How To Enhance Your Magic With Daily Morning Rituals

Henry Ward Beecher said, “The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day, ” and countless personal development books have been written on that topic. There’s even a whole series of bestselling books dedicated to how to spend the first five minutes of your day in order to have your most productive and happy life.

You might not plan out your morning down to the minute, but you probably have some daily habits you do every morning.

As a witch, why not start the day with a little magic? There might not be time for an elaborate ceremony, but with a little creativity, you can bring magic to even your most mundane morning activities.

Here are three simple ways to add magic to your morning.

Morning Manifesting Spell

This eight-minute morning spell brings powerful magic to my life. It’s so effective, it’s almost scary. Try it for yourself and see.

Women’s fiction author Marian Keyes said in an interview that she wakes up and immediately works on her manuscript in her bed. She says she produces her most creative writing first thing in the morning because she can tap into her subconscious since her bed is the place she spends hours each night dreaming.

As a witch, you can bring this concept to your manifesting. You can view your bed as a place of power. Think about it—you’ve basically just spent all night “charging” it with your dream energy.

To do this spell, keep a journal or laptop near your bed. The moment you wake up, grab your laptop or journal without even getting out of bed. I like to think of my “dream” energy as a cloud that floats around me all night and dissipates the moment I wake up and move around. For this reason, I try not to move that much until I finish this morning spell.

Next, set a timer for eight minutes.

Write out or type up a list of things you’d like to manifest during the day. Write it in first person, present tense, and with a focus on the positive. I find it helpful to write these statements as a “thank you” as if my desires have already manifested.

For example, you might write:

“Thank you for the warm kiss I receive from my partner. Thank you for the great workout that energizes me all day. I loved the positive feedback from my boss.”

After I’ve written a few smaller desires for my day, I write about some other bigger desires I’m currently working on manifesting such as a move across the country, completing a big project, or developing a romantic relationship with a soulmate. Basically, these are the desires that can’t be manifested in one day.

I write this out like I’m writing a piece of fiction and I’m the main character. Each day, I write a little more of the story.

To use a personal example, I’ve been working on manifesting a move to Atlanta and an apartment in a good neighborhood. Here’s a passage from one of my morning manifesting “spell sessions”.

“I set down one of the large cardboard boxes I carried into my brand new apartment. It wasn’t actually new. It had been lived in by many other tenants over the last hundred years. It might have even been standing since the days of the civil war. But it was new to me. I wiped the sweat from my forehead and tucked a strand of blonde hair back behind my ear. Atlanta sure was humid, but I loved it. The air was heavy with the scent of coffee wafting over from the cafe next door.”

Write for the full eight minutes. Don’t overthink it or worry about making it sound good. Just get the words down. After that, put your journal away and release any attachment to your desires.  

I got the “eight-minute” concept from a writer friend of mine. She says eight minutes is long enough to get a decent chunk of writing done, but not too long that you’ll be tempted to skip it. She’s written multiple novels using this eight-minute technique.  

Check In With The Current Energies Of The Day

There are four natural energies I love to acknowledge every morning. It helps me feel a strong connection to nature even if I’m surrounded by buildings and traffic lights. I check in with these energies as I’m waiting for my coffee to brew. You can combine this bit of magic with whatever compatible morning routines you already have. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Seasonal Energy

The first energy I’ll acknowledge is the current season and I’ll thank whatever element that season is associated with. I will sometimes also ask that element for power that day depending on the energy of that element.

I use the seasonal associations from astrology, but if you have another system, use that.

Spring – Air

Summer – Fire

Fall – Earth

Winter – Water

If it’s a spring day, I’ll say something like, “Thank you, Air, for this beautiful spring day. Lend me your powers of mental clarity.”

You can also use cyclical associations such as Spring for rebirth, Summer for action and power, Fall for harvest or completion, and Winter for rest and rehabilitation.

Current Weather Energy

The second energy I’ll acknowledge is the weather forecast for the day. I check this on my phone app. Whatever the weather is doing, I like to incorporate that in whatever magic I perform throughout the day.

