How To Photograph Your Future Into Reality

We all have a collection of photos that we’ve saved and occasionally we take the time to browse through them. It transports us instantly back in time. Maybe much has changed… maybe nothing has. But there is something consuming about looking at old photos, looking at familiar faces and remembering how it felt to be in that exact instant weeks, months, or years ago. A photograph takes a moment and seals it, protecting it forever from time.

What else in the world has the power to do that?

So often photography makes us think of the past. Of course it does — as soon as you take a picture, the moment vanishes. A photo is a picture of the past, even if it’s only taken half a second ago.

But today I want to teach you how to photograph the future.  

Seeing Is Believing: The Future Spell

Here’s something important to remember: The future is up for grabs. Anything can happen and that is a freeing thought because it means you have the power to transform. So much easier said than done! But it’s possible, and half of the battle is believing that.

For this simple spell, you will need a camera (preferably a film camera, but it’s not required) and a little creativity. Begin with thinking of what you want most for yourself. This can be absolutely anything. Money? A lover? A new house? A new job? Whatever it is, you must find a way to photograph it — time to think outside the box.

So for example, how would you take a picture of yourself rich? Personally, if I had loads of dough I’d be staying at hotels every night. Which means that for my picture, I’d need to head to the swankiest hotel in town and take a picture of myself there. Perhaps in the lobby, admiring the architecture? Maybe just grinning like a fool in front of the hotel so they don’t call security.

If your goal is harder to photograph, like getting in shape, you may have to use some trickery with lights and clothing, but don’t just take a picture of a scale or a representation of your goal that does not include you in the picture. You must be present and experiencing the change you want to bring about in your life. Get costumes if you have to, search your town for the perfect place to take the photo, ask friends to help.

Also, don’t forget to smile!  

The gist here is that you find a way to photograph yourself with what you want so you put it into existence. I can’t tell you exactly how to take the picture because it has to be representative to you, but the closer your picture matches what you want, the better this spell will work.

Once you have the photo developed or printed, place it on your altar or a place in your home that you will see every day. Write this spell on the back:

“The future I want,

Is waiting on me,

I rise to the challenge,

I let go of the past,

I see what I want,

As I will it, so shall it be.”

Say these words aloud at least once every day while looking at the photo. Take a moment to breathe and imagine your future in real terms, getting as detailed as you can. Try to keep this process fresh. Don’t just imagine one aspect of your future over and over, think of new things you’ll enjoy about it every time you say the spell.

Once a week, light a yellow or gold candle and set your photo near it. Recite the spell while the candle burns, then right before you blow the candle out, ask:

“Please guide my way”

If you’d like to specify a deity or spirit here, feel free.  

Golden Ring Of Protection: Preserve The Present

I happen to be lucky enough to know a photographer and I’ve seen firsthand the stunning magic that happens in a dark room. The chemicals and precision, the eerie red light and then — poof! — a photo slowly appears on a white sheet of photo paper. I see this process from a particular point of view, of course — the witchy one — and I can’t help but see it as a spell gone right.

And the result of this magic is so tangible; a physical manifestation of an intention, or whatever you would like to call it, that you can hold in your hand. There’s power in that, and it is the inspiration behind the golden ring of protection spell.  

I’ve been using this spell for a while, whenever I’ve felt something I love may be in danger or need extra protection. It can be used on living beings and inanimate objects, like your house or car.

You will need:

  • Gold paint and a paintbrush
  • A photograph of the thing you’d like to protect

The element for this spell is fire, and to represent that we’re going to use gold — the metal that represents the sun. Though it is a softer metal, it symbolizes immortality because of its ability to withstand corrosion or tarnishing. Time does not touch it… just like the moments we preserve in photographs.

To begin, you will need a photo of whatever you would like to protect, in a state you’d like to keep it in. For example, I’ve used this spell for my cat as she is FIV positive and I’m a bit of a worrier when it comes to her health. So the photo I used portrayed her as happy and healthy, as that is the image of her I would want to protect.

Using either your finger or a paintbrush, draw a ring around the subject of your photo with the gold paint. Recite this spell:

“Within this golden ring I place,

A thing I love so dear,

May all harm keep far away from it,

And only love come near.

As I will it, so shall it be.”

Close the ring and let your paint dry. Place this photo in your home somewhere where the sunlight can reach it, as this will continue to charge the golden ring. Only one casting is necessary.  

Note: Don’t wait until the thing you’re trying to protect is under attack. If you sense trouble, that’s a good time, but this spell is preemptive and works better when it has time to charge — its defensive, not offensive.  

The Let Go Spell: Accepting The Past

I used to be a glutton for living in the past. I spent hours thinking about what could have been or fretting over things I did and regretted. Not big things — small, insignificant directions I took that led me one way or another. Stewing in one’s past is so counterproductive for an obvious reason — nothing can be done about the past! A good friend once told me, “we walk backward through life. We can’t see the future, only the past.” So it’s understandable that we would be thoughtful about what’s happened to us along the way. But if you’re only looking backward, it can become a problem for your future.

The only option you have in this situation is to accept it all and move on. But how? When you tell yourself not to think of something, it’s nearly impossible to not think of it. And how can you move on if you’re always allowing the past to have such a prominent place in your present? All you’re doing is giving these negative thoughts power over you.

Well, you know what they say about power… you simply must take it back.

You will need:

  • An old photograph, representing a time/situation/person in your life that has a hold over you and you’d like to be let go of. Be aware, this photograph will be destroyed so choose wisely.
  • Black acrylic paint
  • A piece of white chalk

This is not a banishing spell, but we will use black paint as a way to “delete” and cleanse. Black is the absence of color and the absence of light; a void that we will be putting the past into where it won’t be able to reach you anymore. We can’t change the past but we can block it!

To begin, take the time to gather your thoughts and negative feelings in your mind. Remember vividly why this particular point in time was hurtful, why you ruminate on it, and exactly what happened. It is important during this time to be honest with yourself. There’s no one else in your head with you, so don’t be afraid to see the situation from all angles. If necessary, accept responsibility for actions you took that you regret. Don’t blame anyone else and don’t judge yourself — in this moment, just accept that you’re human and you make mistakes.

If something happened to you or someone did you wrong, express it. Say aloud exactly what happened and how it made you feel. Purge yourself of this memory by letting all the feelings that drag you down OUT.

Dip your thumb into the black paint and press it onto the photo, making thumbprints until the entire photograph is covered. Let it dry completely. Depending on what paint you’ve chosen, this could take awhile.

Once dry, light the white candle and with your chalk write over the now blacked-out photograph: “A lesson.”

Recite these words:

“The past does not exist

Except in my memory

And cannot hold me captive

Now I’ve chosen to be free”

Fold the photograph in half and pour some of the melted candle wax onto one side, then use the wax to seal the photo closed. Extinguish your candle and throw your photo into the trash.

Now use the Future Spell to start planning your fabulous future!  

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