

A lot of spiritual teachers will tell you that there are some foods that are more spiritual than other foods and that you should exclusively eat these high vibration foods. I want you to throw all of those ideas out. Technically, yes, fruit is higher vibration than meat but remember, we no longer see low vibration as negative or inherently bad. Rather, every food, regardless of how high or low vibration it is serves a different purpose within the body.

The only person that knows what your specific body needs vibrationally is you.

If you are striving heavily towards manifestation on the physical plane or you have been imbalanced in attempting to raise your vibration without grounding yourself, it is entirely possible that lower-vibration animal foods or root vegetables are actually what your energy system needs. If you’ve been leaning too heavily towards a purely physical existence or you are attempting to reach deeper levels of connection with your higher self, your body will likely begin to crave higher vibration foods like fruits and vegetables. There is no universal correct way to eat.

Your body is a complex system that is finely tuned to calibrate exactly to your needs every moment through food.

By listening to outside sources that tell you what you should and should not eat, you are robbing yourself of the ability to calibrate correctly and expand your energy through the physical. Make a serious practice of tuning into your body and feeling into what it wants to eat and receive. Do this for four weeks. Treat it like an experiment, if it doesn’t work for you that’s okay but don’t let the fear that your body is untrustworthy stop you from tapping into this innate power.

One caveat that I will add to this is that heavily artificial foods will distort your body’s ability to calibrate and communicate effectively. The more artificial your diet is, the more difficult it will be for you to get clear signals about what your body wants and needs. Moving your diet closer to nature is always going to lead to clearer signaling from your body. If you feel like your body only ever asks for junk food, this is probably why.

Also keep in mind that if you struggle with emotional or disordered eating, your mind has hijacked your body’s signals. You will not be able to get clear signals from your body until you deal with the mental and emotional distortion being created. There are so many programs and resources available for people who suffer from any kind of emotional or disordered eating habit. Fix your relationship with food first and then your body will be able to communicate with you about what it needs and wants.

2. Aligning The Mind

Next we create alignment in your mind.

Your brain is essentially one big chemical factory. How you think, how you feel, and the physiological reactions in your body are all dictated by the chemicals produced by your nervous system. One of the easiest ways to create alignment in the mind is to down-regulate what’s happening in this chemical factory. The good news is that while it can seem very complicated to control which chemicals and hormones your brain is pumping out, we actually have a huge variety of ways to alter and affect this system.

Pretty much every other part of your being impacts what hormones and neurotransmitters your body is producing.

Everything from the thoughts you’re thinking, the media you’re consuming, the food you’re eating, how and how much you move, meditation, and how you breathe creates changes in the chemicals and hormones that your brain is giving you. Trying to manage all of these all at once is understandably overwhelming. Instead, we can begin with just one simple change that will help to alter what is happening in your mind.

Controlling your breathing is one of the simplest ways to create a change in your mind and your body. And there is a right and a wrong way to breathe!

First, you want to breathe through your nose. Both inhalation and exhalation through the nose, not through the mouth. Breathing through the mouth biases your body toward going into and staying in a fight or flight state. It lowers your oxygen uptake and signals your body to start producing stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. The only time you want to breathe through the mouth outside of vigorous exercise is when you are trying to release or expel energy with your exhale. If you are not specifically doing a release practice, you shouldn’t be breathing through your mouth.

I also want you to take note of where in your chest you breathe when you are just breathing normally. Do you breathe into your lower lungs and belly? Do you breathe into the middle of your chest? Or do you breathe into the upper part of your chest? The deeper into your lungs you can breathe when breathing normally, the better. Breathing in the upper part of the chest is stressful enough to the body that you can actually create anxiety and panic attacks by doing so. The more you can focus on breathing into the entirety of your lungs with each breath, the better.

I’m not going to give you any specific breathing practices right now. I simply want you to occasionally take notice of your breathing throughout your normal everyday life. Also, if you’re someone who struggles with mouth breathing while you sleep, taping your mouth shut overnight is an excellent way to keep your body in this nose breathing habit and will result in much deeper sleep because it turns on your parasympathetic nervous system while you rest.

3. Aligning The Spirit

Finally, my prescription for creating alignment with your higher self or your spirit is surprisingly simple.

You need to laugh more.

Genuine, heartfelt laughter is a complete momentary release of the ego. Doubly so if you can laugh at yourself. Genuine laughter is such a pure expression of your higher self that it instantaneously reconnects you with your soul and everything that entails. Joy is the calling card of your higher self. It is the thing that is designed to lead you through this life and into the purpose that you came into this life with. Consciously seeking out your joy through laughter is one of the fastest and easiest ways to recalibrate your system and reconnect with your higher self.

It may seem simple but these three things, eating the right food, breathing better, and laughing will increase your capacity for manifesting and holding onto the things that you want in your life.

Make these the foundation of your spiritual practice and you will not go wrong.

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