How To Add Witchcraft To Your Favorite Hobbies

Have you ever felt like witchcraft was some kind of a separate entity in your life? Lots of people feel this way. We have so much going on in our lives. Jobs, taking care of kids, our spouses, self-care, keeping up with our hobbies, and sometimes witchcraft can just feel like adding one more thing on top of the towering mountain of stuff that we already want to keep up with.

When overwhelm starts to become too much, my answer is always to dial it back to basics, to bring my “doing” down to a manageable level. To achieve that, sometimes it’s necessary to combine tasks so that I can get more done with less stress and less time. This is what we’re going to be talking about today. When I’m feeling too stressed out and overwhelmed to do everything that I need to do AND witchcraft as well, I find a way to sneak witchcraft into other areas of my life. Rather than putting witchcraft down wholesale and then feeling like I’ve been neglecting my practice, I find ways to incorporate it into my everyday activities. Even if you’re not overwhelmed, finding ways to incorporate witchcraft into your life can add a huge amount of stability and connectivity to your magical practice. My absolute favorite way to add witchcraft into my day-to-day life is to incorporate it into my hobbies. If you want to learn how to make your hobbies more magical, then this is for you.

Witchcraft Doesn’t Have To Be Separate

First things first, your witchcraft doesn’t have to be living off in its own little corner away from the rest of your life. In fact, for a lot of you, your craft will already be integrated into your life in some ways. If you practice kitchen witchcraft, you’ve integrated your witchcraft into an everyday task! The first step to learning how to turn your hobbies into witchcraft is changing how you think about your magic. Stop thinking of it as this separate thing that requires you to go sit down at your altar and light a bunch of candles and meditate. Magic is everywhere and in everything and you can harness it doing just about anything. We’re going to get out of the box and stop thinking of witchcraft as a set collection of practices and tools and spells and start thinking about it as a way of interacting with the world.

For example, if you’re practicing kitchen witchcraft, you’ve integrated cooking with magic. This means that you can, on any given day, add magic to your food by selectively choosing herbs, specific foods, adding magical potions to your recipes, using enchanted cooking tools, etc. You don’t have to do these things every single day, but they’re easily available to you so that you can reach for them and practice magic with very little preamble. The same can be done with just about any hobby. If you like to knit, you can incorporate knot magic, color magic, and rhythmic meditations into your knitting. Have you ever tried knitting a scarf for protection? I have, and it worked beautifully! Do you like to draw or paint? You could incorporate sigils, chanting or singing, color magic, word spells, and much more into your visual art. Do you like to get out in nature and go camping and hiking? You could start learning to forage for magical ingredients on your outings, or you could incorporate spells for avoiding snake bites or injuries. Start thinking of witchcraft as something that can be incorporated into every other part of your life and start looking for opportunities to do so.

How To Add Witchcraft Into Your Hobbies

If you’re thinking that your hobbies aren’t a good match for witchcraft, stop right there. Every single hobby can be integrated with witchcraft. I mean it. Every single hobby. I’ve seen people incorporate luck magic into a game of darts or poker, I’ve seen people enchant their video game controllers, I’ve seen people charm their shoes to prevent injuries while they’re playing basketball. If it exists, there’s a way to put magic in it! Your job is to figure out what parts of your life you want to incorporate magic into and brainstorm ways that magic could help you in that area. We’re getting way outside the box here, I want you to put on your creative thinking cap and be willing to come up with ideas that seem crazy or silly. Some of the best innovation comes out of forcing ourselves out of our comfort zone and into creative play.

1. Take Stock Of Your Hobbies

First, you’ll want to make a list of all of your hobbies and any other areas of your life that you think you’d like to incorporate magic into. We’re going to be focusing on hobbies for the most part, but you’re welcome to use this process for any part of your life. Write down every hobby you can think of that you do, even the ones that seem like they’re a terrible fit for adding magic. Next, I want you to pick out the top two or three items that you do the most. Which hobbies do you find yourself returning to the most often? These are going to be big leverage points that allow you to incorporate witchcraft into your life significantly more without costing you a ton of extra time. If you tend to bounce around between hobbies a lot like I do, just focus on whichever one you’ve been enjoying the most recently. You can repeat this process as many times as you need as your interest change.

2. Brainstorm

Now, it’s time to brainstorm and figure out creative ways to incorporate magic into the two to three hobbies that you’ve chosen. This is going to look different for every person and every type of hobby, but here are a few examples of how this might look.

