3 Quick And Easy Spells For The Animal Loving Witch

Witches and animals just go together. Whether it’s the shapeshifting legends of old-school witchcraft or the familiars of modern witchy movies, we’ve always had a reputation for being a little closer to the animal kingdom than your average Joe. There’s good reason for this! Witches tend to be very invested in the wellbeing of those around them, and for us, that extends not only to our human community but also to the animals, plants, and environment around us.

For many of us, this means having a deep connection to our pets. Hell, what other path can you actually include your pets in your spiritual life? Whether your furry friend is a cat, a dog, a horse, a rabbit, or something a little less furry like a bird, a snake, or a tarantula, your animal companions are probably a huge part of your life. Today, we’re going to celebrate the important critters in our lives with a few spells designed just for them.

Keeping our pets in mind as we do spellwork is incredibly important so all of these spells are designed without the use of smoke, essential oils, or herbs that could potentially harm them.

A Spell To Welcome A New Pet

You Will Need:

  • A cleansing crystal (smoky quartz and citrine work well)
  • A rose or clear quartz
  • A candle (any color)
  • A carving tool
  • Some item that belongs to the new addition to the household

This spell is all about creating an environment of love and support for your new critter. This spell is best performed before you’ve brought your new friend home but you can use it afterward as well. If you’re really into the idea of keeping your pet cozy and comfy you can perform this spell monthly, even if you’ve had your pet for years!

Begin by cleansing your home. Crystals are one of the safest ways to cleanse when you have animals since smoke, essential oils, and herbs can all be far more harmful to our animals than they are to us. I like to use citrine for this since it gives my home a warm, sunny feel but whatever cleansing crystal you prefer will work just fine. 

When your home is cleansed and ready to go, get out the rose quartz and the item that belongs to your new pet. This can be anything from a toy to a food bowl to a crate or a terrarium or even a collar. You can work at your altar if you like but if your pet is going to have an area of the house that is just for them, performing the spell there might work better. Just make sure that while you’re working no critters can get to your spell! This spell does involve burning a candle and we don’t want any singed whiskers.

Begin by carving your new pets name into the candle. You can also carve any words or symbols that relate to how you want the home to feel to your new friend, maybe hearts, the word welcome, or anything that makes you feel warm and loving toward them. When you’re done, set the candle in a holder in front of you. If the object is small, place it in front of the candle with the rose quartz in front of both of them (in a line facing you). If the object is larger like a crate then you can place the candle and the quartz inside of it (as long as it will not be damaged by the candle) or in front of it. 

Place your finger or hand on the rose quartz, imagine how happy you will be to have your new pet come home with you, feel the warmth and welcoming that you want to give this animal flow through your arm and into the quartz. As you continue to feel this love and excitement for your new pet, feel your energy extend through the quartz, filling it up and overflowing out into the object, and further into the candle. Feel each of these objects begin to pulsate with your love and hold onto it, you are programming each of these items to radiate this emotion to your pet so that they always feel welcomed and loved in your home. Allow the candle to burn itself out, adding more love and energy to the spell as you like.

When you’re finished, make sure to get all crystals and candles up and put away so that your new critter can’t get to them. Your home is now ready for your new friend!

Pet Protection Charm

You Will Need:

  • Your pets ID tag OR if no ID tag some charm that you can safely affix to their enclosure
  • A black candle
  • Hematite
  • A surface or sheet of paper to draw on
  • Drawing charcoal

Take your paper and charcoal and set them in front of you on your altar. Place your candle on the other side of the paper, away from you. In the middle of the paper, draw a large circle. I like to use a plate or a bowl to get a nice symmetrical circle. Charcoal has strong protective properties so we’re going to take advantage of those properties to create a protective talisman for your pet. 

In the center of the circle write your pets name three times so that they stack.





After that, turn the paper 90 degrees so that the names face directly to your left or right (it doesn’t matter which). Now write the word “Safety” on top of the names three times like you did before but crosswise so that it covers your pets name.

Place the ID tag or charm on top of the words. Set the hematite between the tag and the candle. Now light your candle and envision your pet surrounded by a barrier of warmth, protection, and love. Hold this image for as long as you like. If it helps, you can spend this time writing about the image instead of imagining it, just be sure to focus on how safe you want your pet to be NOT the things you don’t want for your pet! Hematite is a strong attractant so whatever you write down will come to pass even if it’s something you don’t want.

When you’re finished, blow out your candle and return the tag to your pet. Fold the paper up so that it’s small and place it somewhere safe. 

Healing For A Sick Pet

You Will Need:

  • A photo of your pet healthy
  • A small fabric bag
  • Dirt
  • Sea salt
  • Thyme
  • Peppermint
  • A pen

Take the photo, flip it over and on the back write these words:

“By my word,

I heal all that ails.

No sickness may live,

In this that I love.”

Place the photo into the bag along with the dirt, salt, thyme, and peppermint. Close the bag and hold it in your hands. Imagine your pet at their prime, healthy, vibrant, and happy. Charge the bag under a full moon (or if that’s too far away, a waxing moon). The next morning, hang the bag near where your pet likes to sleep.

Please keep in mind, this is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. Take your pet to a vet first and use spellwork to supplement the care that the vet has prescribed for your furry friend. Also, no healing spell is infallible. We cannot stave off physical decline forever and if it’s your pets time there is little that you can do about it other than make them as comfortable and happy as possible. Nobody wants to lose their beloved pet but it is, unfortunately, a part of life. Love your animal, care for them, but when they go do not blame yourself for not being able to keep them alive using magic. The spirit of your pet is still alive and well and you may find a new and beautiful relationship developing with them in the spirit realm. Be kind to yourself and open to them.

I wish all of your pets good health and long days!

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