3 Spells To Do With Your Significant Other

One person performing a spell is powerful, but what about two people—especially two people with strong feelings for each other?

Very powerful.

If you’ve never tried performing magic with your significant other, consider giving it a try!

There are so many reasons to do it. It’s fun, it may increase the effectiveness of your spells, and it can strengthen the bond between the two of you. It’s really special when you think about it—you’ve already shared your heart with this person, and now you’re sharing your magical practice. What a wonderful gift!

It doesn’t matter if your partner is familiar with witchcraft or not. The most important thing is that he or she is open to it. You’ll likely enjoy the process of teaching someone else about your practice, and that process will certainly deepen your own understanding of magic.

So this weekend instead of going out for date night, how about staying in with your beloved and making some sweet, sweet… magic!

How To Get Started

Just like when you’re practicing magic on your own, the first step to doing spellwork with your significant other is to decide on an intention. It’s important to agree on the intention and to clearly define that intention.

When there are two people doing a spell, communication is key. For example: if you both decide to perform a spell to manifest the perfect vacation, have a conversation beforehand about what that vacation looks like. It might sound trivial, but one idea can manifest a million different ways. If you’re visualizing an epic week of skiing in Park City, and your significant other is thinking about the warm sun and sandy shores of Hawaii, your vacation spell probably isn’t going to be as effective as you want it to be.

There are a couple ways to get clear—together—on your intention. You can talk about it with each other before and/or during the spell. For the vacation example, you and your partner can describe your ideal vacation, day by day, scene by scene. Details like what kind of food you’ll eat, what sights you’ll see, the smile on your partner’s face when you open the door to your beautiful hotel room are all going to power your spell. The more excitement and emotion you stir up with your partner, the more powerful your spell will be.

Does Your Partner Need To Believe In Magic For The Spell To Work?

You’ll need to take into account whether or not your partner believes in witchcraft. Obviously, your spell has a better chance of manifesting if both of you believe in it wholeheartedly. However, if your partner is totally new to magic, he or she might not have the same certainty you do. That’s ok! There are a couple things you can do to help with this.

First, explain how magic works. Think back to when you first started practicing magic. What made you believe in it? What made you decide to try your first spell? Share your experiences with your significant other, and see how he or she responds. I got into magic because I’d experimented with visualization meditations and saw some success from that. The science behind visualization is well documented, and because science is something many people believe in, it can be the easiest “point-of-entry” for a non-witch to grasp the concepts. Have your partner read some articles on visualization, and how it’s used frequently in athletics, business, and the arts. A simple internet search will bring up ample stories and case studies about this technique.

Another way to go about helping your partner understand magic is to ask if he or she has ever performed any kind of ritual or symbolic gesture before in hopes of making something happen. Witchcraft is not tied to any specific religion, and it can pair nicely with whatever beliefs that you or your partner already hold. My boyfriend is a Christian, and he came back from church one day telling me about a ritual the pastor mentioned in the sermon where you write down the name of someone who you hold resentment towards and burn the paper to release that resentment. That sounded very, very similar to the kind of spellwork I like to perform on nights of the waning moon. You don’t have to turn your beloved into a witch, but you can probably find common ground.

If you’re still having a hard time getting your partner to logically understand witchcraft, focus on emotion instead. Spells are fun! Visualizing cool things happening to you can feel really good. Strong feelings hold a lot of power. Creating a sacred space for your partner to get in touch with his or her deepest emotions is special, and that will go a long way in powering your magic, even if the belief isn’t quite there yet.

Spells To Perform With Your Significant Other

Create An Altar With Your Beloved

Altars are sacred spaces you set up with items that hold power or emotional significance to you. You can create an altar with your partner either in a physical location in your home if you live with your significant other, or by keeping the meaningful items in a box to carry back and forth between your separate homes. Your joint altar can be used for any kind of magic. You can fill it with objects that are meaningful to your relationship like mementos from past dates, photos, cards, or things that remind you of each other. You can also use the space for manifesting something together. For example, an altar with the intention to manifest a baby might have baby clothes, toys, and a list of baby names arranged in the space. A third way to make an altar is to bring items to represent separate goals that you and your partner have. Just like your relationship, you and your beloved’s shared altar can be whatever you want it to be.

To use your altar, have you and your beloved sit on either side of and hold hands, creating a circle around the altar. State your intention aloud, one at a time or together. Then close your eyes and visualize your intention unfolding in your mind’s eye.

If you are manifesting separate things, try swapping intentions. You can spend several minutes visualizing your partner getting what he or she wants, and vice-versa. The affection you have for each other will bring massive power to your spells.

Charge Candles Or Other Magical Items With Your Beloved

Pick an item you’d like to charge with a specific intention like a candle or crystal. Create a sacred space by playing music or burning incense (in a safe place with proper ventilation). Hold the item you want to charge in your hands. Have your partner place his or her hands over yours. Spend a few minutes sending energy into that object. You can do this with any object or intention, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

For a love spell, play a song that is special to you both as a couple. Hold a red candle in your hands together with your partner. Decide on a love intention like a romantic dinner, awesome sex, or a lazy Sunday cuddling on the couch. Visualize your intention together as you and your partner hold the candle. Feel the energy—love, sensuality, connection, or fun—and send it into the candle. Light the candle when it’s time for your love spell. Enjoy the magic you’ve created together.

Send Secret Messages To Each Other

People who care about each other have a special connection, and that connection can be used for magic. Try sending messages to each other throughout the day. It can be something light-hearted, loving, sexy, or encouraging—anything goes.

To do this, find a picture of your partner on your phone or on social media. Take a deep breath and relax your muscles. Get a good look at the picture, think about a moment you shared with this person where you felt a strong connection. If any emotion rises up in you as you do this, allow it to move through you. Don’t hold onto it or attach any judgment to it. Simply experience it.

Close your eyes and see if you can “sense” where your partner is currently. Don’t try to “think” where he or she is. For example, if you know your partner is at work, don’t try to figure out if he or she is at a desk or getting into an elevator. Just relax and allow mental images of your partner to enter your mind. You don’t need to spend a lot of time doing this, just wait for the first image of your partner to enter your mind. Then say your message to your partner, either aloud or in your head.

In your mind’s eye, see your partner hearing your words—whatever that looks like to you. Then release the image, and open your eyes. Your message has been sent.

Teach your partner to do this spell too so you can send messages back and forth together. It’s also fun to ask your partner if he or she got the message you sent. Your partner might not have gotten the exact words, but maybe he or she thought of you in that moment or felt an emotion. Over time, you’ll both get better at sending and receiving messages.

A Magical Partnership

Practicing magic with your partner can be an excellent way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, but make sure your partner is on board with it. Always check in with him or her before and after each spell. Be open to any questions or feedback he or she has for you. Keep a playfulness about it, and don’t worry if you or your partner are doing it exactly right. Enjoy the time you spend with your partner exploring your connection through witchcraft.

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