5 Annoying Problems That Magic Won’t Fix For You

Magic is an amazing tool to use when creating your ideal life. There’s something uniquely powerful about being able to reach down inside of yourself and pull out the exact energy that you need to change circumstances in your life to match what you really want for yourself. This is exactly what magic is for!

 That said, magic isn’t a cure-all. 

I see it all the time. People ignore the mundane solutions to their problems in favor of magic and then nothing ever gets fixed! Instead of talking to their partner about an issue, they whip out a spell. Instead of figuring out how to budget properly or asking for that raise, they cast a spell. Instead of addressing the problems in their life like an adult, they try to magic them away like they were never there. This doesn’t usually work!

Magic is wonderful and can do so many amazing things for your life but think about it, if you’re not willing to put in even a little bit of work to get your life back on track what message are you really sending yourself and the universe? Probably that you don’t actually care about getting it fixed! Whether this is true, backing up your magic with real-world actions solidifies your intent and streamlines your energy so that you can manifest the changes you want as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Here are a few things that you should never, ever rely solely on magic to solve for you.

5 Problems Magic Won’t Fix

1. Debt

I know. It would be flat-out amazing if we could just make debts disappear with a snap of our fingers. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the reality we live in. Debt is a very complicated energetic process involving you, another person or business, money, and very likely a whole lot of guilt or shame. There’s not enough magic in the world to untangle that energetic mess with witchcraft alone. You can use magic to improve your flow of money, but it’s up to you to make the responsible decisions necessary to get rid of the debt once you do get that money. That number isn’t going to go down any other way.

One thing I would suggest for anyone who has chronic financial struggles is to take a look at the beliefs and energy that you hold in relation to money. Do you think money is bad? Do you think you deserve money? Do you think rich people are evil, greedy assholes? If you’re holding any subconscious negative beliefs about money, your mind won’t allow you to become more abundant! You need to dig through those beliefs, clear your resistance to having money, and utilize magic to help align your energy with that of financial wellbeing AFTER you’ve cleared up the blockages that are preventing you from making sound financial decisions.

Wish you could use witchcraft to get more money? Money spells are some of the most difficult magic out there, but for some reason, we treat them like any other spell. It makes no sense! Money magic involves a few key factors that, if not utilized properly, will completely nullify almost any spell you cast, leaving you with no more money than you started with. If you’re ready for your money spells to stop failing and start getting the wealth and abundance that you deserve flowing into your life, then my Money Magic course is for you.

2. Mental illness

I know I’ve talked about this before, but it’s so, so important for us to be real about the limitations of magic in this realm. Magic will NOT cure you of depression, anxiety, psychosis, personality disorders, or any other form of mental illness. The reason for this is very simple. If your mind is what you’re using to direct energy, and your mind is currently ill, how is it that you’re supposed to call up the energy of mental health? Your mind won’t even be able to conceptualize what that energy might feel like and if you can’t imagine or feel something, you can’t direct energy toward it properly. It is paramount that you get the right kind of help in recovering from your illness instead of trying to just cover it up and ignore it with magic.

That said, there’s another very prevalent myth that we need to address when it comes to mental illness and magic. You may have heard it thrown around that mentally ill people shouldn’t practice magic, or that people with personality disorders can’t be witches, or that you should avoid doing magic when you’re depressed. This is flat-out false. Not only is it false, but it shows a deep lack of understanding about the kind of impact religion and spirituality can have on recovery from mental disorders. Practicing magic or being a pagan is no different from someone turning to Christianity during times when they’re mentally unwell. This can be a very healthy and very beneficial way to support your recovery efforts.

No, your illness will not attract spirits. No, your magic will not be ineffective because of your illness. No, you do not have to wait until you’re in a state of perfect mental health to practice magic (I mean really, who are these people with perfect mental health? They don’t exist!) You may have symptoms that can easily be mistaken for magical happenings, but in these instances, magic can actually help you differentiate between reality and non-reality. Not sure if the “spirit” you’re seeing is real or a hallucination? Banish that sucker, if it sticks around it’s not real. You might even find that the act of banishing your hallucinations causes the hallucination to end. You may also find that if you’re struggling with depression, finding the energy for magic is quite difficult. This is ok! It’s alright to draw energy from an outside source or even take a break for a little while if practicing magic seems like too much for you. The main thing that matters is that you’re doing what feels right for you in your practice.

