5 Powerful Ways To Use Tarot With Your Lunar Magic

Tarot cards and the moon pair perfectly together because they are similar in many ways. Both of their energies can help you connect to your subconscious or your shadow side. Both can help you get clarity on your life. Both hold a variety of energies depending on what phase or what card you are working with.

If you love tarot and you love the moon, here are a few ways you can combine them together to perform powerful divination and witchcraft!

Using Tarot For Any Moon Phase

Each moon phase has a different energy, but one thing about the moon remains consistent throughout its entire cycle. It can always help you connect to the wisdom of your subconscious.

When your conscious mind is spinning with all the stuff you have to do in real life, your subconscious mind is clear and usually has the answers you need.

You can do these next couple tarot spells under any moon phase, regardless of whether you can see the moon. Moon energy is present every single night, it doesn’t matter if the moon is shrouded in clouds or blocked by tall buildings. You can still work with the moon.

Problem-Solving Bedtime Spell

If you have a problem you’ve been dealing with throughout the day that you need to solve, you can perform this tarot moon spell to draw a solution from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

To do this spell, go outside under the moon or near a window and shuffle your tarot cards. As you’re doing this, think about your problem.

If unwanted emotions like panic or frustration rise up as you’re doing this, direct your thoughts to the spell you’re doing. Remind yourself that the solution to your problem exists (in one form or another) and you’re using a powerful combination of magic to discover this solution.

Next, think or say aloud your intention. You can say something like, “I discover the solution to my current problem by the time I wake up tomorrow.”

Then stop shuffling and pick the card from the bottom of the deck. Many tarot readers associate the card at the bottom of the deck with the current energy of your subconscious. That makes the bottom card perfect to use when you’re working with moon energy. If any immediate thoughts, feelings or images come to mind when you see the card, jot those down in a journal. Other than that, don’t think about the card too much. Just get ready for bed as you usually do and slip the tarot card face up under your pillow.

The combined energies of the moon and the tarot card will work with your subconscious to help bring you the answer you need while you sleep.

Be sure to keep a journal near your bed so you can write down any insights you have if you wake up during the night. Then in the morning, before getting out of bed, journal about anything that’s on your mind. See if you have any fresh ideas on how to solve your problem.

If you can’t think of anything helpful right away, go on with the rest of your day. It might come to you at any point. You can also perform the same spell again the next night by drawing a new card under the moon.

Dreamy Tarot Spell

If you’re a busy witch, and you don’t have much time for your witchcraft during the day, here’s a creative way to use the moon and your deck of tarot cards to deepen your spiritual practice while you sleep!

Go outside or near a window and hold your tarot cards in your hands. Take a moment to visualize a silver thread shooting out from your chest, traveling through the sky and connecting to the moon.

Once you feel you’ve energetically connected with the moon, shuffle your tarot cards and ask the moon, “What do I need to meditate on tonight?”. It’s up to you whether you’d like to ask this aloud or in your head. Because of the silver thread, you’re already connected to the moon. Your thoughts are traveling up the silver thread to the moon as you’re thinking them.

Next, draw the tarot card from the bottom of the deck and take a moment to look it over. You can look up the traditional meaning of this card or just take in the card’s imagery. If you get one of the “negative” cards, you have a few options. You can draw another card and use both cards together, you can put the original card back in the deck and pick a new card, or you can use the original card and see how its energy affects you.

This is a personal choice, and all three options are perfectly valid for this spell. Like most things in magic, allow your intuition to guide you here.

If you go with the original card, think about the positive aspects of this card or what the card is trying to teach you.

For example, if you get the Death card, that’s a beautiful card to use for this spell. I associate the Death card with spiritually transformative energy and the end of a cycle. This card is perfect because each night is the end of a cycle (the day) and you connect to your subconscious as you dream.

Once you have your card, you can place it under your pillow before you fall asleep. The moon, the card, and your subconscious will interact in your dreams. You might remember those dreams, or you might not. The most important part of this spell is to notice how you feel when you wake up. Do you feel more powerful? Do you feel better aligned to the moon? Do you feel more connected to your spiritual practice? Notice your emotions and journal about them if you’d like.