Hobby: Knitting

  • Using color magic to choose yarn colors
  • Using knot magic to weave spells into projects
  • Enchanting knitting needles to prevent dropped stitches
  • Turning knitting into a meditation using a mantra that you repeat as you knit
  • Using knitting as a devotional activity for gods/goddesses of creativity like Venus, Bastet, or the Muses
  • Using knitting as a devotional activity to still the mind for communication with ancestors
  • Knitting your problems or worries into small projects and unraveling the project to banish the problem
  • Knitting spells for protection and happiness into items that you’re making for other people

Hobby: Kayaking

  • Create charms for safety on the water
  • Use the time in nature to practice energy work or ground yourself using water
  • Use the rhythm of paddling to create a meditative state or repeat an incantation
  • Use this as a devotional activity for water deities or travel deities
  • Connect with the spirits of the body of water you’re kayaking
  • Use weather magic to tweak the conditions to your liking

Hobby: Guitar

  • Enchant your strings so they won’t break
  • Enchant your guitar to stay tuned longer
  • Use your instrument to create tone spells (these are spells that are created entirely from notes of music, no words)
  • Write music to go with incantations
  • Play music as a devotional activity to your deities or ancestors
  • Learn to play your favorite ritual music or songs that make you feel witchy
  • Put sigils on your guitar or case

Try to come up with as many ideas as you can. Some will be quite involved while others will be fairly simple so that you can pick and choose what you have the energy for that day. Many hobbies are excellent for connecting with deities or your ancestors or for using as meditations because hobbies often cause us to enter a state of flow. We’ve all experienced the flow state at times, it’s like the rest of the world fades away and the only thing that exists is you and whatever you’re doing and the doing of it becomes all-consuming. This altered state of mind is incredibly valuable and can be utilized both for communication with spirits and for meditating and holding intentions. Either of these objectives becomes significantly easier and more effective when done during a state of flow.

3. Research

Now that you have come up with your own ideas, see what other people have tried. All you need to do is start googling your hobby, plus witchcraft. If that’s not turning up much, try getting more specific and researching the ideas you come up with such as casting tonal spells with an instrument or looking up more general terms such as “music witchcraft”. This will help you to generate more ideas, add depth to your understanding of how to perform the magic that you’re interested in, and maybe even find some specific spells that you can use in your hobby. I know that many of the crafting hobbies like knitting, sewing, paper crafts, writing, cooking, and pottery have large numbers of witches using them for magic so that information is often readily available.

If your hobby is something like working on cars or playing sports, you may have a harder time finding information about your specific hobby. If this is the case, don’t give up. Look for less general suggestions and spells and see how you can tweak them to fit your specific hobby. For example, if you play a sport, you might be able to adjust a luck spell that’s designed for gambling to work for your sport. Or you might be able to look into techno witchcraft for inspiration in applying your magic to working on cars.

For many hobbies, there are entire books written on how to turn them into a magical practice. You can find books on written magic if you’re a creative writer, knot magic if you do any kind of fiber art, sigils and art magic, or the metaphysical and spiritual properties of sounds if you sing or play an instrument. Do a little digging and see what kinds of resources you can find that pertain to your hobbies.

4. Try It Out

Finally, it’s time to start trying your ideas! This is the fun part, you get to experiment and try out new forms of magic and see what you like. You may find that while you really like incorporating witchcraft into one hobby, you really don’t like it incorporating it into other hobbies. This is totally fine! The point here is not to cram witchcraft into every single place we could possibly put it. We’re trying to find a way to incorporate more witchcraft into your day-to-day life through your hobbies. Your hobbies are supposed to be activities that you enjoy, so don’t make your hobbies into chores by incorporating methods of witchcraft that you don’t like.

Above everything else, when you’re looking to incorporate magic into your hobbies, always prioritize your enjoyment of the hobby. If turning an activity into a meditation makes that activity boring or uncomfortable, don’t do it! If you find that focusing on an incantation makes it hard for you to enjoy the process of doing your hobby, then drop the incantation. We want to incorporate magic into your life in ways that really work well for you. If you turn your hobbies into work rather than play, you’re going to stop doing them. You’ll suck all the joy out of the things you love and rather than being able to focus your time on something you love while also performing magic, you’ll end up doing neither.

Instead, I want you to prioritize your enjoyment of the process. Your hobbies should be fun, they should be relaxing, and they should energize you and add to your life. If you incorporate witchcraft into your hobbies, it should support your hobbies doing all of those things for you. Try out all of your ideas and see what feels good to you. Your witchcraft should be fun, and incorporating it into your hobbies is just one of the many ways to bring more joy into this area of your life.

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How To Add Witchcraft To Your Favorite Hobbies by The Traveling Witch

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