7 Easy To Find Herbs For Money Magic

It seems like there are hundreds of herbs out there for any purpose you can imagine and each one has its own energy, its own strengths, and its own weaknesses. You’ve got herbs for love magic, herbs for healing, herbs for protection, banishing, and herbs for abundance and prosperity. When you combine that massive information overload with how difficult it can be to find the herb you’ve picked once you’ve sorted through it all, crafting your own herbal spells can seem like a major headache. 

Prosperity and money magic are a unique style of magic for one simple reason, almost every single witch uses prosperity magic. There are witches who never cast a love spell, witches who don’t mess with spirit work, and witches who never bother to learn how to craft a sigil but prosperity magic is almost a universal interest. And why shouldn’t it be? Having a little more abundance and ease in your life is never a bad thing!

Today we will look at the pros and cons of seven easy to access prosperity herbs so you can use this universal form of magic without the hassle. Many of these herbs may already be in your kitchen!

1. Alfalfa

Yep, your kid’s hamster’s favorite snack is a viable magical ingredient. Alfalfa is one of the oldest plants cultivated by humans for food and livestock feed. Because of this, it holds an energy that’s protective against poverty and hunger. Carrying alfalfa in your purse can help to attract greater prosperity and improve your luck in money matters. Keeping a jar of alfalfa in your kitchen can help to protect your household from financial misfortune. If you’re a kitchen witch, you can even grow your own alfalfa sprouts to incorporate into salads and other recipes!

Alfalfa isn’t a particularly potent herb by itself. For it to be effective, combine it with other prosperity herbs. Thankfully, its energy is perfect for combining. It works with other herbs quite amicably and it provides a protective quality to your prosperity magic. Think of it as adding a bit of insurance to your spell. It levels out the energy of other herbs and prevents any financial loss because of spells gone haywire.

2. Basil

Basil is one of those herbs that I swear has about a million uses. You can find it being used for everything from protection, to love spells, attracting happiness or peace, drawing luck, preparing for psychic and astral work and so much more. This little herb is a serious magical powerhouse! 

Slip basil in your wallet to attract money. You can also place a leaf of basil in each room of your home to protect your family from money troubles. Growing basil in your herb garden or windowsill will attract money. Keep in mind that basil likes hot, sunny conditions and will die if it gets too cold or if it has wet feet. Killing your prosperity plant is not a good idea!

This herb has strong attracting properties so combining it with other money drawing herbs is a good idea. It can help to focus what might be a rather scattered energy and intensify your prosperity intentions.

3. Bay Leaves

Bay Laurel is not strictly a prosperity herb but the energy it holds promotes success in matters of business and employment. If you’re working on a new project, trying for a raise or a promotion, or running your own business, bay leaves are the perfect addition to your money spell. Bay leaves work to not only encourage an environment where success is possible but also to enhance your performance so that your goals are within your reach. When added to prosperity spells, it can help to improve memory, deepen wisdom, and enhance creativity. All excellent things for someone who needs to be on their toes for that job interview or big brainstorming session!

Bay leaves also make lovely wishing spells. Take a bay leaf and write what you want to manifest in your life on it. Focus on how you want to feel when you get the thing you’re wishing for. When you’ve cemented that feeling firmly in your mind, burn the bay leaf and let the smoke and energy of the bay leaf carry your desires out into the universe.

4. Chamomile

Chamomile is an herb that has many uses in the world of money magic. It’s a very protective herb and is often used in washes made to remove spells cast against you. This works especially well if the spell in question is intended to cause you financial misfortune. If it’s just you that has been jinxed then a bath with chamomile tea can reverse the effects of the spell. If your whole household has been cursed then you will need to make a wash with chamomile (adding alfalfa to this wash would also be a good idea). Use the wash to cleanse your home, working from top to bottom and back to front, ending with your front doorway.

Washing your hands in a chamomile infusion before gambling or making business deals can help to improve your luck and increase the odds of money flowing in your favor. As with many other prosperity herbs, placing chamomile in your wallet can call money to it.

5. Honeysuckle

Growing honeysuckle near your home can attract love, luck, and wealth. This herb is associated with generosity and strong ties between loved one’s so it carries a sweetening energy that aids in attracting the things you want in life. If you want money to come to you easily and amicably, this is a great herb to use. It’s not well suited to business matters, however, as the energy is too light to function well in that environment.

Please note, with honeysuckle only use the fresh or dried flowers. The vines and berries of the plant are quite toxic. In addition, honeysuckle cannot be made into a true essential oil and any oil claiming to be a honeysuckle essential oil is synthetic. I would recommend steering clear of these as they carry none of the flower’s actual energy. 

6. Ginger

I can only describe the energy of ginger in spells as “hot and fast”. When added to money spells, it gets results! Ginger tea makes an excellent regular prosperity booster that you can work into your daily life. 

If you want explosive success and energy in your magical workings, ginger will certainly give you that. Think of ginger as a kind of “power booster” for your spells, like the immune booster shot you get added to your smoothie that makes you feel like a health goddess. It stirs up energy, speeds up events, and lights a fire that drives action in whatever area of your life that you point it at.

7. Thyme

Thyme is a very positive herb in money matters. Folklore says that if you plant thyme near your house, your money will grow as the thyme plant grows. This may be the key to understanding thyme’s energy in relation to money; it’s all about growing! If you need to grow your income or get more money for your growing family, then thyme is perfect for you. 

Thyme is an excellent addition to money drawing baths and floor washes, and is great for kitchen magic. This is a very light-hearted herb. You can use it to keep your spirits up in times of stress, when having to work long hours, or when you find yourself in precarious financial situations. This light-hearted energy limits the ways in which it combines with other herbs, however. The hot and heavy energy of herbs like ginger or cinnamon will drown out this more delicate energy.

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7 Easy To Find Herbs For Money Magic by The Traveling Witch

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