The Real Reasons Why You Don’t Get Results With Your Magic & Manifestation

Magic and manifestation are often made out to be some simple, “wish hard enough and you’ll get everything that you want” kind of practice but manifesting what we want isn’t as straightforward as it seems on the surface. Many of us try and fail repeatedly to make these concepts work for us and it’s easy to become convinced that either these practices don’t work or, even worse, that there’s something wrong with us that’s making them fail.

Let me be very clear with you, there is nothing wrong with you. Manifestation and magic DO work and they will work for you, you just might be missing a piece of the equation.

That’s what we’ll be diving into today: why magic and the law of attraction fail us. We’ll explore the missing elements that are needed for successful manifestation and explore alternative approaches to help us bring what we want to fruition.

So get ready to delve deep into all the components needed for real-life manifestation, from understanding and embodying the correct vibrational energy to utilizing ecstatic practices that can bring your dreams within reach.

How Does the Law of Attraction Fit Into This?

If you’ve been in the spiritual space for any length of time, you’re likely familiar with the Law of Attraction. But what is it, exactly? In short, the Law of Attraction (LOA) is a spiritual concept that states that like attracts like. The energy and thoughts you hold draw experiences to you that resonate at that same frequency. By focusing on specific thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, an individual can bring desired experiences to them. The idea is that by visualizing and believing in something, it can manifest in your external reality.

While many people think of the law of attraction as completely separate from witchcraft, many of our magical practices actually rely on the LOA! When you break everything down, you realize that the spells we cast are simply a way of externally holding a vibration. We use colored candles because those colors have a specific energy. We use certain herbs because those herbs vibrate at a certain frequency. By combining multiple items that hold a desired energy and charging them with our intention, we create an external energetic anchor that helps to draw our desired reality to us. Witchcraft and manifestation are just two different ways of taking advantage of these underlying universal principles!

But while visualization and intention setting are certainly helpful tools for manifesting your desires, they’re only part of the equation. To get the most out of your magical practice, you need to uncover the missing elements—and two of the most important are embodiment and ecstatic practices.

Embodiment is about connecting with your physical body and making sure you’re in alignment with your desired manifestation. Ecstatic practices refer to activities such as yoga, ecstatic dancing, or breathwork which enable us to break through our blocks and limitations to tune into higher planes of consciousness and connect with our higher selves for more inspired action-taking.

By understanding how embodiment and ecstatic practices work together to help manifest our desired outcomes, we can bring more clarity and focus to our practices—helping us supercharge our manifestations toward achieving what we want in life!

One problem with these concepts becoming so mainstream is that there are a lot of people out there teaching these concepts even though they may not have a full understanding of what they’re trying to teach. Many teachers have misinterpreted the fundamental nature of the law of attraction, leading to much frustration and confusion around why it isn’t working as intended. This can be seen in many aspects, one being that some teachers have focused primarily on techniques that make our desires appear in the external world. As beneficial as these techniques can be, they ultimately overlook the more powerful elements of the LOA and can lead to perpetual spiritual bypassing, self-blame, and simply not being able to make your manifestation or magic work.

The Two Things Missing From Your Manifestation & Magic

One of the reasons why the Law of Attraction fails for so many people is because they’re missing two key pieces. We’re talking about embodiment and ecstatic practices. To uncover these missing elements, we’ll take a look at what embodiment and ecstatic practices are, as well as why these two things are necessary for manifesting your desires.


Embodiment helps you become more aware and conscious of your body, your body sensations, and subtle internal shifts that take place in everyday life. Through embodiment practices such as yoga, breathing exercises, guided movements and more, you can connect with yourself on a deeper level in order to move energy within yourself. This allows you to “tune in” to what your true desires are and become more aware of the energy you put out into the world. Embodiment also allows you to anchor the vibration that you’re trying to hold into your body rather than relying on your thoughts. Your thoughts are powerful but they’re also unpredictable and can change on a dime. If you’re trying to manifest only using your mind, you’re not tapping into the incredible well of power that is the physical body.

