5 Spells For Healing Your Heart After A Bad Breakup

Breakups are hard. Like… really hard. And they happen to just about everyone. It’s the price we sometimes have to pay when we decide to open our hearts up to another person. Because breakups are so common, there are a lot of conventional ways people chose to heal from an ended relationship—pints of ice cream, chocolate, sappy movies, nights out with your best friends, and the list goes on.

I definitely believe there’s a place for all of those activities after a breakup, but as witches, we have access to something very special: magic. These five post-breakup spells are meant to help you work through all the complicated feelings that accompany a breakup. The goal of these spells is to release negativity around your past relationship, respectfully separate yourself from your ex, create space for the eventual new love that will come to you, and honor your emotions at every phase in your healing process.

Five Post-Breakup Spells

Seven Nights Post-Breakup Spell

This spell can be done at any point after your breakup, no matter how upset or sad you feel. That’s what makes this spell really special—it’s just as powerful no matter what kind of feelings are weighing heavy in your heart at the time. Trust that this spell will meet you where you are.

Perform this spell for at least seven nights in a row, and continue until you feel some of your negative feelings start to dissipate.

You Will Need:

  • A deck of tarot cards
  • A smoky quartz crystal

Every night before you go to bed, place a tarot card and a smoky quartz crystal under your pillow.

In the morning, set a timer for ten minutes and spend that time meditating on the meaning of the tarot card. Hold the smoky quartz crystal in your left hand to release any negativity out and away from your body. The smoky quartz will clear away all the emotions that are no longer serving you. Hold the tarot card in your right hand to receive the positive energy from the card.

You can use any tarot cards that you feel drawn to for this spell, but these seven cards are great options for calling in love and positivity following a difficult breakup.

Day One: The Fool Tarot Card—Beginning a new adventure, being true to yourself, having faith, letting go of expectations, accepting and learning from your mistakes.

Day Two: The Sun Tarot Card—Positivity, vitality, being confident, feeling joyful, having assurance.

Day Three: Strength Tarot Card—inner strength, determination, knowing that “you’ve got this”, being patient with yourself and others, having compassion, forgiving imperfections.

Day Four: The Star Tarot Card—Stepping into your power, connecting with your intuition, feeling motivated and inspired, opening your heart, letting love flow freely.

Day Five: Temperance Tarot Card—Feeling balanced, relaxation, a sense of peace, healing, recovering, getting “your groove” back.

Day Six: Death Tarot Card—Spiritual awakening, growth, the end of something, letting go of the old, looking towards a brighter future.

Day Seven: The Magician Tarot Card—making your dreams come true, feeling powerful, creating the life you want.

Moving Water Eucalyptus Spell

You Will Need:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Water from a river or stream
  • An Essential Oil Diffuser

Collect water from a source of running water. This can be a river or stream. Be sure thank the water source for allowing you to use it in your spell. If you don’t have access to running water, you can use water from your faucet. The idea is to use water that flows. Water that carries the energy of movement will help you flow through your healing process and release painful emotions from your breakup.

Pour the water into an essential oil diffuser and add three to five drops of Eucalyptus essential oil. Turn on the diffuser and sit quietly for ten to fifteen minutes, focusing on your breath. As you inhale, think the word, “in”. As you exhale, think the word, “out”. If your mind begins to wander back to your relationship and you find yourself feeling some intense emotions, breathe through it. The eucalyptus oil mixed with natural running water in the air will help you release your painful emotions around this breakup. Don’t judge any thoughts or emotions that come up. Just breathe through them, thinking to yourself, “in” and “out”.

Do this spell whenever you notice you’re feeling “stuck” in a particular emotion and you want to release it.

Moonlight Burning Tarot Spell

This month-long spell incorporates the power of the moon cycles to help you work through your post-breakup emotions.

What You’ll Need:

  • Copies of four tarot cards—you’ll be writing on the back of these tarot card copies and burning them, so you probably won’t want to use actual cards from your deck. You can do an online search for the four cards you’re looking for and print out the images on paper. Another option is to make photocopies of the cards from your personal deck.
  • A fire-proof container or cauldron
  • Matches or a lighter

This month-long spell incorporates the power of the moon cycles to help you work through your post-breakup emotions.

