How To Root Your Magic In Your Life & Always Feel Witchy

Do you feel like your witchcraft and your life are two separate things? Have you wished that you could intertwine your magic into your life so that you could feel it and see it and interact with it in your day-to-day life instead of only feeling it when you are actively casting a spell or performing a ritual? These kinds of feelings are endemic in our modern world.

We live in a society that is driven by logic, and while that has allowed us to build and create many wonderful things; it has also created an environment of excessive separation. We can live in apartment buildings that house 30 other families and not know a single one of them. We think of our work lives and our personal lives as completely separate things. We think of our minds and our bodies as separate things.

While scientific thinking and logic have done many wonderful things in our world, they have taught us to think of the world in terms of separation, in terms of categories and differences. This can be very useful in some ways, but many people find that this sense of distinct separation between their normal life and their magical practice can be distressing. Today we’re going to take a look at what causes this feeling of separation between our lives and our craft and discuss how you can go about integrating these two aspects of yourself.

Separation Between Your Magic & Your Life

The first thing that you need to understand about this feeling of separation between your magical practice and your life is that it is not a matter of what you do but how you think that makes all the difference. You could sprinkle small bits of magic into your life every single day and still feel this sense that your magic is somehow not integrated into your real life. And vice versa, It’s possible to practice magic very infrequently but feel the integration of magic and witchcraft in your day-to-day life. The difference is in not what you do but how you think about your craft, and we’ve all been trained to think about our lives in terms of separation.

Take your career, for example. For the vast majority of people, your work life and your home life are completely separate things and we are encouraged not to let them bleed over into one another. We tend to do this in every area of our lives. We think of our family as separate from our friends. We think of our hobbies as separate from our work. We think of our weekend clothes as separate from our work clothes, and on and on. This mindset can be great in some areas of our life, such as preventing our work from taking over our entire waking lives, but it has drawbacks in other areas. When it comes to your spiritual and magical life, having that sense of separation can be devastating.

Feeling like your magical practice is completely separate from your regular life turns your craft into a costume that you put on and take off when you want to perform magic. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this, the vast majority of witches are not comfortable treating their spiritual practice and their magic like a prop. Feeling this sense of separation can lead to feeling that you’re not doing enough in your craft, feeling like you’re a bad witch, imposter syndrome, and episodes of extreme doubt. These are common problems that witches deal with on a daily basis, but they’re easily fixable with simple mindset shifts.

The Roots Of Your Witchcraft

One of the reasons why we tend to glorify traditional witchcraft and the way witchcraft used to be before our modern age is that when we look at it, what we see is magic that is integrated into daily life. When we think of the witches of centuries past, we bring to mind this idea of people who lived magic every day. People who spent their lives close to nature, who saw the world through this lens of magic that allowed them to interact with the world and their craft as interconnected forces. We think of wise women and healers. We think of folklore and people who lived with the knowledge that spirits inhabited the same land that they did. To these people, magic was not separate from them or their life, the world WAS magic to them!

This is what so many witches crave. They crave this connection to the world and the magical and spiritual fabric that makes up our day-to-day lives. To attain this, we have to take a look at the roots of our witchcraft. Many modern witches do not have deep roots in their craft. Their craft sits on the surface level of their life. It’s not integrated, it’s not something they think about when they’re running errands or driving to work, it’s not part of the worldview that they live in every single day. The craft is something that has been laid on top of their lives, not incorporated into it. It’s the difference between setting a potted plant on the ground and planting an oak tree that will dig its roots deep into the soil.

So how do we create deeper roots in our witchcraft? As I’ve said, solving this conundrum is about how you think about the world, not about what you do in your magical practice. You don’t need to pick up any new practices, read more books, do spells every single day, or anything else. All we need to change is how we look at the world.

In reality, every part of your life is steeped in magic. There is magical energy in absolutely everything in our universe. It’s in you, it’s in your neighbor, it’s in your dog, it’s in the chair that you’re sitting on, and it’s in the tree outside your window. There are no exceptions to this. This means that even the things that you consider deeply unmagical are magical. Your laptop has magical energy, your phone has magical energy, your car has magical energy, your office building has magical energy. Magic is completely inescapable. The problem is not that there isn’t enough magic in your life, there couldn’t be more magic in your life if you tried! The problem is that you have been trained not to see the magic that is there. If you want deeper roots in your witchcraft, all you have to do is learn to see the magic that is all around you every single day.

What Holds Magic In Your Life?

So what does hold magic in your life? If the answer is everything, that gets overwhelming pretty fast! And no, I’m not going to ask you to start seeing every single thing that you interact with as magical. That’s too big of a mindset shift, it would be setting yourself up for failure. Instead, we need to find specific areas of your life and instances where you can really connect with the magic of our world. For our ancestors and the witches of the past, this was often the land they lived on and the plants and spirits that they interacted with every day. For many of us in the modern world, this isn’t an easy point of connection! Many of us are living in big cities with limited access to nature. Rather than having nature be an integral and inescapable part of everyday life, it has become something many of us have to seek out and go out of our way to find and enjoy. Because of this, nature isn’t always a good way for the modern witch to create real roots in their practice.

Instead, we must look for the ways that we as individuals connect deeply with the world around us on a magical level. There are endless ways that we can go about doing this, and what works for one person won’t necessarily be right for another. What gives you a sense of connection will not necessarily work for the next person. This is going to be a process of personal exploration that you engage in often.

Some people may find a sense of connection that they can take into their everyday life by turning to God or Spirit or the Universe and keeping up a dialogue with their concept of the divine. Others may find that connecting with the spirit of their city or hometown is a way to feel their magic every single day. You might find a sense of connection in working with your ancestors and being able to draw on their strength and wisdom in your day-to-day life. You might find a connection in learning to do energy work and enhancing your psychic senses so that you can take these skills out into the world.

The goal here is to find a handful of practices or aspects of your life that allow you to slip into a state of consciousness around your magic. This is what we’re missing. When we are not actively practicing magic, for many of us it’s out of sight, out of mind. We have no conscious awareness of the magic around us. Your job is to find a way to bring more conscious awareness of your magic into your life. This consciousness is what allows your craft to grow deep roots in your life. And the more you bring this conscious awareness into your life, the easier and more instinctive it becomes. Over time, this practice of bringing a conscious awareness of magic into your life becomes second nature and happens almost effortlessly.

Find Your Roots

Ask yourself, what ways can you bring more conscious awareness of the magical nature of your world into your day-to-day life? Make a list of all the ways that you could go about doing this. This can be anything from learning to see auras so that you’re more aware of the spiritual nature of the people around you, to learning about the plants that live in your local area, even if you live in a big city. You can learn to communicate with the spirits of electrical and mechanical items or make a habit of reading the energy of your workspace and finding the right crystal to enhance it. You could add in something as simple as a short one-minute breathing meditation or make a point of listening to witchy podcasts on your way to and from work. You can even find magic in your hobbies and the things that you do in your free time. Whether you like to knit or go hiking, play music or sports, there’s a magical, spiritual component to that part of your life. All you have to do is start looking for the places that magic is hiding in your day-to-day life already. Magic is all around you, you just have to bring enough conscious awareness to your life to see it.

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How To Root Your Magic In Your Life & Always Feel Witchy by The Traveling Witch

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  1. I love this post. It’s nice to think that I can still be connected to my magic even on busy days when I don’t have time for longer rituals and big energy spells. Thank you

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