Your Magic Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

One of the biggest roadblocks that stops people from really giving witchcraft their all is the perceived cost of getting started in this magical pursuit. After all, there are hundreds of books aimed at new witches claiming that you need to start your magical journey by buying a slew of tools, ingredients, ritual trappings, books, and pricey mentorships. You have actively been sold the idea that magic is available to you, but only for a price. I’m here to tell you that this is absolute bullshit.

Traditionally, witchcraft was not something you bought. It wasn’t something you could find in a store, and it wasn’t something you could find in a book. You might have been able to pay a root doctor or a local witch to perform magic for you, but if you wanted to practice magic for yourself, there probably wasn’t a price tag attached. And for good reason!

Witchcraft was never a practice of the wealthy or the privileged. Witchcraft grew out of the soil of poverty, strife, and struggle. It is the way that our ancestors reclaimed their power when they found themselves in situations of abject powerlessness. It was a practice that our ancestors clung to despite the danger, right under the noses of their oppressors. These witches didn’t have the luxury of going out to buy fancy tools or sourcing the most exotic ingredients. No, they had to work with what they had available to them. They looked to nature, they looked to common household items, and they looked to what they could create themselves in order to work their magic. This is the real root of witchcraft! It is the desire to claim power over your own life, no matter the circumstances. Today, we’re going to take a look at how you can do exactly that in your own life and use witchcraft without breaking the bank to do it.

Witchcraft Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

I’m a firm believer that power and sovereignty over your own life is a right that every human being possesses. We come into this life with free will and it is only by coercion and careful socialization that we are taught not to exercise our free will in creating exactly the kind of life that we want. Witchcraft is certainly not the only way to claim your ability to create whatever life you desire, but a little magic certainly doesn’t hurt!

Even though you’ve been sold the idea that practicing witchcraft costs money, this simply isn’t the truth. Can you spend a crazy amount of money on witchcraft? Absolutely, nobody is debating that. There are a million tools, exotic ingredients, classes, retreats, and books available to buy for anyone who wants to do so. Hell, you could even deck out an entire room of your house just for practicing witchcraft with all of its own furniture and decor if you wanted to. And there’s nothing wrong with that! But just because you can do all of these things doesn’t mean that you have to.

Magic isn’t something that you can buy. Magic isn’t the fancy herbs that you use in your spells. It’s not a set of solid gold ritual tools. It’s not even the books and learning resources that you use to learn witchcraft. Magic is something that lives innately inside of us. Magic is your birthright, it is an energy that we live and breathe every single day whether we try to or not. Nobody can take magic away from you, and nobody can sell your power back to you in the form of a bunch of tools and ingredients. You are magic! It’s entirely possible to do magic without any tools or ingredients. If you have the know-how and the determination, you can get magic done with just your own mind. That’s not to say that giving up all of your magical tools and ingredients is the way to go, but you don’t have to be beholden to an outside source for your magic.

Where Did This Perceived Cost Come From?

There are so many sources nowadays who want you to believe that access to this power requires you to open up your wallet. Who does this idea actually serve, though? It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the people benefiting from this idea are the corporations who have a lot to gain by convincing you of this. Do you think the big companies and publishing houses who are selling you this idea that witchcraft costs a lot of money have your best interests in mind? Are they really trying to help you claim power over your life? Do they respect the magic that you hold sacred? Do they care about your spiritual growth? I think not!

The truth is, witchcraft has become very popular in recent years. And as with anything, when the public begins to demand something, someone will inevitably come along to supply it. Because of this, there are many companies of all stripes who are now dipping their toes into the world of witchcraft. So many of these companies have nothing to do with the craft otherwise. It’s not like these major corporations are being run by witches or even people who believe in magic. In fact, I would bet that most of these major companies view our practices as fake, silly, or downright lunatic. They don’t have respect for our spiritual beliefs, and yet they have no qualms about capitalizing on our beliefs and turning around to sell them right back to us.

Is this really where you want your craft coming from? I certainly don’t! Why would we trust these major companies to teach us anything about our magic when they have no respect for our beliefs and practices? They have no interest in verifying the quality of the information they spread because they think it’s all fake, anyway. From their perspective, they might as well inject a few ideas that benefit their bottom line because it’s not like magic is real, right? We have allowed these outsiders, people who know nothing about witchcraft and who couldn’t care less if the magic they’re selling is effective, to shape and change the landscape of our magic and spiritual practice however they like. You do not have to continue letting them do this to your magic, though! By learning to be less dependent on these predatory companies, you can protect your craft from their influence and stop having to shell out for every scrap of magical power.

Our Ancestors Didn’t Pay for Magic, Neither Should You

If we stop to think about it, it’s clear that this has not always been the way that witches operate. Our magical ancestors and the witches who came before us worked incredible magic without access to any of the resources, tools, and books that we have today. They worked magic even in poverty, in slavery, in societies where they had no power. This is really where our magic stems from!

Witchcraft is not some practice that was dreamed up for the hell of it by the rich and the privileged. Magic is what people turn to when they have no other options. Can you imagine the kind of desperation and need that drives a person to reach for a practice that carries a death sentence? Witchcraft was no small crime! Those who practice magic did so because there was no other option available to them. When they needed to protect themselves, to change the course of their lives, and to take back whatever modicum of power they could seize, they turned to witchcraft. Do you think they had the option of shipping dragon’s blood resin across the ocean to work their magic? Doubtful! No, when they worked magic they did it with whatever the hell they had on hand.

They used their creativity, their wits, and their grit to take hold of their lives and refuse to let anyone else tell them how they should live or what they could accomplish. They figured out what kinds of magic they could work using whatever plants grew out of the ground. They used kitchen implements as magical tools. They relied on nature, on the things they already owned, and on their own craftiness to make magic. You can do the exact same thing, all you have to do is decide to unplug from the “buy more” rhetoric and get creative with your magic.

Taking Back Your Power

You deserve access to magic that doesn’t require you to shell out a crazy amount of money. You deserve magic that doesn’t involve exotic, hard to access ingredients. You deserve to learn and grow in your craft without having to pay someone hundreds of dollars to do it. This is why I publish 90% of my work for free on my blog. This is why I’ve created The Coven, which at present has a whopping 55 courses, for a few dollars a month. I’m not here to get rich! I’m here because you deserve to have access to your own power and I want to give it to you.

Taking back your power doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking and drain your bank account. You don’t have to rely on outside sources to give you magic. You don’t have to sell your firstborn for the privilege of working witchcraft. Witchcraft is already yours! You have all the magic you could ever need inside of you. That can’t be bottled up, it can’t be taken from you, and it sure as hell can’t be sold back to you. You are the magic that you’re looking for. You are the wellspring of power and energy that fuels your spells. You are capable of changing your entire life, of choosing exactly how you want to live, of creating all the joy and excitement and fulfillment that you could possibly want. You do not need to rely on external sources for your power. Witchcraft is already at your fingertips, free and just waiting for you to reach out and grasp it.

In next week’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at the top five ways that you can work magic without having to rely on expensive tools and ingredients, so stick around and get ready to revolutionize the way you practice witchcraft.

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Your Magic Doesn't Have To Be Expensive by The Traveling Witch

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