This spell is meant to be performed on four separate nights: the night of the new moon, the first quarter waxing moon, the full moon and the third quarter waning moon. That being said, you don’t have to wait until the new moon to begin this spell. You can start this four-part spell at any point in the cycle.

First, look up the moon phase dates for your area and mark your calendar for when the next new moon, first quarter waxing moon, full moon and third quarter waning moon are happening. (If you’re starting on a night that isn’t one of those four phases, figure out if the moon is in its waxing phase or waning phase and do the corresponding first quarter waxing moon or third quarter waning moon ritual on the first night regardless where in the waxing or waning cycle the moon is.)

Go outside in the moonlight (or by a window). Write the affirmation on the back of your tarot card. Speak the affirmation out loud as you burn the card over the fireproof container. See the smoke rise up and away, carrying your intention all the way to the moon. Remember to stay safe when you’re working with fire. If you aren’t able to use fire in your spell, you can rip up the card instead.

On the night of the new moon:

Tarot Card—The Fool

Affirmation—I am open to the next step in the adventure of my life. I know that with every ending, there comes a new beginning.

On the night of the first quarter waxing moon:

Tarot Card—The Chariot

Affirmation—I charge boldly into a new future. I honor all the lessons I’ve learned from my past relationship and I flow with life’s changes.

On the night of the full moon:

Tarot Card—Three of Cups

Affirmation—I celebrate all that I have experienced and all I will experience in this wild, mysterious and abundant world. I know sadness offers contrast to my happiness. Whatever I feel tonight, however painful, is just right.

On the night of the third quarter waning moon:

Tarot Card—The Wheel of Fortune

Affirmation—I shed my attachment to the past and release my grip on control. With this spell, I honor the power inside of me, and I honor the power of the universe. Thank you, Moon, for your glowing beams that power my intentions through every cycle of life.

After you’ve performed all four parts, the spell is complete. Note: if you want to use different tarot cards or change the affirmations to better fit your situation, feel free to do so.

Smoke Cleansing Post-Breakup Ritual

Light an incense stick, loose incense, or a bundle of herbs to cleanse your ex-lover’s energy from your space. Your home, your car or your workspace are places you might want to rid of your ex’s energy. To do this smoke cleansing ritual, say the following incantation as you walk through each room of your house or apartment:

“May the energy of (your ex’s name) leave this space. I honor the time we spent in here together, and I now choose to remove all of his/her remaining energy from this space in order to make room for someone new.”

Cut the Cord Spell

Use this spell when you’re ready to sever all ties with your ex. This is a big step, so only do it when you’re ready.

What You’ll Need:

  • A photograph each of you and your ex OR two tarot cards
  • A piece of string

Set the photographs of you and your ex on opposite sides of your altar. Lay a string between the two photos so it is connecting them. You can also use two tarot cards that you feel represent you and your ex. I’ve used The Magician for my ex and the Empress for myself. Any of the king and queen cards will work as well.

To begin the spell, touch the string and close your eyes. Visualize your ex standing right in front of you in a white room. Spend a few minutes letting yourself interact with your ex in any way you want. You can kiss, argue, cry, whisper to, or hug your ex. This visualization is your time to say and do anything you want to your ex in a safe space. Stay connected to your intuition as you do this. When you feel complete, tell your ex good-bye and open your eyes.

Take a pair of scissors and cut the string to complete the spell.

Honor your Pain

There’s no way to avoid the pain of getting your heart broken, and that’s okay. When you’re going through heartache, it’s important to treat yourself with patience and compassion. Your feelings are valid, and it’s healthy to let your emotions flow through you naturally. Take all the time you need to grieve—it’s all part of the process. Honor that as you perform any of these spells. The goal here isn’t to avoid pain, it’s to heal. Trust that your magical practice, along with family, friends and other support systems, will guide you through this difficult time.

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