When you’re ready to get out of bed and start your day, you can thank the moon for performing this spell with you and visualize the thread that was connecting you and the moon fading away. It’s helpful to disconnect from the moon when your spell is complete so you can step out of that “dreamy” energy. You can always re-connect again the next night.

Using Tarot For Different Moon Phases

The moon holds different energies depending on what phase it’s in. Some witches divide the lunar cycle into eight or nine different phases. Others will work with four phases—new moon, waxing moon, full moon, and waning moon. We’ll be using the four-phase system in this article.

Here’s an overview of the energies if the four phases:

New moon—Fresh starts, intention-setting, new possibilities

Waxing moon—growing, increasing, a time of taking action

Full moon—Celebration, manifesting, socializing

Waning moon—introspection, releasing, a time for being still

Moonlight-Charged Tarot Manifesting Spell

If you are working on manifesting something big that you think will take at least twenty-eight days (the length of a lunar cycle), you can use this tarot manifesting spell to tap into the specific energy of the moon.

To do this, think about the thing you’re working on manifesting. Then go through your deck and select a card that matches the energy of your intention. You can go by the traditional card meanings or by intuition.

Here’s a brief list of intentions and corresponding tarot cards:

Romantic Love Intentions—the Lovers, Ace of Cups, Two of Cups

Friendship or Familiar Relationship Intentions—Three of Cups, Three of Pentacles, Ten of Pentacles

Financial Abundance Intentions—the Empress, King Of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles

Clearing Unwanted Energy Intentions—the High Priestess, Death, the Sun

Any Manifesting Intention—the Magician

Next, check what phase the moon is in. Think about how that particular energy of the moon can help you with the next step of your manifestation spell. For example, if you’re working on calling in financial abundance, the new moon can open your mind to all the ways money can flow to you. If it’s the waxing moon, you can take action on some of your moneymaking ideas. For the full moon, you can celebrate the money you have (no matter how much or how little). The waning moon can show you areas you can cut back on spending.

To activate this card, place it by a window. Write your intention down on a slip of paper and place it on top of the card. That way your intention is basically “sandwiched” between the energy of the tarot card and the moon because the moon will shine down on it from above.

Use the same card for the entire lunar cycle. Then select a new card on the night of the next new moon for either the same intention or different intention.

Lunar Energy Tarot Spread

The phases of the moon affect each person differently. This simple tarot spread can help you get a read on your moods so you can better plan your life by your own personal rhythms.

On the night of the new moon, draw four cards as you ask, “how will the phases of this new lunar cycle affect my mood?”.

Each card will give you an answer for each of the four phases. Take a picture of your spread or write the names of the cards down in your journal. Look over your plans for the next twenty-eight days and see if you can change your schedule based on the cards. Plan extra time for rest, celebration, or action based on your “projected” moods.

Charging Tarot Cards With Lunar Energy

Because each moon phase has a different energy, you can charge your cards overnight so that your deck is prepped the next morning for certain questions.

Here’s a list of general subjects you might need guidance on and the corresponding moon energy:

New moon—new love, a new job, decision-making (asking about the outcomes of your different choices), picking monthly or yearly goals, assessing your current situation or energy.

Waxing moon—guidance on what actions to take to manifest something, how to move forward on a goal or relationship, financial abundance questions, questions about your future.

Full moon—questions for spirit guides or higher power, general love questions, questions about your past, present, and future.

Waning moon—solving relationship conflicts (or conflicts in general), questions for spirit guides or higher power, how to best use your energy, questions about your past.

These are only a few examples of the different things you can ask you cards. There are plenty more. Make more abstract or creative connections between the lunar phases and the questions you ask you deck. Notice any patterns you see over time. For example, you might find you get the most accurate readings during a particular moon phase. As a tarot reading witch, that’s helpful information to know!

Tarot & The Moon

Enjoy working with these two dreamy energies and experiment with new ways to use them in your witchcraft. Remember, there are no set rules with tarot. Much of it is intuitive, so I invite you to create your own methods for combining the magic of the moon and tarot.

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5 Powerful Ways To Use Tarot With Your Lunar Magic by The Traveling Witch

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