2 Reasons Why Money Spells Fail And How To Fix It

Abundance and prosperity magic are some of the most sought-after forms of magic. It’s also one of the easiest forms of magic to screw up. It’s no wonder that I get emails from people all the time trying to convince me that magic isn’t real because they tried one or two money spells and they didn’t work. I’m not surprised they didn’t work! Money magic is hard!

Today I’m going to demystify the intricacies of abundance magic and help you get better results from your prosperity spells.

Why Is Money Magic So Hard?

First, let’s answer the big question, “Why is this stuff so damn hard?!”

The simple answer is: You’re sabotaging yourself.

Yep, most people who are performing money magic are sabotaging their own spells without even realizing it! There are several ways that people do this.

1. You spend most of your time thinking about how much money you don’t have.

While a few negative thoughts about a situation might not ruin your spell, a non-stop stream of negativity about where you’re currently at will definitely mess up the energy your spell is trying to hold. Think about it, when money is an issue, it takes over your thoughts, this is your survival after all! While this tendency to hyper-focus on a problem that threatens our survival is useful in some instances, it pretty much nullifies any magic you’re trying to work to remedy that situation. If you’re going to do money magic that works, you have to learn to let go and trust your magic!

2. Your beliefs don’t match your desires

Spells are tricky this way, casting a spell for something you don’t really want or something that you don’t believe you can have will not end well. You’re contradicting your own energy!

Before working money magic, it’s important to really dig into your beliefs about money and work on how you think about it. Do you believe you can have all the money you need? Do you believe that you deserve to have enough money? Do you believe that you’re bad at making money or that you don’t have the necessary skills? Do you believe that your current lack is preventing you from making more money?

Any belief that you hold that directly contradicts your efforts to attract more money will cancel out your spell. If you find yourself with any of these thoughts, it’s time to dig them out at the root and let them go!

So how do we avoid these pitfalls? While dealing with these problems isn’t exactly easy, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help you out. Keep in mind, these are often deeply ingrained habits and beliefs that we’re trying to counteract. It won’t necessarily be a quick process! But doing the work can open up a world of abundance magic that will allow you to transition into a life of greater ease, greater abundance, and steady prosperity.

The first trick is to use a gratitude practice. If you’ve read much about attracting abundance you’ve likely heard this one before and there’s a reason for that. It works.

Gratitude is the energy that counterbalances lack. If you make gratitude a part of your daily life, it can help to not only balance out any troubled thoughts about your financial situation but also retrain your mind to focus on what you have instead of what you don’t have. I suggest using a gratitude practice at least once a day. If you’re really plagued by money worries then you should practice two or even three times a day. Set this practice up in the way that fits your life best. You can sit down in the morning and evening to write down 3-5 things you’re grateful for or you can set alarms to go off a few times a day with a mantra reminding you to take a moment and sit in gratitude. 

The important part of this practice is sincerity. You have to really BE grateful for it to work! Don’t approach this practice sarcastically, it’ll just backfire on you. If you can only find small or trivial things to be grateful for, that’s ok! It doesn’t matter what you’re grateful for as long as you spend time really feeling grateful. 

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a grateful thought while you’re stressed or upset, it can help to have a fallback gratitude item. For me, this is my cat. I love the little furball and have for 12 years now, being grateful for him is easy and almost always likely to brighten up my mood. Find something that you can always be grateful for, no matter what. Think of something that really brings you joy. Pets, hobbies, treasured items, whatever it is that makes you grateful no matter what! (I don’t suggest using people for this. If you’re fighting or upset with them it kind of ruins the whole idea)

The next way to address the tendency to sabotage your abundance magic is by tracking your beliefs. This process of tracking is not an easy one but it can lead to amazing personal growth. In order to track a belief, you’ll first choose a troubling belief that you would like to change. Begin by stating the belief:

Ex. “I am not good at making money”

Then you’ll turn this into a question. “Why do I believe I’m not good at making money?”

Ponder this question and allow your mind to work on it without interference, simply meditating on the question is enough. When an answer presents itself turn that into a question as well. Perhaps the answer is “I believe I have to have a degree to make good money” and then the question would be “Why do I believe that I need a degree to make money?”. Continue like this until you reach the core of the problem. How will you know when you’ve reached the core? The belief will crumble on itself and you will suddenly realize that the entire series of assumptions that led you to the initial belief is false.

Remember, this is about your beliefs, in order for this to work you must accept your role in the construction of your beliefs, even if this means that you take responsibility for things that other people did to you. This is not a time to lay blame though. Even if your beliefs stem from some outside force or person, taking responsibility for whether you believe those outside influences will allow you to release the belief and take control of how you view your financial situation.

The final way that we can address difficulties in abundance magic is with daily rituals. The ritual below can be performed every day and will help to transform the way you feel about money and empower your abundance magic like never before.

Daily Abundance Ritual

For this ritual, all you’ll need is a candle dedicated to the purpose of this daily ritual. Sit down and get comfortable in front of your unlit candle, breathe and center yourself. 

You’re going to choose an affirmation and turn it into a spell. Here are some example affirmations for you.