Sunshine – Fire

Cloudy or windy – Air

Rain or snow – Water

If it’s a sunny day, I’ll use fire magic that day by lighting a candle or burning journal pages. If it’s a cloudy or windy day, I’ll light incense during my evening meditation. If it’s a rainy day, I’ll make a crystal-infused elixir. If I don’t have time for magic, I’ll simply take a moment to notice the element that is currently affecting the weather. It helps me stay present and mindful even during my most stressful days.

Lunar Cycle Energy

The third energy I’ll check in with is the current lunar phase. There are different apps you can use to track the cycles of the moon and it’s often printed on calendars as well.

The reason I look up the lunar phase is that each phase holds a different energy. The moon is divided up into four main phases. There is some variation on this, so again, feel free to use your own lunar system. Sometimes, people will respond differently to the moon’s phases.

New moon – planning or intention-setting energy

Waxing moon – increasing or growth energy

Full moon – celebratory or manifesting energy

Waning moon – releasing or introspective energy

You can call on the moon’s current energy throughout your day when you’re doing activities that are relevant to its specific energy.

Astrological Energy

The last energy I check in with in the morning is my daily horoscope. If you enjoy astrology and relate to the characteristics of your sun sign, it’s a fun, simple way to tap into the energy of the stars. You can also look up the horoscopes of your loved ones or boss if you’d like some insight into their current moods. I currently use this site.

I enjoy the writing style of the astrologers who write for this site, but there are many online resources to choose from. If you don’t connect with the writing styles of one astrologer, look for another. You’ll eventually find someone who’s insight you relate to.

Just take this with a grain of salt. A person’s moon sign and rising sign also affect a person’s daily horoscope, so just reading up on your sun sign will only give you one piece of the puzzle.

Use Sigil Magic

Even on your busiest mornings, there’s still time for some sigil magic! Sigils are also great for witches who live in a house where people aren’t as accepting of magic because you can use them secretly.

Rosemary Protection Spell

Use a sprig of fresh rosemary and hold it like a pen. “Write” the names of anyone you’d like to call in some protective magic for as well as a sigil that represents protection in the air or on the surface of your altar with the end of the rosemary sprig. You can also “write” the names and sigils on the bottom of the person’s shoes. (Whatever makes the most sense for you.) Some witches associate rosemary with protection which is why this is an ideal herb to use for this spell.

When you’re finished, keep the sprig of rosemary in your pocket as you go through your day. At the end of the day, bury the rosemary in your yard or send it away on moving water to end your spell. Thank the rosemary for sharing its energy with you.

Lover’s Sigils

If you share a bed with someone and you wake up first, take a moment to draw a sigil on his or her back with your finger. Your sigil can be for any intention relevant to you or your bedmate. If you know this person has a big presentation at work, draw a sigil for luck on his or her back. If you want to send loving energy to this person, draw a sigil that represents the love you feel for him or her.

Get creative here. You can even write out intention or incantations on the person’s back. This can be a great way to introduce witchcraft to your partner.

Morning Brew Sigils

Many people enjoy a morning beverage. It doesn’t matter what you drink. You can do this spell with any kind of liquid. You can even do it with the milk in your cereal or a bowl of oatmeal.

It’s the same concept as the “Lover’s Sigils” but instead of drawing on the person’s back, you can use your spoon to “draw” the sigil (or word) in the surface of your liquid.

Once you’ve made your “drawing” in the liquid, visualize your intention manifesting as you eat or drink the substance. This magic is powerful because you are drawing that energy inside of you. You’re physically putting it in your body.

That being said, make sure your intention is something you want in your body. Don’t do this spell with banishing or releasing intentions.

Adding Magic To Your Day

I hope this article has given you ideas to add magic to your morning, and to the rest of your day! You don’t need a special occasion for magic. You don’t need a ton of free time. You don’t even need magical tools to perform magic! Follow your natural rhythms and use any variations of the spells in this article to support your current morning routine. Witchcraft can fit into any lifestyle, no matter who you are and where you live. It’s all about making your magic fit who you are.

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How To Enhance Your Magic With Daily Morning Rituals by The Traveling Witch

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