3. Chronic health problems

Magic isn’t going to get rid of your cancer, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, or other major health problems. As with mental illness, you can use magic to support your treatment efforts and I would definitely encourage you to do so, but you should never replace proper medical care with magic wholesale. You deserve to have the best chance of overcoming your illness or at least finding a way to exist as comfortably as possible within your circumstances and if you’re cutting out all treatment avenues and just relying on magic you are robbing yourself of so many opportunities to find the right treatment plan for you.

4. Romantic troubles

Yes, love magic is a thing and yes, it does work. No, it won’t solve every romantic woe you have. In fact, the vast majority of love magic will probably give you a bigger romantic headache than you know what to do with. I cannot tell you how many people come to me wanting a spell to get their ex back, stop their partner from cheating, or force someone to fall in love with them. Let me just say, every one of these ideas is decidedly horrible! 

Forcing someone into an emotional state that isn’t natural to them will backfire. Even if the spell works, you will be left with a person whose negative feelings and perceptions are thinly veiled under the surface of their conscious mind, and this will not end well.

I’m sure you all know what happens when you try to bottle up your emotions, you might be successful for a little while but eventually, the pressure becomes too great, and all the emotions you’ve been trying to repress come spewing out like a volcano of hot, painful, emotional lava all over you and anyone you may have had feelings about at any point during this bottling attempt. And that’s what happens when you do that to YOURSELF. Imagine how much worse it is when you try to do it to someone else. Not only will you inevitably end up with the same fiery explosion of emotional magma, but it’ll be mixed with a lot of rage at you for putting them in this state in the first place. And trust me, even if they don’t consciously know it was you, subconsciously, they know. 

Save yourself the massive headache and work out your romantic troubles the old-fashioned way: with an adult conversation. And if your problem can’t be fixed with a conversation? They aren’t right for you to begin with! It’s impossible for someone to be the right partner for you if they don’t want to be your partner! That quality alone knocks them out of the pool of prospects immediately. Give up on them, move on, love your own damn self and go find someone who’s really, actually excited to be your partner.

5. Abuse/harassment 

This one is hard to talk about. People in situations where abuse or harassment is a problem often feel powerless to change their situation and magic may seem like the only recourse they have. I get this, trust me, I do. And I am not telling you that magic can’t help you in these situations. Binding spells, protection spells, and hexes can definitely help you survive the situation, but you very likely cannot solve the situation long term with magic. Seeking out help through the proper channels, getting yourself a solid backup plan and support system, and finding a way out of your situation can take time, but it IS possible and you should use every resource at your disposal to get out.

If you’re hoping to change your abuser with magic, stop. It’s not going to work. I don’t care how much you love your abuser. If he hits you, or she constantly berates you, or they make you feel afraid for your wellbeing, they do not deserve your love. You will not be able to change this behavior with magic. Again, as I said above, you can only bottle up someone else’s emotions for so long before the seal breaks and all of that pent-up abuse comes pouring out. Long-term change for this person will require them to take responsibility for themselves and seek out professional counseling and help. And it is not your responsibility to make them do this! You have to keep yourself safe first, so getting out of the abusive situation should always be your first priority. 

Magic can help you overcome anything in your life, but there are some situations when you shouldn’t rely on magic alone to create the life you want. This may be inconvenient or not what you want to hear, but it’s the truth. As witches, we’re here to take back control of our lives and magic is an amazing tool in this pursuit, but it’s not the ONLY tool. If you’re ignoring mundane avenues to getting what you want in favor of just using magic, you’re not using witchcraft to create the life you want, you’re using it to avoid doing the work and taking responsibility for your reality. You can have anything you want in this world! And magic can help you get it, but only if you’re really willing to put in a little effort and prove to yourself that you actually want what you’re trying to create in your life. 

So go out, do your magic, and use absolutely every tool at your disposal to create the life of your dreams. You deserve it.

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Updated on August 19, 2023 by Avery Hart


  1. I just want to tell you that I love all the advices you give. I have learnt so much from your academy and I am happy I have you as my guide. Thank you ❤️ 🙏 ✨

  2. This artical epically the part about abuse is so spot on!! I don’t know who needed to hear it but I got very strong feelings reading it! It was a direct message to someone! I really hope they reread it many times and get out of thier situation! We are all sending Love and Safety your way!!

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