“I am a magnet for money, wealth flows into my life easily.”

“Life is simple and money is easy to come by”

“I am good at making and keeping money, my energy and habits welcome abundance.”

You can create a new affirmation every day, or you can use one affirmation every day for a week or a month or as long as it still feels right. The only thing to keep in mind is that this affirmation should be phrased positively! Think about what is or could be, not what isn’t or what you would like not to be.

After you’ve finished centering yourself begin to focus on your affirmation, repeat it in your mind and really allow the energy of this idea and these words to infuse into your own energy. See or feel yourself glowing with the energy of abundance, feel how it would feel to have more than enough money whenever you need it. When you’ve built up this energy enough, light your candle and allow this abundance glow to rush through your arms and into the candle. 

Allow the candle to burn for as long as you like (remember not to leave it unattended). This can be 5 minutes or 50 minutes, it’s up to you. When you’re ready to close your ritual, blow out your candle and feel that abundance energy rushing back to you and taking root within you. 

This ritual is great for use in the mornings, I like to work it into my morning routine by starting the ritual before I put on my makeup or shower, allowing the candle to burn while I get ready, and then closing it before moving onto the next part of my routine.

This repeated holding of energy can actually fundamentally change the overall energy you project concerning money on a daily basis. By regularly performing this ritual, you can retune your beliefs and energy and stop sabotaging your money spells. You may even find that this daily ritual alone is enough to attract more abundance into your life!

If you’re ready to go deeper into this topic and learn how to work money spells that really work and increase the abundance in your life, my Money Magic course is the place to start. Money magic involves a few key factors that, if not utilized properly, will completely nullify almost any spell you cast, leaving you with no more money than you started with.

If you’re ready for your money spells to stop failing and start getting the wealth and abundance that you deserve flowing into your life, then this course is for you.

When you want to use magic to manifest real abundance and wealth, you have to focus on learning the skills and knowledge that will help you to unlock this elusive form of magic. You can’t just cast the spell and hope for the best! Money magic requires preparation, careful spellcasting, and a deeper knowledge of how your magic really works than almost any other kind of spell. I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again, witchcraft is meant to change your life in real and tangible ways. This is not magic that is meant to make you feel good. This is not meant to give you a sunnier outlook on life. This kind of magic is designed to put cold, hard cash into your wallet. That is our goal with this class. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, then join me in the Money Magic course let’s get started!

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Updated on August 24, 2023 by Avery Hart


  1. Thanks for this.
    I’ve pretty avoided abundance/money spells (even sigils, which are my bread and butter) because they never work the way I want them to.
    I’m going to go through all of this and find the root of my issue and I’m going to do the gratitude spell every morning, or evening – whenever I’m alone for a reasonable time, anyway.

    My other spells (and sigils) work beautifully and I’ve always wondered why the money/abundance ones didn’t! Now I know!

    Also – completely on an aside – there’s a beautiful Red-headed Woodpecker about 10 feet from me, knocking away at a tree. What do they represent?
    My animal symbology is not up to scratch so I thought I’d ask a more knowledgeable witch.

    Thank you!


  2. Beautifully written and so useful! I had been told for years I suck at handling money. I finally worked to the core of it/finding the truth about this and other things and wah-lah! Life feels good when you remember the elements and powers are in your corner if you just get yourself out of the way!

  3. THANK you for not talking about NEEDING the money really badly. I have seen so many money spells talk about the fact if you are greedy then it will not come to you. WRONG. WRONG. In fact, that is the very reason your spells will not work.

  4. What a wonderful article. I’m new to this and done my first money spell and carry my malachite stone with me almost everywhere. I feel the transformation in my life. I was told magic was hellish and could never understand why as humans we couldn’t possess powers. I lived in the most poverish and ghetto places in my state. I have 2 daughters and I can’t imagine me working everyday just to not be able to support them. So as I did my spell I fell a transformation in my life , for once I believe I will have what I deserve not what I want, but what I need to take my babies out of poverty.

  5. I like this but my only concern is that blowing a candle means blowing away the intention. This has been so in many circles so I don’t think I will be blowing my candle away.

  6. That is superbly stated. When it comes to money or wealth, too many o us have been programmed with guilt about wanting money. This guidance provides the right solutions.
    Thank you so much, Avery!

  7. I love your weekly emails, learning easily from them. Do you have a published book? I’m a book person, would like to buy it. I relate very well to your words:)

  8. And since some of us are new at this and are willing to pay someone else to do it for use and it still doesn’t work,is the problem with them because needing money and not capable of doing it yourself and the professional person can’t make anything happen , we’re in big trouble as always , because for one your not getting your money back 😕

  9. What if I did the spell when I was sick and didn’t think about the possibility of that affecting it, but it seems to be having a reverse effect and it’s not even had time for the last step? I already turned negative thoughts about finances into an affirmation when I realized I was thinking about poverty. Do I just dispose of the items and do some things that help me cope with stress or just send it to someone who can afford to lose some money? Did being sick completely screw it up or should I wait to finish the spell like that I’m not being patient enough? I have a ocompromised immune system so it doesn’t react to an infection until it gets really bad like going to ER bad.

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