Ecstatic Practices

Ecstatic practices such as meditation, dancing, chanting, and singing have been used for centuries to connect one’s consciousness with the higher self in order to create powerful shifts both internally and in the external world. Ecstatic practices allow one to tap into their own source of power within their body and use it to create change within their life without relying on external forces or energies. These practices can also be used to help release stuck energy or trauma that has been stored in the body – freeing up space for one to come back into alignment with themselves. Ecstatic practices also help to shift you into the highest vibratory states where truly mind-blowing manifestations actually become accessible to you.

By combining embodiment practices with ecstatic practices, you can begin to create powerful shifts within yourself – unlocking the power of manifestation and tapping into a higher source of magic within you!

Why Is Embodiment Such A Big Deal?

In our modern world, we’ve made it so easy to disconnect our minds from our bodies. We can sit all day and barely move if we don’t want to. If we’re in pain we can just pop a pill and it goes away, why bother finding the root cause? We can eat foods that barely resemble food, ignore our circadian rhythms, and never set foot in nature if we don’t make an effort to. This disconnect comes at a price though! It’s led many of us to think that we can manifest and do magic with purely mental power and this is, by far, the most difficult way to work magic. The Law of Attraction is an energetic process driven by feelings and emotions and your emotions are fundamentally a physical sensation. Therefore, if you’re disregarding your physical body, it’s going to be hard for the Law of Attraction to manifest what you truly desire.

The goal of embodiment practices is to restore the connection between your body and mind so that you’re not fighting against your physical state to try and manifest. It really doesn’t matter how many times you think “I’m a millionaire” if your body is stuck in a perpetual state of undernourishment and your nervous system is jacked up. I’m not saying you have to have flawless health to manifest, you don’t, but you can’t expect to hold conflicting energies in your mind and body and still end up with the result you want.

Restoring the mind/body connection doesn’t have to be difficult or take up your entire day. It doesn’t take hours of yoga or meditation to get back in touch with your body. Something as simple as a 10-minute walk, 5 minutes of stretching, dancing to your favorite music while you get ready in the morning, or doing a body scan meditation can begin to strengthen this connection.

Ecstasy: The Master Vibration

Ok, so embodiment is all well and good but how the heck does ecstasy get involved in this equation? When we’re talking about vibration and trying to use energy to manifest or work magic, ecstasy can be thought of as the master vibration. This is the frequency at which all things are possible. By shifting into the feeling state of ecstasy, you unlock the energetic potential to manifest literally anything you want. While this sounds like a “way too good to be true” kind of hack, it’s not. Ecstasy used once can garner some results but creating large, widespread changes to your life takes time and consistent effort. It’s a powerful tool, to be sure, but the real power comes from working these practices into your daily life and making ecstasy an undercurrent in every moment.

Ecstatic practices can help you to open up a channel for divine intelligence so that it can flow into your body, mind, and spirit. This form of magic allows you to tap into your deepest creative potential which will help you to manifest the things that you desire in life.

There are many ecstatic practices available, including:

  • Dancing
  • Drumming
  • Chanting
  • Praying/Meditating
  • Breathwork
  • Ecstatic eating
  • Sex
  • Massage or bodywork
  • and so many more…

By engaging in these types of ecstatic practices, you can align your human consciousness with your higher self or divine intelligence. As a result, you are able to blow through the blocks and limiting beliefs holding you back, access your true power, and start manifesting your dreams and desires with ease.

Going From Theory To Practice

We all know that there is a BIG difference between knowing the theory of how magic and manifestation work and creating a practice that, y’know, actually gets results. Incorporating even one of these elements into your existing magical practice can seem like a tall order. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you don’t know how to start, it’s ok! Please remember that you don’t have to make sudden, sweeping changes to your entire practice right this very second. You can take your time. You can experiment and try out different embodiment and ecstatic practices and see what really works for you and what fits well into your day-to-day life.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this info. I was just using my mind to cast my spells & not getting my desired outcome.

  2. Thank you so much. It is so interesting that yesterday I was watching a video on manifesting your SP and the lady said, I embodied us as a new version of us…and today I find your website. I literally just came here to find out how to create oracle cards. Such a game changer. Thank you.

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